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My life dream

Guys,i know that if any of yours read this,i will be very lucky,i just want to say to anybody that read that,that i'm a huge lp fan,but in this time,i don't have money to buy the lpu member,and i cant even go to the show that lp will do in Brazil(im brazilian),and i literally cried,and i just wanna know if someday,doesn't matter when,i can talk to you guys,doesn't matter if for video or voice,and hear chaz singin,this is my life dream,believe it or anyway,thank you guys,for making…


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Anyone here like photography?

I know I do. It's an awesome way to capture the beauty of the earth and it's people. I love taking pictures of nature, mostly of clouds. Clouds are so wonderful and fun to look at. I also love to take pictures of my puppies and of people. It's a great way to capture a memory of something that happened. A good or not-so-good memory (One that you might laugh about later on in life) maybe even a dorky moment. But if you love photography and just love…


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Linkin Park's Poem By me........

The lantern that brightens the dark,

Could be no one else than Linkin Park,

Their attack is as accurate as shark,

Their melodies are as sweet as lark,

They unleash one's feelings in true sense,

I always listen to one when I'm tensed,

They show the way to live life with head up,

They can pour a cluster of things in a cup.


The little things you give away,

From stress Pushes me Away,

Your every song takes me One step closer to the…


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Linkin Park Moments

Hello LP Soldiers ;)

I'm Ümit - founder of Linkin Park Moments (LPM) - and I want to talk to you about something.

Have you ever heard of LPM? If not, let me explain.…


Added by Umit Bulut on May 23, 2012 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

LP Always in My Heart ♥ Hope you like my drawing :P

LP Always in My Heart

Hope you like my drawing :P


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Chester's facebook page

Hey guys...the two facebook accounts of chester are real or fake??? I mean the page and the profile???

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Having my First Time in the Linkin Park Web World

Hello there, guys! I'm having my first time here. I'm hoping that everyone will soon be one of my friends. Of course, I am eagerly waiting for the Linkin Park band member's responses to the friend requests I sent them. Hello there, Mike, Chester, Rob, Joe, Brad and Phoenix!!!

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Happy birthday Chester!!!!!!

OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHESTER!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are the best singer that ever lived and I want to meet you so bad!!!!!!!!!Oh my god your already 36??? PLEASE DONT GET OLD!!!!!!!!!I really hope I will meet Linkin Park someday! If I met you face to face, I would cry cause I love you so much!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!…


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Tirana Celebrates Chester's Birthday!

Albanian Linkin Park Fan Club is proud to announce that Albanian Soldiers will celebrate in Tirana, Albania Chester's Birthday!

This is going to be our first Chester's Birthday Tribute and we hope to set a tradition, celebrating all members birthdays from now on! This will be our fourth meeting.

We'll be having 2 Live bands (LP Soldiers)…


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Chester Bennington And Talinda Cardon Help Kids at Children's Medical Center

Wednesday, November 2 ago, Chester Bennington and his wife have visited Talinda Cardon Children's Medical Center in Mesa Scottdales to entertain the children who were treated at the Pediatric Rehabilitation center. FYI, Talinda Bennington is currently carrying twins and even now still active as a volunteer for the rehabilitation of…


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Chester Bennington and myself (Coolidge Owens) share the same birthday! March 20th!

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My December

Senin- 04 Oktober 2011

>My First Post Blog in<  READ THIS ONE!!


Linkin Park.. Orang denger pasti langsung menebak…


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Chester and Mike Shinoda at Ferrari.

See photo in which Mike Shinoda posted on his official twitter it's Chester Bennington was in Broadcast formula 1,…


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Chester Chat Update

Adam just informed us in LPU chat tonight that the Chester Video Chat is rescheduled for Monday, August 1, 2011 at 3 pm Pacific Time.


This is due to unforeseen complications.


Please spread the word, thanks.


- Dan


[ps: Due to my security settings, your comments may not appear right away as I moderate all comments]

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Linkin Park - Numb 1.186 [Remix By ANDiTKO]

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Hamburg, June 21st

One word: amazing!

This concert was simply stunning; I will start writing about the things I mentioned as "bad" last year.

Last time I felt Mike was a little quiet - but didn't exactly say it was bad - which changed again. It was nice interaction and his stage action seemed more alive.


Now, for the most important point, the sound:

In my blog post about the 2010 show I mentioned the sound wasn't perfect (in my opinion). It was a nice idea to make…


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Mike & Chester - Rolling in the deep (Live @ Hamburg Summit)



I recorded it yesterday, hope you like it :-)

Added by LP_Flo (LPA Flozuki) on June 22, 2011 at 4:13am — No Comments

Linkin Park 5th album in production!

Linkin Park have been working on a new studio album for two months now, and the album will again be different. The lyrics will be more serious, political and mature. The album will create contrasting opinions but Chester Bennington is saying that's what he wants. It will again be a major shift in style.


Chester Bennington also said "The music is great and well ahead of where we were expecting to be." He also…


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My drawing of Chester Bennington 2 years ago

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Spotted: Chester Bennington Of Linkin Park Roots For The Lakers

Spotted: Chester Bennington Of Linkin Park Roots For The Lakers 


Every day a multitude of stars wander through the halls of MTV News…


Added by LinkinParkGiss on March 22, 2011 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

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