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Indonesia is me with the diversity of cultural and natural ...

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My inspirational story

Hey guys David here, I wanted to share my life story with you guys, Check it out and I hope you guys like it :)

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The world of technology is ever expanding.

One thing that I love about technology is learning how to control it, manipulate it, or use it. So I decided to make a blog about my idea that would be cool to see on

I would love to see a CSS editor for our profiles. That way we can manipulate our profile to a design that Linkin Park inspired us to use.

I really hope this could be something we could see in the future, for now tell me what you think about this…


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June 8th 2012, Nova Rock, Austria – The story of one of the best days ever!

To the story with photos:

So, here is the story of the 8th of June 2012 or also known as one of the best days of my life. I don’t know where to start on this one, so I may just jump from one story to another and then come back to the first one… You know… it was just way too exciting ;)

In the morning, my dear LPU fried Monique picked me and my two Bulgarian friends – Martin and Robert, from…


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Linkin Park Moments

Hello LP Soldiers ;)

I'm Ümit - founder of Linkin Park Moments (LPM) - and I want to talk to you about something.

Have you ever heard of LPM? If not, let me explain.…


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Just say no to drugs 'Demons' (Revised) V1 Offensive Rhymes

Come take a walk and talk with me I know all their dirty little secrets,

step out of denial CHILL OUT and maybe then you'll be able to see this,

oh go on and just say no to drugs,

so you won't owe those thugs,

like when those doped up drug dealers come flying up to you,

“I’’ve got some drugs that’ll mess you up I'm not lying its true",

so listen to me unless you want to be stuck…


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Our new cover

Plz watch this video and we hope u like it!!!

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Homestudio and gear. Part1

Steinbergs CI1. from the CI series.…


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Meet N Greet N LP personil Signature N Ticket

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Chester and Mike Shinoda at Ferrari.

See photo in which Mike Shinoda posted on his official twitter it's Chester Bennington was in Broadcast formula 1,…


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The concert in Norway + Meet and greet!


I haven't write about my third LP concert yet! So.. Here it is x)


Me and two friends went to Hove festival the day before the concert. The festival camp was open, but not the festival area. We were there pretty late actually.


The next day we woke up, ate some breakfast, I had to shower (I couldn't look like shit when I was going to meet LP!) and then we had to leave. Birgitte and Jannice left before I did (since I showered) and…


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Tonight i wanted to write some lines about my feelings, i love to play with words and my mood is not too bad so why not to do my favorite game in the world and play with sentences, it's the moonlight up or maybe my imagination but i will give these words like a kind of free poetry for all the LP fan, crew here :

I found myself fallout tonight like burning in the skies,  no radiance above me, just a little iridescent for the wretches and kings of the world, dying for wisdom, justice…


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LPU Meet and Greet Download Festival 2011

I was delighted to wake up to my M&G email thismorning :) I'm not at all bothered about missing a few bands at download but I'm petrified of breaking off from my goup of friends and getting lost (I'm the only one of my group in the LPU). Is there already something set up so I can contact the other M&G people online and make arrangements so I'm not so scared on the day?!?
Any help would be brilliant. Thank you!

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See you in Kansas

I wasnt able to get VIP tickets to Chicago but picked up the VIP Music for Releif tickets for kansas City on the 29th, I bring what i can to video tape the event. I will also be collecting momentoes to remember the event, I will be collecting paint chips, Cigarette butts and the gum from the bottom of your shoes.

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Meeting Brad...

at my first M&G in 2007, he wasnt even sitting at one of the tables. He stood close to the exit doors..waiting for the rest of us to let our stuff sign and etc..


in 2010 Ive met the whole band again...and Brad was the first...STANDING again...I gave him my flag and we had a short chat and he seemed to be...happy/cheerful for once...but when i talked to joe smb took a pic of my back and brad:



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New Meet and Greet System????

So according to the post about Australian Meet and Greets, says that LPU members have a "chance" to be "selected" for a Meet and Greet. The post states that members will be randomly selected to attend the Meet and greet.

In the Email informing fans about U.S. Meet and greets, states that they have launched a new RSVP Meet and Greet system open to LPUX annual members. It says that LPUX members can RSVP their place on lists assigned to each individual show. The email…


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