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“Power the World”-Week Issue #1: A Light in India

When we hear the word innovation, we often think of new technologies or silver bullet solutions — like hydrogen fuel cells or a cure for cancer. To be sure, breakthroughs are vital: antibiotics and vaccines, for example, transformed global health. But as we’ve argued in Fixes, some of the greatest advances come…

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Special “Power the World”-Week to Raise Awareness

When Linkin Park and the UN announced their “Power the World” programme, I was really surprised about how little I know about this issue. That over a billion people have absolutely no access to electricity really shocked me and I’ve read many tweets from other people experiencing the same.

This immediately raised the question what I can do to raise…


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Do Linkin Park has a supporter in Pakistan

do Lp has a Manager in pakistan if nt thn i like to help them out 

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Who else feels like they care about music more than anything in the world? its my life, and i LOVE it :)

Music keeps life real. Ya know??

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Linkin Park Accepts Global Leadership Award

On Tuesday night, Linkin Park accepted a Global Leadership Award at the UN Foundation and UN Association of the USA Global Leadership Awards Dinner. They were honored for their efforts to highlight the importance of the UN and for mobilizing their fan base to help those in need through Music For Relief. In their acceptance, the band announced their Power The World campaign, which is in support of the UN Secretary-General's Sustainable Energy For All initiative.

Linkin Park is…


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LP 4ever

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I've a new blog about Linkin Park's life, fans and etc!

My New Blog! go here and read hot news about LP!

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My Boyfriend and Chester Bennington

He likes easy songs, I love Linkin Park.

He listens to Stevie Wonder, I scream with Chester Bennington.

He whistles while listening, I head bang.

He treasures classic love songs, I bought my new LP album.


He prefers nice, serene, soul songs.

I like loud, awesome, real songs.

He once listened to New Divide but never again it happened.

His eardrums will explode said he.


I wonder what else will happen if he hear Chester…


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Linkin Park commits to Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

It is our pleasure to support this effort by the UN and the Secretary-General. We look forward to working with our fans worldwide to support sustainable energy projects that are critical to saving lives, improving livelihoods, and protecting the environment. - Mike Shinoda

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Linkin Park and UN Secretary partner up in “Sustainable Energry for All Initiative”

Today the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced his plan to enact a new “Sustainable Energy for All Initiative” at the UN Headquarters. The proposal naturally included the two-time Grammy-winning rock band Linkin Park. (Yes, that’s right. Linkin Park)

A cynical eye might dismiss the group’s philanthropy as another jump onto the celebrities save haiti bandwagon. However, the band’s foundation, Music for Relief, has had its hand in a vast array of humanitarian efforts…


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Power The World

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One out of five human beings on the planet have no access to reliable electricity. Some 2.5 billion people—almost half of humanity—rely on dangerous pollutants for cooking and heating.

Linkin Park and Music For Relief are supporting the UN Secretary-General's goal to help achieve Sustainable Energy for All through our new initiative, Power the World. Join us to help bring sustainable energy solutions to 1 million families.

The first step is to learn more, and spread the…


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"Confused and Alone"

Haunted by memories that are slowly killing me

Listening to my Schizophrenic voices talking to me

So alone I am

I am already condemned

Fuck it all I'm already dead

Listening to the suicidal voices in my head.



"Silence No More"

I am no longer haunted by my thoughts so morbid and suicidal

I am not afraid of my voices anymore - I'm mental

So what if I am…


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Lyrics of Sarah Lovecraft

"Good Enough"

Am I good enough for you?

Am I strong enough for you?

I want to devour your kiss

And I want to live through this

So am I good enough for you?

Will I walk with you?

Am I good enough for you?

Am I brave enough to fall with you?

I want to fly away with you

And remember all that we do

So am I good enough for you?

Will I fall in love with you?

Walk with me, give me your name

We'll walk through the pain…


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Linkin Park Biography - An American Rock Band

Are you a fan of American rock music? Then certainly this short Linkin Park biography would interest you. The band was formed in 1996 in Agoura Hills, California. They became well-known internationally in 2005 with the release of their album, 'Hybrid Theory', which was a certified Diamond record album by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). 

The group was originally made up of Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, and Rob Bourdon.…


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Linkin Park Wins MTV EMA

Over the weekend, Linkin Park took home an MTV EMA for Best Rock. Thanks to all of the fans who voted and made this happen.

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well done LP you won the EMAS for the best rock   very very good job guys and again well done

well done LP you won the EMAS for the best rock   very very good job guys and again well done Continue

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Introduction Entry

All the words I typed up for my profile biography, is who I am. I also have 2 bands - Empty Existence and my solo project Sarah Lovecraft.


Figured if you'd read this, you'd read my biography on my page lol.


Nothing much to say for now, so until then, this is Sarah signing out. Whoop whoop!


Blessed Be,

Sarah Serenity Lovecraft (nicknamed Draven)

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Linkin Park Win MTV EMA 2011 for "Best Rock"

Linkin Park has been won for the category "Best Rock" in the MTV EMA 2011 early this morning. Congratulations For Linkin Park ...!!!

Linkin Park to thank you via Twitter and Facebook:

"We just won an #MTVEMA for Best Rock. Thanks to all of our fans who voted…

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