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An Update On What's Been Going On Here

Haven't been on here in a long time, the last time I posted anything was back in November or October, I think I posted a photo of my belly from when I was pregnant. Since then though, I got married to my guy in December and gave birth to our son. On the day of the wedding, it was cold, rained some then it…


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Is Linkin Park the best modern band....???

Linkin Park - Are They the best

Comment with your answers...

For Me - YESSS

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Rock Version !!!! Linkin Park feat. Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes

 If you like electronic version, Check This Version In Rock.

Linkin Park feat. Steve Aoki - A Light That…


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LINKIN PARK holds a successful concert last night in MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Linkin Park holds a successful concert in MOA ARENA last night AUGUST 13 2013 in Manila. Filipino fans having a great time to be with Linkin Park. They sang the favorite songs, and rock the crowd.…


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Happy Birthday Living Things

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Good memories.

It's been a while, but I still like this.

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CURTA A PAGINA NO FACEBOOK:   Frases do Linkin Park…


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This is a Fan made Music Video for Powerless

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Just starting piano and I love linkin park so I really want to learn some songs by Linkin. I've already started learning what ive done, and when finished, going to learn numb, and in the end. one problem, I cant find In the End sheet music anywhere fro free except for a messed up version witch has 5 beats in a measure of 4/4 and a whole note in a whole rest overlapping, also, the title is spelled wrong. Its my favorite song by them, but i cant get a hold of a good and id love to learn to…


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Thanks for my sanity!

I am a single parent, with baggage. Sometimes I hit lows so deep, I don't see a way out. They are like chasms with sheer slippery faces that I can't escape from.  At times like this, I turn to music. Linkin Park has been one of the bands that drag me kicking and screaming from the depths of despair.

It helps that the last thing I did before losing my job of over two decades was to buy a NAD C355BEE amp, a pair of Monitor Audio Silver floor standers and a Monitor audio silver…


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Saw Linken Park in SA on saturday - was amazing!

Saw Linken Park in SA on saturday - was amazing!


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Hey guys what do you think about Castle of Glass official video?

Hey guys I've seen the Linkin Park's "Castle of Glass" Official Video and really Enjoyed a lot! What do you think? How you guys are taking that video on? Please Reply!


You can check that video here:

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Linkin Park to Argentina in October/November

Is true that Linkin Park come to Argentina in October/November?

Es cierto que Linkin Park viene a Argentina en Octubre/Noviembre?

Added by Bernardo Pastorini on August 10, 2012 at 2:38pm — 5 Comments


I cant wait for the tour in South africa. I stayed up all night and morning outside the tickets office the eve of release. I DO NOT THINK Linkin Park is aware of the insane following they have down here. They are going to be shocked by the support of their fans here. I mean come on , tickets were sold within a few hours!

Cant wait!

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I don't know why I took so long to create my account here.

Ok. To tell the truth I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Linkin Park.

But I love them very much!

I noticed them in... I was about ten years old, at 2002, watching a concert at MTV. And I fell in love.

They were coming to Brazil that's why in tv there was their concerts on and all videoclips.

I thought it was so good. The instruments, the vocals, the lyrics... The music was great!

And... I even wanted to go…


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My inspirational story

Hey guys David here, I wanted to share my life story with you guys, Check it out and I hope you guys like it :)

Added by HyBriD! on July 20, 2012 at 6:51pm — 4 Comments

Linkin Park's Poem By me........

The lantern that brightens the dark,

Could be no one else than Linkin Park,

Their attack is as accurate as shark,

Their melodies are as sweet as lark,

They unleash one's feelings in true sense,

I always listen to one when I'm tensed,

They show the way to live life with head up,

They can pour a cluster of things in a cup.


The little things you give away,

From stress Pushes me Away,

Your every song takes me One step closer to the…


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The world of technology is ever expanding.

One thing that I love about technology is learning how to control it, manipulate it, or use it. So I decided to make a blog about my idea that would be cool to see on

I would love to see a CSS editor for our profiles. That way we can manipulate our profile to a design that Linkin Park inspired us to use.

I really hope this could be something we could see in the future, for now tell me what you think about this…


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