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LP 8 Bit

Blogs are cool, its just that I'm too lazy to write, plus I have lots and lots of homework, but that's ok I think I'm getting used to it lol. So how's every body been, tell me of you and if you have already bought LP 8 bit rebellion, is it cool, is it worth to buy an Ipod just for it? reply if you want :D Bye

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Linkin Park - Blackbirds Lyrics from Slash Stradlin

I shiver and shake through warm and cold

I'm alone

On my own

In every mistake I dig this hole through my skin

And bones

It's harder starting over

Than never to have changed

With blackbirds following me

I'm digging out my grave brain

They close in, swallowing me

The pain, it comes in…

Added by Slash Stradlin on April 26, 2010 at 9:10am — 1 Comment

8-Bit lunchbox!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm MARIKO_716.

I am a Japanese, I can't write the English well.

I do not yet understand how to use this blog well, but I want to enjoy it! :)

8-Bit Rebellion is out today. It's Awesome!!

I made "8-Bit lunchbox" in commemoration of this.…


Added by MARIKO_716 on April 26, 2010 at 8:44am — 2 Comments

8-Bit Rebellion

hi guys,
i have bought the brandnew Linkin Park app 8-Bit Rebellion. I guess that this is one of the top ten apps ever.
Also the new song Blackbirds - its very awesome.

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Why is it that the iPhone gets all the cool apps??? I would like to see 8-Bit in the android market as well... PLEASE!!!! ;o)

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Life and Death

While I lie on the cold, hard ground with the screaming pain of the knife wound in my stomach. She whispers "Let me take you far away from this horrible land." As I listen to her I feel the sudden fear of death upon me . Then all at once the fear turns into relief. I hear her sweet voice once again saying "Don't be afraid. God will take care of you, he will take you from this cruel world." As I opened my eyes and realized that we were no longer on the scary earth surface, I felt at peace. I… Continue

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So, I finally made it. I always wanted to write something on LP page.

At first some introduction. The name is Bartosz and I come from Poland.

I am listening to LP music since I was little, I still remember first time i heard "In The End" and "Papercut". The first one is actually still my favourite song of theirs. My other best's are "Leave out all the Rest", "New Divide" and "With You".

So that would be all for today. Next time I'll write my wish.

PS. Sorry for my English… Continue

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Talladega Sunday

Linkin Park should be the entertainment as far as music in the background!!! Right - yes or no? Come on if they can make Olympics - give them NASCAR peeps! We b luvin LP 2day!

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8 Bit Rebellion

Linkin Park's 8 Bit rebellion is on it's way for all the fans in the US

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A semi-FaN from Viet Nam

I started listen to LP from album meteora, I have to say that your music in Meteora is so damn good. I love it at the first time, like I have never ever listen to music. I bought immediately your album despite the very expensive price of disc at that time in my country. I keep listen your album until I realize that you also have another best ever album "hybrid theory". I bought it but it's not as good as i had imagined, I don't say thay your album is not good, What I really mean here is I love… Continue

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Sunday again

I heard that people hate Mondays. Sure, there's usually nothing pleasant associated with the beginning of the week. But I've come to hate Sundays even more. Mostly because everyone is busy, and there's no one to go out with.
Try contacting ten people in one hour and each one of them refuses to go and get wasted with you. Pretty effed up, especially if I said that I'm buying.
Gotta hate Sundays.

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draw... judith!!!*:)

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About ME???

Music is my life.passion,and maybe in my blood idk music says who i am and explains a whole diffrent side of me im not your nomral type of girl im out there fun definelty always energitic i have the most amazing family and freinds that are always there for me no matter what. I hate people who are wanna be's and fake and copy caters if u are one of those people then wat the fuck r u doing on my page???? well anyways i love my bffs till death and i got their back cause when u…


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Mike on Kevin and Bean this Monday

Mike will be on Kevin and Bean on KROQ this Monday, April 26 at 9am PT to discuss "8-Bit Rebellion!" You can tune it online at http://kroq.radio.com.

Added by LINKIN PARK on April 23, 2010 at 3:16pm — 15 Comments

2010 tour

WHERE THE HELL IS LINKIN PARK. Linkin park had time to make Not Alone so why can't they go on tour. So what, they don't have a new album. YOU DON'T NEED AN ALBUM TO GO ON TOUR. Yeah ok, chester is in dead by surise. They aren't on tour either. Linkin park needs to go on tour, and tour in the states, not just other countries. I have been waiting FOREVER for a tour to come, but no they're not on tour are they. Please comment.

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Hey guys i just wanted to say a quick note so this doesnt happen to you! so if your planning to prank call ummmm BLOCK YOUR NUMBER DUH! IT'S COMMON SENCE!!!! OK THAT'S IT! PEACE!

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Another Crazy Dream...

Hey Fellow LP Fans!

Here's another dream I got recently & it has really driven me crazy! I got feelings for Joe thanks to this dream & I can't get over it ^_^


Disclaimer: I do not intend to defame any member of Linkin Park (or anyone else) through this post. This is entirely a product of my subconscious imagination and I haven't made this up.

d dream starts in a… Continue

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