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Insparation{spelling just in case}

What inspires you to succeed in life? What drives you to be more than what you can be? Where do youi turn to when you feel alone, miserable, ...ect? If you are looking for peace, or a place to unwine where do you ngo? or What do you do?....I'm asking these questions for a pearsonal reason that I'll explain on a later blog...I what to know these things for "advice" o how I can better my self in the aspect of not have to bottle all my emotions up any more. Well ya so if you do answer please… Continue

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Tell me or let me know what songs have the greatest meaning to you, I want both your answer and reasons for your answer. You can choose both LP and non-LP sonds., So let me know ...Oh and if you can give the name of the song and the artist that would be great...Oh and a part or the whole song.....if possible.

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Linkin Park Events


Especial en La Rosa Lanus 06.12.08


Especial en La Rosa Lanus 08-08-09…


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Curiosidades acerca de LINKIN PARK

Aqui tienes las mejores Curiosidades acerca de Linkin Park:


  • El primer nombre que tuvo Linkin Park fue Xero. Xero estaba constituido por Mike, Rob, Joe,

    Brad, Phoenix y Mark Wakefield. Antes de que se cambiaran el nombre a

    Hybrid Theory, Mark se fue del grupo, porque las…


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Olympics and Linkin Park!

Sinead and John Kerr from Scottland decided to used the song Krwing from the Reanimation album in the free dance. They said that even though the judges are from an older generation, they went with a song that would appeal to their fans and to the younger generation. Something a little different. They did pretty great and Sinead lifted John off his feet! They decided to switch the gender roles.

I am in the US but got to give some love to them for using Linkin Park in the… Continue

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C.Ryhme - Donate for Haiti

hello lp fans i am a MC and i make a beat for haiti like lp and other stars. i hope this beat is good for you

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Sonisphere 09!

FiveMinutesToMidnight's Blog


20 August 2009

Just wow!

Until the 1st of August 2009, I'd never been to a real concert, sure I've seen my mates band play a couple of times, and a couple of bands came to my school, but they're far too embarrassing to mention. So Sonisphere was my first proper taste of not only proper concerts, but festivals, and seeing Linkin Park less than 20 meters away blasting some of the best songs on the face of the… Continue

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Doodling :D :D :D

Heya fellow LP fans!

So far I thought I was merely an LP and MS fan....but yesterday realised that I'm totally OBSESSED with them!

I was in Physics class (which I usually find interesting) and was day-dreaming about meeting LP, and because of that I actually doodled both LP logos (old and new) and MS's signature all over my Physics notebook! What's more, I actually made sure each doodle looked perfect. Soon I couldn't concentrate on anything other than the logos on my… Continue

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Linkin Park News(Day 5 And 6)

Hey Guys, I'm Sorry That I Didn't Do A Blog Yesterday, I Was Trying To Find The Result For Linkin Park's Grammy Nomination "Best Hard Rock Performance" With What I've Done Live At Milton Keynes, So I Found Out Just Recently That Bloody AC/DC Won..Grrr...

Yeh So I Was Checking The Web For LP News And I Found Something That Pissed Me Off, DO YOU KNOW HOW LP WAS SUPPOSED TO REALEASE A ALBUM MID YEAR LAST YEAR BUT DBS INTERFERED, WELL GUESS WHAT!!!, There Has Been Another Drawback Till The End… Continue

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Linkin Park News(Day 4)

So I Was Surfing The Web When This Guy

Is Saying Grammy Predictions, This Is The Link To The Page.

So I Went Down The Page To See If LP Would Win And This Is What This Loser Said.

"Best Hard Rock Performance — I don’t think AC/DC’s new album is their best, Alice in Chains is good… Continue

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Linkin Park News(Day 3)

Ok, It's Day 3 And There Isn't Much LP News Today Except For Chester Arriving In Taiwan For A Dead By Sunrise Concert, How Linkin Park Put Together Download To Donate For Haiti In Just One Week, And My Post Yesterday About Chester Taking Songs Made For Linkin Park But They Just Weren't Write So You Kept Them For Dead By Sunrise. So I Decided To Check Out MikeShinoda.Com...And Something I Saw Yesterday About 8 Bit Rebellion Being On The Way And How Linkin Park Are Testing The Game.(This Next… Continue

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Linkin Park News(Day 2)

OK..After Yestersay's Intro To My Daily Post I Was Just Looking At Linkin Park On Google News And The First Link That I See Is "Bennington Took Linkin Park Song For LP", So I Decided To Click On It. This Is Exactly What The Article Says.

"Chester Bennington has admitted that he used songs originally written for Linkin Park on his new band Dead By Sunrise's debut album Out Of Ashes.

The singer revealed that the new tracks are "darker" than material he has previously recorded with… Continue

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Linkin Park Media Player


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Linkin Park News(Day 1)

This Is My Intro To My Daily Blog..
It'll Be All About LP, The Band, Fans, And News
It'll Also Be About Some Other Interesting News And Sometimes Rarely My Youtube Account!!
So Tune In Every Day To My "Daily Post"
Zane Brough

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FUSE Grammy Polldown

Hey guys, please don't forget to vote for Linkin Park's What I've Done at the fuse GRAMMY POLLDOWN

VOTE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, LP needs our votes...

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Linkin Park and Me

Well, my first song of that band was In The End! i just saw their video too, and i was really surprised from that also from the song. i can't waited to buy this CD. When i've got it, so i listened all the time.

it's my favorite song of all time.

at this moment, i checked all things about Linkin Park. looking for infos, news, pics, everything. ^^

Now i'm really obsessed of them. ^^

i've saw them 2nd times. AWESOME¨!

2/23/2010 i'll see Chester… Continue

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'What I've Done' for Mock UN

To begin with, I was appointed as the Chair of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) for the upcoming Mock UN at my school.

As you can see on my page on this site, 'What I've Done' is my favorite LP video till date.Therefore, I emailed it to my Economics teacher (who is also my mentor) expecting her to present it in class as a part of Development Economics. But, she was so impressed with the video that she told me to start the Mock UN proceedings with the video! She thought… Continue

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How to Buy Rare LP CD's Off Ebay

Ebay has a lot of cool stuff. Ebay also has a lot of fake stuff, notably Linkin Park CD's, since this is a Linkin Park blog after all.

I will not spit out my thoughts about the RIAA or pirated music here, but I think there is something pretty much both sides would agree on: You wouldn't actually BUY pirated music, would you? Sadly, that's exactly what happens. Getting suckered into putting your hard earned money for something you could have just downloaded is not fun. So it is… Continue

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