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I need help, the kind only a true friend can give.

I want to start by saying I DON'T REALY have any friends. I have prayed to god for some , but here I SIT ALONE TYPING TO WHO??? JUST ME. If there isi any one that feels the same let me know we can write to each other , and maybe it will help us grow. I am a good guy I have a family that I love and we ALL need some friends I know god will help

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Happy lunar new year in Vietnam and China

wish for every fans and hope for Haiti

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ok you are so right i mean you must get tierd of people saying your awsome, well your not awsome...............................your amazing ha i said it. :) :) :) :)

ok you are so right i mean you must get tierd of people saying your awsome, well your not awsome...............................your amazing ha i said it. :) :) :) :) Continue

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Introducing Our First Artist Spotlight: ToDraw

Find more photos like this on LinkinPark.com

We hope to develop a creative community on LinkinPark.com since we are all inspired and motivated by music, art, videos, technology and the world around us in general. Every so often we will spotlight a member of LinkinPark.com whose artwork intrigues us.

Here’s our first Artist Spotlight. We would like to introduce you to… Continue

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what would Amber do if she see's a dead body?

Would she:

1) Poke it

2) Bury it

3) Leave it and walk away

4) Panic's and run around like a maniac.

Good luck

What would Amber do if she see's an injured animal?

Would she:

1) Leave it.

2) Come to it's aid.

3) Attack it.

4) Leave it to die in pain.

What would Amber do if she saw an alien?(aliens aren't real)

Would she:

1) Attack it.

2) Panic… Continue

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LPU Chat with Rob

Rob Bourdon will be chatting exclusively with LP Underground members on Wednesday, March 3rd! Join LPU today to take part in the chat! LPUnderground.com for more info!

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I went rock climbing with my friends while on a class picnic today. We jus did it for fun; so we didn't have harnesses or any other form of safety equipment (don't worry; it was a total of about 50 feet) . Halfway up, i looked down for a second and actually FREAKED OUT! it was so damn scary...1 slip and I was DEAD (or with a broken limb)!

So, there I was; thinking of how stupid I was to do such a dangerous thing...when I suddenly heard Mike Shinoda's voice in my head singing "We… Continue

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Since the poor old pancake monster died yes dead indeed *cries* why did he have to die, why? why? why? why couldn't it meeeeeeeeeee.........=*(

*clears throat*

But anywayz lets get back to the story right it all started when the pancake monster had a fearsome and ultimate battle with the cookie monster and theeeeen he died afterwards.

People suffered after the death of the pancake monster crops were dying, water has been turned into murky water and lately people have… Continue

Added by ambiixchan on February 16, 2010 at 7:34am — 3 Comments

Cálculo do Novo Albúm do Linkin Park

Meu post de uns dias atrás, parece que teve uma grande quantidade de visitas, sendo divulgada pela web. Parecia que empurramos mais a data do lançamento (provisoriamente) desapontando os fãs do LP. Mas os 200 comentários e as reclamações me fizeram pensar: o que significa tudo isso? Eu decidi descobrir. A maneira mais óbvia de criar uma lógica disso tudo? Álgebra sempre me pareceu ser bem lógica para mim...

Um monte de vocês pareciam querer que ficássemos o tempo que for…

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if you were to release a second fort minor album who would you collaborate with and why?

is there any chance of seeing you collaborate with lil wayne? jay-z? eminem? busta? get busy committee? and would you add any other producers to that album?

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Since the cookie monster is soooooooo evil it even treats the people who worship it like crap so their was one person who truly hated the cookie monster was the one and only one who could summon the pancake monster but it wasn't easy this person has sacrifice one thing and that is to..................eat his friend named french toast.............yes the one and french toast were very good friends they were friends since they were babies.........so he ate french toast and french toast was like… Continue

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:OOOOOOOO is this Mike shinoda :O? wow i hope it is id love to speak to you :) *marry me* ^^ :D!<33

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Huge fan

Hi I' Livio from Istambul and I am a great LP fan: 3 concert so far!!!

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ZOMG..............COOKIE MONSTER!!!

The cookie monster is a enormous cookie with chocolate chips. If you disrespect the cookie monster it will come after you...........it knows where you live.........it get you good really good then it turns you into.............a cookie slave.......you will be working for it for a long time.

XD Randomness XD
XD I was bored XD

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somebody from Romania? :) careva de la noi?

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About LP...

Linkin Park is that band that you listen once and never stop listening. Happened with me a long time ago. Until today my Hybrid theory is inside my radio. *-*

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Video's, Video's 'nd more video's

After a whole day watching the computerscreen, I've Finaly made my second Video on a song. Maybe I've could worked a bit faster, but mixing voices is also nice :-D, Not that I'm Friendless or Lonley or Insane or whatever, It just filled me up :-) After all the Crap that has happend on school. I deserve a little Happiness. Don't you agree? I do Anyway. But however, I'm finaly done. And I'm proud of it. again, I'm proud on, like, everything... That I've made by myself. BTW, I'm Realy Paphatic,… Continue

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What's your favorite single of LP?

There are many singles:One step closer,Numb,In the end.....but what's your favorite single of LP

Added by Giacomo Martinelli on February 14, 2010 at 4:51am — No Comments

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