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5/11/10 Gig @MetroRadioArena

Hi guys, lastnight was amazing, my first Linkin Park Gig (and wont be the last), the support group was canny good but I got there late and i only caught the last song, does anyone know who they were called,

Much Appretiated :)


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LP pls come to india there are many fans of ur waiting for u.......... pls come to india.........................

LP pls come to india there are many fans of ur waiting for u.......... pls come to india......................... Continue

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New Ablum

When i first the album wasn't sure, bit now I've heard it a few times i think its ace, just seen the band at Newcastle just brill, sound even better live

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november 4th linkin park manchester gig

on the 4th of november i went to the gig at the M.E.N got there about 6:30 wanted to make sure i had the right seat,
about 7:30 the show started and some random band came on stage with out introducing them selves they began to play what seemed to be music inspired by the prodigy and the enemy.
they played about 8 songs and then 10 mins later linkin park came on.
i must admit the gig was amazing, the lighting and effects were unreal and the stage layout was, well lets…

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My song which isnt that good

Die trying

My patience is gone

I dont care if you agree with me

Your always spreading your lies

I think if only you could see



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Linkin Park Barcelona

I think that give a chance to anyone in the world to see a live concert of one of the greats bands ever is perfect.

I'm writting here fot pray for that, the chance for being in a LP live concert. In this times of crisis is really difficult for the majorie of the fans to travel far to see concerts of our favorites groups so i pray to you to come and make spanish fans be extremly happy. Barcelona is a city wich is famous for the concerts that the best bands ever have made here, and all… Continue

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Metro Radio Arena - November 5th 2010

Oh My God! What can I say. Saw you guys in 2008 and you just get better. Took my 10 year old daughter this time. She's a big fan, however she hasn't had much of a chance as the sound of Linkin Park surrounds her at every opportunity. She said Mam, it just sounds like the CD! Wow!

We were both hoarse and sweaty by the time we left and enjoyed every minute of the performance. 100% pure awesomeness! Love you guys.You rock! X

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i wish

Im 13 and i was born linkin Park fan cant get enough,but it makes me sad that my fav band is never in America. They do a concert where they get awards, then they leave. man i wish they would come to Mississippi, and do a full concert. That would be the best day of my life.Because when lp is gone there will never be another voice like Chazy Chad and mike together.…


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heard it first there and am hooked. wow great cd

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Music & emotions

Well, here I am, consider myself as a gown up, 43 of age. Listening to Empty Spaces and my tears starts to flow. It´s crazy, but it says a lot about how this music have found its way to the ground of my soul.

Thank you, for making the music you do.

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m.e.n. manchester

awesome is one of only a thousand words i can think of to describe the manchester leg of a thousand suns tour, i went with my wife and eldest daughter and her friends and all of us went home with sore throats and big smiles all agree that it was the best concert we have ever seen and will be looking forward to their next show, next time i'm taking all my daughters as they be converts by then i promise.

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Pleaseee concert in Puerto Ricooo!

Guys come to Puerto Ricooo!!!

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When Dallas?dor

Every time you guys come to dallas I miss it due to some event I commited to weeks ago. Could youll release your dallas date sooner?? You guys are the best and I have only been able to see you once.

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to slvia

hi i got your message and wanted to tellu im 14 goin on15 i accept your reqwest i am also a jehovas witness

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Why? Because I can.

Hi there, oh blank page. How are you so intimidating? You’re just blank, white, clean, immaculate, yet to be touched by ink, not a letter, not a word to besmirch that clear white perfection that is you, oh blank page. Here you remain, so empty, and yet full of so much potential. Perhaps that’s what scares me? The fact that you, you oh, blank page can become quite literally anything I want, a poem, a song, an essay, a diary entry full of thoughts and feelings unspoken, or…


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This is awesome!

A blog where I can share all my love for Linkin Park! :D I'll just start out with how much their music means to me! I have been listening to these guys since my brother bought their first CD, HT. Since I was only 9 years old at the time, the music just sounded so unique to me. As I got older, the more I listened to the music, the more it started making sense that each song had a meaning to it...By the time Meteora came along, I was jamming to "Somewhere I Belong" day after day because it was… Continue

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u rock linkin park

when u all in singapore i was try to go to your consert but i had abad day till i can not come to your consert on singapore wiss u all come to malaysia but in johor so i come to your consert

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Here I am, on again. O god I think I´m freaking addicted to this website. Everytime when I wake up I start my laptop and go to I don't go downstairs and eat my breakfast first. Noooo I'm going to My normal live is fading away, and I think I only have a virtual life :O lol. That's really bad. But I like it here though, there are great people here, and it's the website of my favorite band. Sooo it's ok. But yeah, this is the first time in my life I'm writing a blog XD.…


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We’re excited to announce that starting today, you will be able to active your LPUX membership pre-order or transfer your LPU9 membership. Please be on the lookout for an email from Linkin Park with the subject “Redeem Your LPUX Membership NOW” which includes a unique code you will use to activate membership to LPUX. It is your responsibility to redeem this code IMMEDIATELY to continue your current subscription.

This is the first part of the LPUX roll out where you will ONLY be… Continue

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