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Linkin Park Forever...!!!!

linkin Park is what music means to me,linkin Park is what Awesomeness means to me,linkin Park is what Perfectness means to me,linkin Park is what The Best means to me...!!!!!!!

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a bit in advance....


Take Care Everyone !


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i love LP

i was 6 when i heard your song and from then till today i have learned many things from you all.

i love u all so much that u cannot imagine how much the way u play , co ordination, ur hard work all these things are seen in ur songs. i love  u ,&will be loving u all, allmy life.

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new years eve

Seeing as today is new years eve i am going out for the first time  as i never  get invited out on new years eve and this year i have  and it make a change  from being stuck at home  being bord out of my head  as a friend has invited me to hers for a party and i was surprissed at first   but then i thought why not Enjo yourself and that`s what i am going to do  and i can`t wait ,,,,  And  before i forget HAPPY NEW YEAR  to everyone on here ......

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happy new year !

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$$$$__$$$$$____$$$$$___$$$$$__ $$$$…


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Each And Every Saturday

Starting next week, I will be writing a weekly blog about the little things I see, do, eat and encounter in my little world, which I find them interesting enough to share with the world, and I hope you all will like it!

Here is a rough plan of the type of posts that I’m going to blog about:

- In each and every first Saturday of each month, I will present a monthly theme photography;

- In every last week of the month, readers may expect to hear one of the musical tracks I…


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New year

I  would like to wish everyone  A very Happy new Year  And lets Hope2012 will be the best Ever  And one last thing and that Is Keep Rocking ..

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   Since I'm the only people I know with a built-in studio in my room I brought my best guy friends Eli and Derrick over, and we made remixes to almost every linkin park we could think of. From One Step Closer to When They Come For Me. See the thing is Derrick is like the minni Mike Shinoda, he a rapping BEAST !! The songs sound sooooo good I can't wait to upload them to the website you're gonna love them. And Guess where im…


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My LP Remixes

Hi everyone

how are you all ?

this is a blog of mine where I'm showing you links to my remixes (you can also find them in my profile :))

anyway would you please watch them and then comment either on YouTube or of course here on the blog or in my profile (LP Rock Am Ring 2012 Trailer)…


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I don't get it... just don't

First entry in here..

I just don't get how people live more or less together on that planet..

They are shocked if anyone is telling them another opinion.. they're judging without even trying to see why the person is having that opinion.

hugs, kisses and physical contact (even completely innocent !) are almost banned or at least criticized.. when, at least for me, it is the only way i can reach out to people and feel a connection...

yet I'm the one being told "I've…


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my dream

i like to play guitar , i have learned half by myself. i sing very well i have won many prizes but now i am in 10 std and my parents tellin me to concentrate on studies and forget about music well i dont like that i am practicing to sing  at 5am wish is to be a part of lp , well i hope that this impossible wish of mine can be fulfilled

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Don't Stay Cover on youtube!

Check out my very first LP cover on youtube!

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Hello everyone!

Oh my..I've forget that besides LPU I've got a profile here! I just wanted to say that I'm still alive and I'm doing well :') Now I just can't wait new year eve parties!

well, hopegully I remember this profile. I'll promise to update later :') buy

meanwhile you can read my Finnish blog


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every time i listen to linkin park! they are absolutely AMAZING, i will NEVER ever forget them in my life, the shivers i get from chester's beautiful voice it unforgettable, and the amazing rapping skills of Mike make me memorize all the lyrics of majority of their songs :) god bless them and their talents! <3…


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Linkin Park

It all started when I heard Waiting For The End in 2010 loved themusic, download it here on the computer, after a few days I decided to…


Added by Andressa Regina on December 25, 2011 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

I feel that Linkin Park is one of the best bands

linkin park. I always liked since age 7 I heard on the radio in 1997 iI really liked the …


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Happy Holidays

Merry Merry Christmas Linkin Park!!!

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Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all you guys a Merry Christmas and awsome holidays!

Have nice time with your familys.

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new songs

question:will lp write new songs?

Added by Denis on December 23, 2011 at 10:57pm — No Comments

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