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another reason why Linkin Park is great

the thing is in today's modern industries people are so quick to sell out and do what ever it takes to make it, even using music as an escape. but the thing is when you use music just to get money, fame and fortune you'r basically destroying what music is. MUSIC is ART, that being said art is know as a passion, a way to express your self. the fact that people will use music to get big is a spit in the face to the artist that really…


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At work...

I just started working at new restaurant. Today we had the best dj ever. I asked him nicely could he play me one Linkin Park song. He played me three songs. He is my favorite dj now! :D

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Linkin Park is amazing, theyve gotten me through the roughest of spots. Music is the one things taht has always been there and Linkin Park is the one band ive always been able to connect to in any situation. I live in Iowa and they hardly ever come here.. I wish they'd come to the  midwest so i can see them live. I have alot of things id love to do before i die and yes i am only a teenager but too meet Chester Bennington would be amazing. I would die on the spot haha. I love Linkin…


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i like the new design a lot

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Linkin Park was in Finland in last Thursday and I have to say that they were awesome!! Thank you so much Linkin Park! <3

Linkin Park was in Finland in last Thursday and I have to say that they were awesome!! Thank you so much Linkin Park! <3 Continue

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since im not a g greedy guy

eveybody go on this site and take this survey http://www.dechesermedia.com/survey/collective/lp01/#source=1347

you can win an autographed album of A Thousand Suns

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RIP Ryan Dunn

I just heard that Ryan Dunn has died in a car crash. He was my favorite from the Jackass boys. So sad... :´(

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Your Concert in Oberursel

Hey guys, you were great… Continue

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Part of my life

Life isn't always easy. Sometimes we go through tough times, losing jobs, loved ones, hope...

Sometimes nuclear facilities leak, tornadoes and earthquakes happen, rivers overflow..

To cope with the difficult times, we all do what makes us feel good.


I listen to LP when I need an escape. I listen to feel good, to feel happy.

Music washes away the worries of the day, one note at a time.

It restores my soul.


Linkin Park has made MANY…


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Linkin Park fan survey

Hey Guys,

We regularly ask for your feedback, because you have great ideas. We love to know more about you and what you like. Now is the time: you are cordially invited to speak your mind. Click here, and answer the short list of questions. It will only take a few minutes. What you think matters to us—let your voice be heard.


Thanks for participating,


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new album

i heard Chester talking about the new album. said that you were going to tackle some issues in it. i feel like you have always done that. so many of your song have great meanings to them. either way i cant wait for it to come out

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Still Sad

Just wanted to post that there are still some sad LP fans here in New England from the cancellation (not re-scheduled) show that was to be at Moheghan Sun.  Why were 2 shows rescheduled, and the other shows were cancelled??  I mean, if it is because the venue would not reschedule or work with you on the dates, at least tell us that, so we are upset with them and not LP.  I did feel bad that Chester was sick, and I understood why he could not perform, but I was very sad when I got a refund… Continue

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At saturday I saw Linkin Park in Leipzig, Germany. It has been a really good weekend, and I just have to tell everything that happened!


We were leaving my house between 1.30 - 2 pm at Friday. We were going to take an earlier train since we wanted to spend a little time in Oslo before we had to move on again. It takes 45 minutes, but after 15 minutes the train stopped!!! We were stuck in Asker for 1 hour, and we didn't know what we should do.…


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New here...

This is my first blog writing. I´m finnish so my english isn´t very fluent. I joined LP Underground yesterday. I was at LP gig in Kaisaniemi park, Finland. It truly was one of the greatest gigs that I have ever been. And I go gigs all the time. I love music, especially metal and rock. At the thursdays gig I was in first row. Too bad that I had to leave Helsinki after the gig. I travelled to Provinssirock festival. This has really been a great week. :)

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LPU Exclusive: See LP at iTunes Festival

LPU members are invited to participate in a private charity auction and be a part of Linkin Park's intimate performance at the iTunes festival at The Roundhouse in London on 4 July 2011. As members of our extended family, the LPU will have the opportunity to experience a unique performance and join Music for Relief and Linkin Park in our ongoing response to the disasters that… Continue

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2 days left


On tuesday it's LP again, in Hamburg, music city! LP for the 5th time.

I will probably write another "review" like I did last year (check older blog posts) and maybe even compare the concerts in terms of what I felt was great/bad last time.


So, everybody who'll be attending as well: see ya there!


I'd love to hear old songs again, by the way. My girlfriend will be with me again and she needs to experience those live. Give me some With You, By…


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this song is good but these songs are better


wretches and kings

burning in the skies

highroad (the guitar solo is epic)

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Come to Ecuador please

We have many fan clubs in Ecuador. We are praying that you come here. Please come here.

The best band  4ever Linkin Park. Heres is a like of a facebook group…


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Linkin Park 5th album in production!

Linkin Park have been working on a new studio album for two months now, and the album will again be different. The lyrics will be more serious, political and mature. The album will create contrasting opinions but Chester Bennington is saying that's what he wants. It will again be a major shift in style.


Chester Bennington also said "The music is great and well ahead of where we were expecting to be." He also…


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I can't believe..

..that Linkin Park is playing in NORWAY in just a couple of more days and I won't be there to see them!!

I've been trying to delete the date june 28th from my memory but as the days goes by, and it's getting closer and closer, it's pretty hard to forget.

I know, I haven't really got the right to to complain about it, I'm going to Miami and be there for five weeks, but it's hard. 

I mean, I've been waiting for the day LP would play in Norway pretty damn long now, but,…


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