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My best year as an LPUer

There are many people who would say “I cannot chose which year was the best one, I’ve been here for so long!”. Well, I could not. I’ve been an LPUer since May, the 3rd 2011. I simply became an LPUer just now, because I turned 18 earlier this year and got my own credit card to pay for the membership. To be honest, for 3 months many amazing things have happened to me.


In the beginning I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t remember the names of everyone I…


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MMM.... Cookies.

Year 8, the year of the MMM... Cookies CD was probably one of my favourites. Listening to the silly side of the band really made me feel like there was more to them. You can be a huge fan of a band but not really know that much about them as people, that public side is the one you're gonna see 99.9% of the time.


You know that they're normal people, just like you, but that doesn't hit home so much until you hear something like Bubbles and realise that serious face is covering…


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Linkin Park Underground, Year 1

In Nov 2001 myself and many others found ourselves in the chatroom waiting for LPU to officially open so that we may sign up before anyone else. This is because Linkin Park was giving out signed Hybrid Theory Eps to the first 500 who joined the Underground. So what I and the rest of the people did was have a good chat of all the cool things we were looking forward to doing in the Underground. Getting exclusives, talking with the band and getting a fan pack full of awesome… Continue

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LPU Years in Review: LPU 9 trial membership


My first blog post for "LPU Years in Review" is about LPU 9, about my trial month in LPU 9.

It happens suddenly. In a few weeks after a survey by the band, where I said that I'm not a member of LPU, I've received an e-mail from LPUHQ with a code for 1 month trial online membership.  There was a little problem with a link in a mail, where I should write this code, but I did it, and June, 12, 2010, first time in my life, I sign in on

This was an…


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First I'll share my story. Then I'll give you the good and bad things about LPUX... sorry if my English sucks a bit, but I hope you'll understand…


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I will always remember my first time joining lpu. I might not remember everything that happened, but as much as I can. I first joined in lpu6 I first found out by this underground website in my new album of Meteora. I never did have the cd and a school mentor bought it for me. She knew how much I cared for the band and how I loved listening to them… Continue

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I have been a member of LPU for only the last year. I actually became a big fan of LP just last summer.  It happened when I saw ‘Road to Revolution’ on TV. My daughter and grandson have been fans of LP for years and I called them in to see ‘their’ band. I couldn’t help watching and I was in awe at the quality of the music. I’d heard Chester when he sang ‘System’ on the Queen of the Damned CD and I thought then that he had an exceptional voice. I didn’t know he was this good, though. I…


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LP Underground 9

After some years without the LPU (first of all beacause I didn't find anyone with a creditcard...) I came back, when I heard Linkin Park will be touring in Germany in 2010.

It would be my first show ever because somehow I never could attend before, despite being a great fan since the beginnigs of Hybrid Theory. And I always stayed a fan in the time between.

So before the tickets went on sale I decided to go to the show in Hamburg as my favourite German City. And that was when I…


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LPU Years In Review: LPU9

I wasn't a member of the LPU during the first 8 years because I was too young, I didn't have enough money, and also because my English wasn't too good. (English isn't my native language) I wanted to join LPU for quite a long time, though. In spring of 2010, there was a survey that I filled out and few weeks later I got a trial membership of LPU.


What I really loved about LPU9 were the songs of the CD. I just love listening to unreleased demos, because they show me what Linkin…


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LPU Review - From a longtime fan

As a long time fan of Linkin Park - it was great to finally realize they had a international fanclub! I joined the LPU during the 4.0 period - and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. 

Linkin Park in and of itself has meant a lot to me throughout my youth.  I was only 11 when Hybrid Theory came out, and as I went through my teenage years, I grew with them and found a happiness and outlet through their music that was unmatched by anyone else. I am a disabled person, and…


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LP Underground 3.0

After having been an LPU member for 1 year I also signed up for LPU 3.0.


Again I got a package and I was so happy when I saw what was on the LPU 3.0 CD ;-).

I already had the "Live in Texas" CD and DVD and I remember loving the DVD but being a little bit disappointed about the live CD. Why? Because not the entire show was on the CD, some songs were missing. Most of all I missed the live version of "A place for my head". Well, as most of you might know, the missing…


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LP Underground 2.0

My first LPU-membership started with LPU 2.0.

I remember finding one of the LPU-flyers, which were inside the Hybrid Theory or the Meteora CD.

I read through it, and already having been a great LP fan since Hybrid Theory I definitely wanted to be part of LP Underground. I really had to convince my parents to sign me up, because I had no credit card of my own. I was lucky, it worked out.

I have to say, back then, being a member of LPU was very special for me. It was a…


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LPU Years In Review - LPUX

LPUX marked a brand new era for the Underground. A lot of changes, many new stuff to look forward to and a whole new design.


To tell the truth I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to renew my membership to LPUX. The price was way too high comparing to the previous years and, at first, it basically only had all the online privileges (chats, m&g passes, etc) but no package and no site at all. Nevertheless, I decided to renew and whatever happened, happened. 




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LPU 8.0 - Fan Expectations (Blog Post 2)

After a very satisfying first year in LPU 6.0, and an equally enjoyable second year with LPU 7.0, anticipation was pretty high for LPU 8.0, particularly the CD that was to come with it. This excitement was heightened by a blog post by none other than Mike Shinoda. He described the LPU8 CD as containing (I'm paraphrasing but I'm fairly sure this is accurate) neither "live tracks" nor "new Linkin Park album music."


And of course, the fans went insane. What could this mean? Is…


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LPU 6.0 - My first year of the LPU (Blog post 1)

Let me start off by saying that it's really a shame it took me until LPU 6.0 to become an LPU member. I had wanted to be a part of the LPU community since LPU 2.0, but unlike Linkin Park, I was pretty behind the curve when it came to the internet. Not only that, but I was still a tad young at the time, and thus reliant on my parents to use their credit cards over the internet (an idea they were not too thrilled with).


However, LPU6 marked the first time that membership…


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Why LPU 2.0 Was The Shizzle

I still remember the date: March 3rd, 2003 or the year of LPU 2.0 as it was better known back then. It was a Monday and I'd skipped a boring lecture or two. That afternoon, I arrived at Nottingham's Rock City in anticipation for the first UK leg of the LPU tour and met up with some members I'd befriended through the message boards. It wasn't the first time we had met. In fact the majority of us had met the previous October at a Lostprophets concert in Manchester, and had kept in touch in the…


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My favorite LPU CD is LPUX, because I´m a Member since this year for the first time.

Favorite Songs are What We Don't Know, Have I Not Begun and Pretend To Be.


I´m so happy to be a member of the LPU, because I had a M&G in Leipzig with the Band and was on the Summit in Hamburg and Mike Shinoda himself attend me to the show that night!!

I will never forget this days, thanks to all to make it possible and special thanks to Mike Shinoda, Cory and…


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LPU Years In Review - LPU9 (My favorite year)

The LPU9 means a lot to me. It was the year that the most amazing things happened but let's take it from the beginning. 


The package was great, the t-shirt design was pretty dope with the headphones and all and the cd was awesome. Being able to get your hands on demos like those was simply wonderful. What made the LPU9 my favorite year though was the fact that we, the Greek LPUers, managed to finally meet! 


It all started around April 1st when Linkin Park's…


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LPU Years In Review - LPU8

I had been a Linkin Park fan since the release of Meteora but finally managed to joined the LPU around the end of LPU7. Joining the LPU meant something to me; I felt like I was closer to the band (in a way) and closer to the most hardcore fans. Plus all the opportunities the LPU offered were amazing. Just thinking about meeting the band one day made me super excited. 


When my LPU8 package arrived I was pretty ... surprised to listen to the cd. Those super weird and funny…


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A lot of fans can write a detailed story about how they have been a member of a fan club since the beginning, and be able to tell their stories to other current and past fan club members, so where do I come in? Unfortunately I didn't have that luxury to tell my story from the very "beginning," but I can tell you my story of how it took me ten years to join one of the greatest inner circles one could ask for. This is me, and this is my LPUX Story...


December 13th,…


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