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The Arab Spring: Project Opposition

Fellow Linkin Parkers,

Today, we are in the middle of great changes on this Earth.....I don't know about whether we will be "dead by sunrise" on 22/12/12, but I know this 4 sure that we can do 1 thing...

We can support those ppl protesting on the streets in the Mid East because they have a legitimate cause 4 doing so. Let us use music of LP 2 spread justice and freedom and peace.

God bless u all.



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What do I do these days?

Can't imagine how time flies...2012 is comming ?What will happen in this year? I wonder....


i had nothing to say and i'd get lost in the nothingness inside of me

and i let it all out to find that im not the only person with these things in mind

but all the vacancy the words revealed is the only real thing that ive got left to feel

just stuck hollow and alone and the fault is my own

and the fault is my own ...

(by L.P.

from Somewhere I…


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Few hours sleep..

body feel tired, but so tired that anything feels slow to your mind. A bit like watching a movie pic by pic.

I most of the time wish the world would go a bit faster. I'm getting lost in that slowness of things to do, the waiting of things to happen and so forth.

Why waiting ? The only thing that ever stopped me doing / saying / feeling something is myself.

Well I know that very well. too well maybe ?

But I also know that I haven't got…


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:) I'm currently working on a cosplay outfit...

So after 10 years or so, I finally will go to an anime's convention dressed up as Armitage !


I'm soooooo looking forward to that. I can't even described it..

This is what it looks like…


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Week 3 - What We Need In Winter

People say, in Winter we need warm foods and warm drinks, but I say, in Winter we need ice-creams and colors.

In Winter, when the sun ... (to read the full post)

Photo taken on January 20, 2012 using a Canon EOS 450D



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Rob Bourdon Tribute

Hey everyone, Enigma here. I went on the LP site today as usual, just to check for news, and I saw that it's Rob Bourdon's birthday! First off, happy birthday Rob :) Second, the fact that it's his birthday and that I'm bored has given me an idea. As a tribute to the drummer of the greatest band of all time, we should think of some of the songs where the drumming is especially great, and also, if there are any drummers besides Rob who might be reading this, post a drum cover of an LP song on…


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Happy Birthday Rob

Have a nice LPBirthda

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Papercut 2.0

Hey guys, this afternoon I was listening to music on my ipod (Papercut s2)…


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Soul searching


Music relaxes the mind and body and soul.It brings about a feel that puts anybody in the zone if their willing to go while at the same time putting u at ease.Linking Park has that feel with a catchy tune and good vibe that'll take anyone where they want to go.

A Thousand Suns   
Hybrid Theory 

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My Linkin Park Live in Texas (:

It's my favorite one ! *-*

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Who is Leticia?

Hei everyone ! I'm from Brazil - Minas Gerais (MG) to be exact. I'm 16 years old... and all you know what my favorite band, right. Of course, it's LINKIN PARK. I started to love the band in 2011, well, never too late. They…


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I heart january, its my favorite month. I cant understand why people moan bout how its the longest month, its so depressing etc. if you are looking to change anything, now is the perfect month to do it. Dont waste time with negative thoughts, they are boring, repetitive and they dont last!  xxx

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More About “Less is More,” More or Less.

I like New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s one of the best moments to reflect on where I’m at and where I’m going, and to make a simple effort to direct the course towards a place that I’d like to be in the future.  This year, mine comes from a classic tenet of design I learned in college: less is more.

There’s a lot of “more” around.  I’m at the mercy of it at times (maintaining…


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Vmas 2010

My wife was lucky and got us tickets to go see LP perform for MTV vmas last year, we were at griffith park and it was so cool!! After the show Chester came out and signed autographs!! Let's just say I was in cloud 9, best band and a great group of guys!!

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LPU Auction

We will be launching a new LPU auction this Friday, January 20 at 10:30 AM PST. LPU Auctions is a brand new benefit we launched during LPUX, and we’re excited to offer this benefit during LPU11. Head over to LPUauctions.com now to check out the items and register on the site. You must register with the auction site in order to bid on items. Only LPU members will be able to register.

If you…


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My portrait dedicated to Chester

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Frenzzz Rocks

A cute thought for those who believe in friendship

"Its not necessary to share every secret between true friends but its important that whatever you share is True."

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