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4ever linkinpark!!!

i am sooooooo happy i can here , it is really cool !!! i met this band 3 years ago , since then one thing named LINKINPARK changed my life completely, iam crazy abt their music , mike ,chester, joe .....those names and LP'S icon appeared in everywhere of my books,walls..... i dream to go to their live concert.........

i spend a really happy time in the old lpn, i have a lot of friends there ,actually , i miss it so much ~~~~ 4ever linkinpark ,… Continue

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Some of the biggest names in music have joined forces for DOWNLOAD TO DONATE FOR HAITI, a star-studded recovery effort to aid the devastated nation of Haiti following the magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on January 12.

Working with Music For Relief, Linkin Park, Lupe Fiasco/Kenna (collaboration produced by Mike Shinoda), Alanis Morissette, The All-American Rejects, Dave… Continue

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Happy new year

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Happy new year

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My music

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Music is Beautiful!

I've finished one more art work. I try to show that real music is beautiful

Before work (I used arcrylic colours, cotton and metall threads. ribbons)

In process

P.S. This my lil' box I made. Everybody says it's the best box for "Rafaello" candy :))))))…


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Hi everyone! If you wont tell me what you think abuot Avatar....

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am I really don;t belong to this world or what??
its seems that all I do is always wrong. am I destined to be the loser. I feel like Im the only one breathing in this world.
uh, maybe no. I feel like im the only one here not breathing

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Rob Bourdon's Bday on Twitter! (Mike is supporting it too!-His tweets included)

All twitter users..We're trying to honour the greatest drummer of all times-Rob Bourdon- on his bday-20th Jan- by getting #HappyBDayRobBourdon to trend or make it a trending topic on twitter! Loads of people on twitter have started tagging their posts with #HappyBDayRobBourdon including TeamLinkinPark so we can get the word the spread and get it trending by 20th! Even mike supported the effort on twitter! Heres his tweet : m_shinoda : and yes, #HappyBDayRobBourdon

This tweet… Continue

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my trip to dubai (2009)/(/this is an old blog but its special 4 me and i wanted to post it again on my new site)

First thing to say ,

1.i was on the radio for all most 6 times/my first time was i just got lucky!...i was listening to this radio called channel 4[1o4.8 fm] (evening show with DJ Moe) and I was just pissed of to not hearing LP on the radi sooo I just called the number to this guys show and at the first ring (I was holding the phone down, I never thought I would get an answer at the first call) BUT I DID and I was sooo shocked the phone all most jumped right out of my hand! sooo i… Continue

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survey dapet dolar, haha

bagi elu2 yg mw dpt penghasilan ndiri,
buruan ikut awsurvey,,,
cuma ngomentari website yg dsediain ma awsurveys langsung dapet dolar, haha,
silahkan register di
silahkan coba plend2, haha

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How to Buy Rare LP CD's Off Ebay

Ebay has a lot of cool stuff. Ebay also has a lot of fake stuff, notably Linkin Park CD's, since this is a Linkin Park blog after all.

I will not spit out my thoughts about the RIAA or pirated music here, but I think there is something pretty much both sides would agree on: You wouldn't actually BUY pirated music, would you? Sadly, that's exactly what happens. Getting suckered into putting your hard earned money for something you could have just downloaded is not fun. So it is… Continue

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Horrible Internet Mistagging

Somewhere out there on the internets, someone out there is mistagging a bunch of other people's songs as Linkin Park songs. Then people unfortunately download these songs thinking they are Linkin Park.

Most of the time the mistagged songs are actually Grey Daze songs. For the uninitiated (I guess you're new here then), Grey Daze was the band that Chester Bennington sang in way before he joined Linkin Park. They gained some popularity in their hometown, Phoenix, Arizona, before it… Continue

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The Guide to Official Band Chat: How to talk to someone in Linkin Park

In the many years Ive been here, I've noticed there is a great misunderstanding of how band chats worked. I know a lot of people get very excited when a band member shows up, but this seems to make everyone's emotions too high and a lot of people get disappointed when the moderated chat doesn't work the way they think it does. Hopefully, to avoid more hurt feelings, i compile this FAQ. And since it took so long for me to compile this FAQ, I'm reposing it on the new LP website, even though band… Continue

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The new

Well. This is the beta version of the new

My first impressions are very positive. The site aims to interact with fans of Linkin Park. In other words, the new website of the band is like a Facebook or Orkut, but with things only about Linkin Park.

The layout for me is the part that is not in accordance with the concept of the site. Although there is a system of choosing a page layout of each member, must still in many ways.

Well.. "8-bit"… Continue

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Primeiro post

Mais um blog.
Desta vem na versão beta do Linkin

Vou postando de vez enquando.

Acessem o


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Meet and Greet in Cologne on january 21st 2008

My first Linkin Park concert and directly with a meet and greet :)

I know it's late to post a comment about my meet and greet, but it's never too late right? It was january the 11th in 2008 when there was a Linkin Park special on teh german mtv trl. Markus kavka moderate the show. The show was about the most favourite LP videos and you could vote for 10 of them by phone or a sms. I called every number....I voted for each video. Then I got a call back, that I would be under the last… Continue

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Someone right now... writing on his blog that he is sick and tired of hearing and reading the mocking

it is exhausting to always justify why he listens to what he loves and not what others like

It makes him kind of sad, although he shouldn’t care but he can’t change the fact the there’s no one to share

his dreams, his life, and his passion as well and he doesn’t seem to make someone fall for the spell

of the moments he appreciates whenever he hears, the sound of a band he admires since so… Continue

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dream about lp

it was my 1st time to dream abt them,and it was horrible coz i ended up crying haha..

the dream was like im in the mall,sitting and waiting for something,then i turned around and i saw mike and robert.i went to them then asked for their autographs,i kept saying ''oh my god'',and my bro even heard me talking in my sleep,he said i kept saying those words and that's really embarrassing,it's a good thing he just heard oh my god,coz in my dream i was saying lots of things,anyway back to the… Continue

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Just something came out from my mind

I'm all alone and I'll "Leave Out All The rest", when I'm "Faint", I "Breaking the Habit", then I "wake", and realizing that I'm "Bleed It Out", but "In The End", I don't get "A Place For My Head", i've lost "my December", and I "hit the floor" so hard. "what I've done" makes you "crawling" in your path. My heart is too "numb" to feel "the little things give you away". Life become boring as "Nobody's Listening" to my voice. i wanna "Given Up" but I remember that you still alone in "valentine's… Continue

Added by Kurosaki Abarai(DakotaBlueFlame) on January 14, 2010 at 12:05am — 5 Comments

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