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Which is the problem with Argentina? It seems to me that not only the Argentinians will enjoy a great recital of you but you as band also will feel very surprised, realized and enjoy the experience of making ourselves feel touch for the songs that you make sound in our heads and hearts. Argentina has reputation of surprising, of pleasing and feel amazing feelings, not only at football we are well-known, but also, to fell complete with passion, happiness, making… Continue

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LP Stories blog :D

Hey Guys~!

Long time since I last posted anything here...Missed my funny dreams?? Want some more funny LP stuff? Then check this out: http://lpstoriesfromfans.blogspot.com/

Its a blog that 3 of my friends & I recently created so we could collectively share our crazy LP stories to all u guys in CyberSpace. Curious? Click on that link!! duh-uh! I'm telling you, the click is worth the energy…

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why don't you go to italy in your tour??? :(

Added by Alberto on June 9, 2010 at 11:09am — 2 Comments

people in pakland!! and suggestion for the name of new LP album

u know there is this band in pakistan who got inspired by u guys and now they are one of the famous band in pakistan they are sometimes called linkin park of asia or subcontinent!!pakistan has the lik the largest rock audience in the whole asia so if ever wanna come to pakistan we will welcome you with all the love!!people in india usually lik their movies song and they r not mostly rock and ppl in bangladesh dont really lik rock

this a fact that u have never imagined that the… Continue

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wow tour dates

it's been so long since ive been online. just today the only words that come out from my mouth is 'i hate my mom' (behind her back of course) and now that i know theyll be touring this year,i cant stop smiling. lp has made my day once again. i mean wow,tour dates? i dont live in germany but that means the new album is finally coming out. finally! and perhaps theyll tour to italy too. omg wow.im so excited right now. and totally cant stop smiling XD

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a control freak mom

first,she made me move here in italy with her.leaving all my friends behind and i really miss them. i really felt so alone. now that i have friends, she's making me change school coz she thinks i wont get a job with my school. thinking about it,well yes maybe she's right about the school. parts of me are thinking that i dont want that school anymore. but im already in 2nd yr,this autumn i'll be in 3rd,which is the year i'll get the qualification. it's such a waste if i start all over again to… Continue

Added by forever_lp_freak on June 8, 2010 at 1:06pm — 1 Comment

Hey guys. Your music is absolutely astonishing. We are waiting for you in Bulgaria...hope to see you soon

Hey guys. Your music is absolutely astonishing. We are waiting for you in Bulgaria...hope to see you soon

Added by george kolev on June 8, 2010 at 11:41am — No Comments

Old Style?

Hey guys,

I read a little bit in some blogs and groups about the opinion of your fans about your music and the new song "Blackbirds". Most of them miss the old Linkin Park sound like the music on Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

I really like the new style but it's a little bit ... quiet. There's no more screaming and the fast rap-parts turned into slow motion. The music I fell in love with is dead, isn't she? Will you bring the old sound back at the new album? Is LP now a normal band… Continue

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Chester, i really think you guys would do a fantastic rendition of Micheal Jackson's "Give In To Me", i think there is so much you could put into the song,with your vocals,and maybe mixing it up with…

Chester, i really think you guys would do a fantastic rendition of Micheal Jackson's "Give In To Me",

i think there is so much you could put into the song,with your vocals,and maybe mixing it up with some rap lines,maybe even do a collaberation with Slash,his guitar licks/solo really made that song great.

i just think you guys can make it even better

just a thought!!!

ps...you have to come to DURBAN PLEASE!!!!!


South Africa


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come to nyc please

come to nyc please


Added by brian skelton on June 7, 2010 at 12:30pm — No Comments

please.......... visit india.... u wil truly b blown out wid d response.... pleasr.... for crores & crores of indian lp fans.....

as one of the most world famous bands i do request u to do coe & play in india....

Added by dilip attuvallil on June 7, 2010 at 9:00am — No Comments


I've waited so long to see if LP announced tour, and now that we have

already announced, is more than a thousand miles from me.

This concert is very special, because ten years ago that took the Hybrid Theory and is an opportunity not to be missed.

It's my dream to go see live LP, but going to Germany is too far.

Lack six months to begin the concerts. In my opinion, LP will not come to Spain or Portugal, I don't think so, but I hope I'm wrong.…


Added by Leila Shinoda Shinoda on June 7, 2010 at 7:39am — No Comments

LP In Colombia


Added by Natalia Jaramillo Ocampo on June 7, 2010 at 6:43am — 2 Comments


I had a big struggle in my mind exactly as “blackbirds” has described it…I was wondering if I should start over or not…It was very annoying.

I really…


Added by Melina Badii on June 7, 2010 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Visit mexico

linkin park is the best band and heard, can never be equal, their music is incunfundible, tap to quies heard live, but could not, I wonder if you ever visit Mexico again linkin park is unique

Added by samir lara elias on June 6, 2010 at 6:01pm — 1 Comment

Des Moines wants you!!!!!

Linkin Park, Des Moines wants you Please for the love of god not all of us can make it to Chicago or Omaha.

Added by Alex Cale Muller on June 6, 2010 at 2:12pm — 1 Comment

No Smiles

The small girl

That stands

Her smiles

In far off lands

Her lonely tears

In broken hands

The old man

Has no shelter

The heat beats down

Continues to swelter

They can't bend

Only break

While I'm just

Another ingrate

My excuse

No time to waste

So walk on

but remember

No smiles

No wits

No wiles

Just sorrow heaped up

In endless…


Added by Indu Radhakrisana on June 6, 2010 at 11:09am — 2 Comments

New Tourdates :-)

I followed on twitter and be a fan on Facebook...yesterday, the long waiting has an end :-)

They anounced their first tourdates and they start in Germany. I will be in Frankfurt on 2nd Nov..

It'll be my first LP concert :-) and I'm very happy :-))))

At 18th June i got my Soldier Tattoo on my back...a little bit to big, but I'm proud of it, even if it's not finished yet. It hurts so much ;-).

The wings will be shade out(?) and i want to have 6 little stars around of it. A… Continue

Added by lipa84 (Yvonne) on June 6, 2010 at 8:00am — No Comments

lp tours

when are linkin park coming back to the uk ? can anyone tell me

Added by michael callow on June 6, 2010 at 6:53am — No Comments

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