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LINKIN PARK: 6.26.12

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Favorite Linkin Park song or album
A Thousand Suns: Robot Boy, When They Come For Me, Blackout, Jornada del Muerto
Favorite Linkin Park video
The Catalyst, Waiting For The End, and Leave Out All The Rest
A bit about myself (hobbies, music, gaming, art)
My name is Zane.

I'll stray from the obvious that contends to how big of a Linkin Park fan I am and describe some other activities! I am a big fan of car design, running track and cross country, art or design work, and music. These things make up me and the world around me!

Find me:
...on twitter:
...on the LPA:


I am forever grateful for the luck and joy I have been given


April 5:
Meeting Ellie Goulding
and earning an autograph and smile


January 28 2011:
My first concert and with Linkin Park!
I am so blessed for the opportunity to have earned this

And there's more from that night (Click to enlarge):

Making a Banner...

...And Look What Mike's Standing Above!

LP Meet and Greet

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At 3:20am on July 17, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
heey whats up! you don't write back :'( please write back soon if you have time, please :)
At 11:31am on June 21, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
Hey!^^ I'm sorry but i had sooo much to do in the last time. SORRY!
So, and i don't have to go to the hospital. I had just some problems with the appendix. But i feel better now :). xD and I have a new hair color!!^^ I dyed my hair in violet. But it looks more Red then violet xD
And yeaaaah!!!! Linkin Park comes to germany!!! I'm sooo happy about that. some days ago one ticket cost over 100€ and now just 60€! thats so great.
And i just cant wait to hear the new songs. hehe^^
Ohhh great!! you know some german bands? cool! and of course! I have some recommendations for you.
Beatsteaks make so great music. they are really famous here. 2 years ago i was on a concert from them :D And they are next year on tour with their new album :D yeah!!! please listen to the songs: "E-G-O "; "Jane Become Insane" ; "Hello Joe" and "I don't care as long as you sing".
"Donots" make good music too. "Die Ärzte" make awesome music too but they always sing in german.
and many more.
But beatsteaks is my favourite german band.^^
Yeeees...and now 17 days school left.. damn. I hate it to get up at 5am every day. >__< but just 17 days left *happy*^^
Haha!!! I visited Schloss Neuschwarnstein too. And it's really amazing. A beatiful place. This castle is better than burg rheinfels...xD
And i'm working at the video at time...but i don't upload this. Maybe i can send you this per E-mail if this works.
Today was a really amazing day. At my favourite radio station they said something about a special concert for 30 people from 30 Seconds to mars no one and cant buy a ticket. I tryed sooo much to get a ticket but all tickets are away now. And this was just today. But i don't gave up and i'm not sooo sad about that. But if the same would be with a Linkin Park concert than I would more sad about this.
But it's sure that i go to the LP concert in Frankfurt :D
Yeah and please please upload some photos of your art!:D
one question. Do you have ICQ or MSN? ^^
Please write back soon. Have a nice day. Bye
At 3:34am on June 4, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
Thats oke. I'm always late too.^^ I'm sooo happy that the weather is better now. It's so great weather in germany :D. And it's cool that you like my lyric video. Thats funny. ^^ Billy Talent come from Canada but their second home is germany and everyone know them here .
And i was on the homepage from the college. It's so amazing!!! :D
Wow, snow in may. It's sometimes cold here too but not so cold that it's snowing in may. xD
I have to go to school for 32 day now :(. soo bad.. :(
---Because of that castle thing :
I just said that because terrible things happend there. A really bad story.
Of course I love castles too. My favourite castle is this one :
Thats the Burg rheinfels. The story of this castle is so great. I love this place. And the castle is really old O.o
Hey and Rock am Ring is starting today and I'm not there :'(
But next year i'm 100% there. and i hope Linkin Park is there too :D.
And the song "blackbirds" is so great. I love the lyrics of this song. Maybe i make a lyric video to this song :D.
I can't play the game 8-bit rebellion. I have no Ipad/Ipod /Iphone. :( But thats oke.
yes I try to upload some videos again but youtube deletes them before anyone can watch them. (because of copyrigh and WMG)
2 weeks ago i uploaded a new lyric video and i tryed to watch it and it doesn't work. -__- sometimes i hate youtube. And i try to write a E-mail now to Billy to get the authority to upload it. A while ago i send a E-mail to and they said that i should send them the lyric video so they can upload it over a channel on youtube. But something went wrong with the E-mail. the capacity from the video was too large. X.x
And with the Linkin Park - Blackbirds lyric video i try the same.^^
And yeah!!! I really wanna see some photos of your art!! What photo program do you use?
(Maybe I can't write back in the next week. Maybe i have to go into the hospital.)
pls write back soon^^ Bye! :)
At 7:10am on May 9, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
Hey! sorry I'm late too. I'm really good at time :D And it's great that you can go to that art school. ^^ I wanna go to this school too if it's really one of the best in the world!!!!
It's great that you have told me so much about Minnesota. It sounds like that this is a real paradise. I wanna visit this place so much!
And germany is not sooo interesting. In my near is a very old castle. It's called 'Wewelsburg' and it's triangular built. At this place happend terrible things. You know. Someone want this place the center of the earth. But fortunately that guy died! That's crazy. But all this happend in the year 1945. Maybe you know what happend in germany at this time...
And here are cool landscapes and it's always bad weather. But germany have one great thing! Rock am Ring! I wanna go next year to Rock am Ring if Linkin Park is there too :D
I don't like it to live in germany and someday i wanna emigrate out of here. I'm sure that i move to the USA or Canada. I don't know now exactly.
...(hey i finished my next lyric video :D ) Maybe i upload it next week on Youtube!
I have now 4 or 5 videos on youtube...x) and one have exactly 5.000 views^^
Billy Talent - white sparrows. really sad song :(
At 3:46pm on April 16, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
hey gr8!!!I wanna be in california too! How was your art school meeting??^^ ... and yes i ask you if i have some questions with guitar stuff^^. Yesterday i tried to play "amazing grace" on guitar O.o. Do you know that song? But i have to learn so much till i can play it better. But i think that song is really easy to play.
Haha! It's always cloudy in germany...xD And i think it's really great that your favorite place is germany^^. My fav place is still USA/ California! I never was in california but i always hear that there is good weather and it's really warm!^^
But i don't really know that this is true...xD. I wanna visit the USA sometimes.
I don't know much about Minnesota :( But i want to know more about that place^^.
Thanks, but i think my english is not so perfect as yours!!^^ hehe. I'm better in talking german but my fav language is english! I love it to write or talk in english and it's my favorite subject in school! I like it to translate texts from german in english. xD
Mir geht es gut. Tschau :)
At 6:51am on April 7, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
hey sorry i'm really busy at time... -....-
I wanna be in a school band too :( But at my school is no band)...O.o.
And at time i'm surching for some cool people who wanna play in a band too and listen the same music like me :D But i don't know someone near me.
And thx for the website :D It helps me alot!
Haha...I know Thuringen. But I live in North Rhine-Westphalia. I hate it to live here. It's so cold! And here are sooo many farms.
And german is a really difficult language. It's hard to learn and it's hard to learn english for me. (Sorry if my english isn't as good as yours...hehe).
Later i wanna live in the USA/California or in Canada/Toronto.
It's great that u can speak some german too :))
Maybe u know this : "Wie geht es dir heute?"
At 8:24am on April 3, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
Yes... 2 hours a day.^^ I really wanna play good!!^^ And i love to play guitar!! :D
But it's just a dream to play later in a band. But i think i never get this...xP
To be in a band is my biggest wish!^^
Maybe i watch some videos in youtube "how to play...". Videos like that helped me a lot to play "in the End" on my Keyboard and now I'm looking for some tabs online :)
hehe, yes it's really like a panpal. It's great to write with u too :D
Hey, u said that u lived in germany. In what town did u lived?
Do u know some words in german?
At 11:04am on April 1, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
oh yes your right. practice is all what i need to play better :D and i love to play guiatr. I play 2 hours a day :D
And i use a Stagg classic concert guitar. I think it's a good guitar. but now 3 years old.
I just started to play guitar with a classic guitar because i think it's easier to play.
And I'll try to play the song numb in the next time. But i'm not sure if i can learn this song soon...
At 11:00am on March 29, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
oh yes mike's art inspires me too...
At time i do everything to play the song What I've Done better on my guitar...
And the first song from Linkin Park i played on my Keyboard was What I've Done too...^^ hehe :D
And the idea that you paint your guitar sound really gr8!!! :)
And I think the begining from the song No more sorrow is easier to play than given up^^
At 10:12am on March 26, 2010, ©LinkinJunkie said…
Hey :)
First, I like Mike Shinoda's are sooo much and other things like that. And i love to paint the walls in my room. I already painted two walls with Linkin Park logos :) And now i draw a Billy Talent logo on a wall in my room...xD
And i tried to play What I've Done on my guitar...I just can play the vocals from chester...xDDDD
And yes! It really helps to learn guitar! I play now for 7 or 8 years keyboard...So it's easier to learn guitar now. :) :) :)


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