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Hamburg 29th October 2010

So, my day began very early, because I had to go to school on the day when the concert was.

I was so excited that I cound't be quite in my class and I just slip back and forth on my chair.

I was so happy when school was over. I nearly ran to my house, where my mother was waiting for me.We had so much time left, but I was so exited that we arrived at the train

station 2 hours before the…


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Linkin Park @ Manchester @ MEN Arena 


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LP in Germany: Dortmund and Cologne

When I first heard that Linkin Park is coming back to Germany I instantly bought a ticket for the show in Cologne because that was the nearest. A few weeks later then, they announced a show in Dortmund - where I live. I couldn't believe it but at the same time I thought that I could not forgive myself if I wouldn't go there aswell - now that they were going to play a show 30 minutes from my apartment! So I bought another ticket for Dortmund and I just couldn't wait for the day to finally…


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MTV EMAs Madrid 2010

I was at Puerta de Alcalá for the MTV EMAs on november. I can say that it was the best ever LP live I've been to. Not only because the setting was incredible, but because LP was awesome.

I was soooo near the stage, like 5mts away from them. The best part was the very beggining, when they were presented with the MTV EMA for the Best on stage performance. I must say I expected nothing less. And what came afterwards didn't disappoint. The repertoire included all-time…


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i'm Italian and on 2 november i went to Frankfurt ( in Germany) just for see you, Linkin Park. you gave me the most beautiful night in my life, i will never forget it. I remember just as yesterday very single detail of that night. I remember that i was with a friend of mine, i wanted to go to the place of the concert by the early morning even if the concert was at 20:30 but my friend didn't want. i was sooo excited that i couldn't eat and talk the whole day. We left home at 17:00 and we…


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My concert/meet 'n' greet with Linkin Park on October 30th in Herning, Denmark

I never in a million years thought I would get to meet the guys when I signed up for LPU. I know it was part of the membership, but I didn't think I'd ever be so lucky. I waited for what seemed like ages on the confirmation email to arrive and I didn't think I'd get one, but then I checked my email Thursday morning (the show was on a saturday) and I got the email. I was so happy!
My friend, who was going with me, and I arived at the venue about 3 hours before the doors opened.…

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ATS European Tour; Herning, Denmark. October 30th!


I've written some blog posts about the concert I went to, but in every posts I've written to much of the unneccessary details.

Friday: Up all night (too excited), train - bus - flight from Moss, Norway - arrival Aarhus, Denmark - bus - Aarhus city for dinner - train (found Chester in a news paper, for the role in Saw) - bus (/maxi taxi) - found the cottage in Herning - talked, laughed, were excited - got to bed.

Saturday: Woke up at 11 am - got…


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Just Awesome!

Hi all, i'm Daniel, 21. I were at the best concert of my Life on 2nd of November in Frankfurt.

This night was awesome and incredible, just unforgettable!

The setlist was a perfect mix of all songs!

My body was all over sweated, my voice totally screwed but it was just worth it!

The crowd was unique, the atmosphere so damn good, when im listening to the live records i'm getting goose bumps all the time! The Band had fun, we the crowd did so, everything perfect i'd say.

It… Continue

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Concert in Paris Bercy, october 25th, 2010

The magic of the Linkin Park's concert in Paris

started for me one month and a half before the concert when I won the tickets

in a radio game, it made me feel very lucky! With this game I also won a

meeting with the band!

The 25th of october I came to Bercy and I…


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ATS 2010 - Hamburg

Hamburg, known as "the music city", October 29th - I'm heading to the arena to see LP for the fourth time in my life.
First things first: it seemed like less people were going as early as possible. I was expecting more people already waiting at the entrance when I arrived around 2 hours before the set time. Also, I noticed there were more grown-ups around the age of LP's members. I guess those fans have sticked around for the last 10 years. I liked the fact that there were less screaming…

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11th November 2010 - London

Ironically, as the concert began, my phone ran out of battery, so I have no video evidence personally, but there is a video of me touching Mr. Bennington in Crawling, I can see my arm grab his :D

Linkin Park's concert on the 11th of November 2010 at the O2 arena was phenomenal, breathtaking (literally) and in a general sense, just damn right awesome.

The setlist began with Fallout, much to my surprise, as they did a very different setlist on the day prior( I was not there but looked…


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Heey there ;)…


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Newcastle, England 2010

Well the night started, for me, at around 7:00pm when I attended the Meet & Greet. This was a really great experience for me especially considering I was 14 (15 now). The reason it was so special was because I got my vinyl from the deluxe edition of A Thousand Suns signed with a happy birthday from Mike (It was my birthday on the 16th of November). Then came the show, and what a show it was. They played some of may favourite songs, old and new which was really cool and the atmosphere inside… Continue

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paris bercy 10/25/2010

I've been on the LP's concert in paris the 10/25/10- I spent the night before the show on the floor of paris bercy, It was really cold but I have no regrets cause the show was

really amazing!!!!! when the doors were open I run speedy as it

was possible with freezy feet!! when the show was starded I did not

believe that my favorite band was just in front of me!!! the most

amazing things that It was happend in this show It' was when…


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Linkin Park live in Stuttgart - 22.10.2010

Linkin Park live in Stuttgart…


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Birmingham Show Review 09.11.2010

So my day started with a early flight from Dublin at 7 in the mornimg. Fortunately its a very short flight (only 45 minutes). I got to the LG arena at around 12 am. There was around 5 people waiting there all ready. This is where the horror started thought. The weather was very very very cold and we had to wait for another 6 hours. We were all shaking but they let us in 1 hour early. Before that there was a nice LP crew guy who came out and gave us LP guitar picks! (very awesome :-) )

When… Continue

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