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I dont belive it. Linkin Park is going to Norway for the first time!!! Im so gonna get some tickets. Its a festival and many artist is coming. But the real thing is LINKIN PARK. YEEEEEESSSS :D

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After much struggle and stress in school, I got the best news!!!!!!!!!!!! LP is coming to Norway this summer! I love you guys. I have wanted to hear you live, but Norway is a tiny little country nobody knows about. So I was shocked when I heard that you came to Norway first I thought it was a dream, a wonderful dream, but it was real!!!

Thank you guys for the great music you play!

I will be there I…

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new album

Even there new album sucks but then again im still a fan and is going to there concert in feb... in ohio i wish they would go back to there old music.... i was shocked when i heard the music which i am a dj and totally push my clients to have me play linkin parks songs which they rock but i played there new songs and everyone was shocked and said that isnt linklin park.. so yeah its totally Way off from what we are used too...

 but im still a fan i still jam on there old ones... keep…


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random lyrics

so i write music, poetry, etc... and i really dont know how there are, so can i have some feedback?

"Tears of grief and anger are like the sudden, violent rainstorm that washes away the dust and grime - once the thunder has stopped and the flood has receded, the world is washed clean and renewed. So, too, do our tears wash away the grief and anger in our hearts and minds so that our very souls can be renewed and reborn."

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here is my convo with a stranger on omegle.com its to epiic to explain



You: oh my gawd
Stranger: oh god
You: i just saw a tree get raped…

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Hi Tampa Bay residents!

My name is Eric Stewart, I live in the Tampa Bay area and am looking to connect with other Tampa bay residents. I love Linkin Park.


I'm a director of a local non-profit that is working on creating sustainable communities throughout the Tampa bay area in regards to climate change and peak oil. I recently did a talk at a TEDX talk about the Tampa bay area and how we could come together to build a more sustainable…


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I need to be VIP in Chicago

My 50th Birthday is January 26th I grew up in Chicago but moved away in 72 when i was 11. I have seen everyone in concert but linkin park I am to old to crash the board as i use to and im to spoiled to stand or sit in back. I am retiring from the concert scene do to back problems caused from antics at concerts. But i would love to see lp before i go.

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Need more of what works!

I am not huge fan of much of Linkin Parks past music. I however got hooked on this band and thier amazing talent after hearing New Divide which remains one of my most favorite songs of all time, simply awesome job putting that together. Later I got to hear "The Catalyst" which took a bit to grow on me, I loved the lyrics right out of the gate but the techno beat took some time for me to adjust to. Still it was another great piece of work! It seems to me that whenever the band ratchets up the…


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transformers 3

will linkin park sing 4 transformers 3???/

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Bid on VIP Packages to Benefit MFR

Go to www.ebay.com/musicforrelief to bid on VIP packages for the North American tour that include 2 tickets to the show, an exclusive backstage tour, and the opportunity to watch that night's show from the soundboard. Proceeds benefit Music For Relief.

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till i collapse

they say the war will last till the end of world i dont want to see the end im enough tired just to give up at next corner but something keeps me alive i think its hope to see something that will make my life worthy i have two dreams to see the love eye to eye and to tell a women that i love her when she thins of it


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So close and yet so far...

So excited for the upcoming concert! =D I've been constantly listening to all my Linkin Park songs and making sure I have all they lyrics down perfectly.I know I won't be able to hear myself at the actual concert, but I'll definitely be singing my heart out =3

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Linkin PArk finally on Rock Band DLC

Thanks God!


Finally Linkin Park got new available songs as DLC for Rock Band!


I'm just so freaking excited!


The available songs are:


-In the End


-Somewhere I Belong

-Waiting For The End

-What I've Done


They're available for 1,99$ each and 9,99$ for the 5 songs.


You can see more details here:



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Mark Zuckerberg; Lebih Dari Orang Lain di Panggung Dunia

On the afternoon of Nov. 16, 2010, Mark Zuckerberg was leading a meeting in the Aquarium, one of Facebook's conference rooms, so named because it's in the middle of a huge work space and has glass walls on three sides so everybody can see in. Conference rooms are a big deal at Facebook because they're the only places anybody has any privacy at all, even the bare minimum of privacy the Aquarium gets you. Otherwise the space is open plan: no cubicles, no offices, no walls, just a rolling tundra… Continue

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First blog

So i have a date with a friend from middle school names Angel!!! SO EXCITED. And it will be my first Double date EVER. With my Friend Amber and Dylan! Yes im almost 20 and have never been on a double date XD.

The the end of the month Megan and I's first EVER Linkin Park Concert!!! IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!

Today while at work with my Co worker Amber. She and i were discussing a…


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Are there any more?

I have been going to LP concerts for a long time. They always seem to come to Omaha, NE. But this time around, they don't have us listed. Are they going to add more dates or is this it? They should definetly come back to Omaha. The last time (Minutes to Midnight tour) they had to add more seats. I can't make any other show due to travel expense. I took my daughter to the last tour, it was her first (she was 5 yrs old) and her jaw dropped and she started drooling when she saw Chester. She so… Continue

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My Life In A Nutshell. </3.

So basically last night I was trolling the internetz and I found a site that was selling General Admission tickets to the Linkin Park show at the Staples Center. And I am beyond ecstatic right?


I tell my mom and she said she’d buy them for me (!!!!!) but only if my sister went with me because she doesn’t want her single 19 year old daughter going by herself.


And I tell my sister, but she’s been a HUGE wanker lately and she’s skipping around the subject and…


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i love linkin park! rock on

i love linkin park! rock on Continue

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Hi ;D

I'm sooo excited!!!

Here in Norway, we have a yearly festival going on in June-July, the first week in the summer vacation. It's called Hove. I've never been there before, but this year I'm going to be a voluntary there. It meens that I'm working for 2 days if I want 2 days off. A good deal!


They have already told us some of the performers, including All Time Low (I listened to them yesterday, and I liked it).

They are going to tell us a headliner…


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Just had to get it off my chest, once and for all

Whether or not the actual band members read this blog spot or not, I had to get off my chest what I feel for what used to be hands down my favorite band.  I'm 22 years old now and I first heard Linkin Park back in what I believe was middle school or early high school.  The album was Hybrid Theory, and it absolutely blew me away.  The album was relatively short, like most rock albums, but that was totally cool because I could listen to the album from start to finish in less than 45 minutes. …


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