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[Chat Summary] LPU Chat with Jim Digby ( Manager of Linkin Park )

Production manager Jim Digby did another chat with LPUers just now, he tried to show us the front of house where they were setting up the stage and other stuff but the wifi kept messing it up.

  • He said his favourite song from last night’s show was Vicitimized.
  • He said when they have a rare hotel day they collect all of the shampoos, soaps etc from the hotel and…

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Is anybody out there?!


Is it only me that think this site is almost dead? I mean, the fall 2010 this site was so alive! I didn't discover Linkin Park before my first concert in October 2010, and I was stuck just listening to them ++... I was so glad it was a chat in here with people who really cared about the same things. Like during the LPU Summit in London, I was sitting here and I was talking about what my best friend did there and what she experienced there.

The chat is gone, and I…


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Chester Chat Update

Adam just informed us in LPU chat tonight that the Chester Video Chat is rescheduled for Monday, August 1, 2011 at 3 pm Pacific Time.


This is due to unforeseen complications.


Please spread the word, thanks.


- Dan


[ps: Due to my security settings, your comments may not appear right away as I moderate all comments]

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31/3/2010...Video Chat with Mike & Chester, and Fiore LPU chat gone wrong! xD

As many of you know, yesterday it was scheduled for Mark Fiore, the LP videographer, to do his very first LPU chat. Things went smoothly at the begging but two of the…


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The Guide to Official Band Chat: How to talk to someone in Linkin Park

In the many years Ive been here, I've noticed there is a great misunderstanding of how band chats worked. I know a lot of people get very excited when a band member shows up, but this seems to make everyone's emotions too high and a lot of people get disappointed when the moderated chat doesn't work the way they think it does. Hopefully, to avoid more hurt feelings, i compile this FAQ. And since it took so long for me to compile this FAQ, I'm reposing it on the new LP website, even though band… Continue

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