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Photography contest...

Hi there everyone! I hope all is doing well.

I entered a photography contest the other day. And I have been going around and trying to get people to vote for it. I need some votes. I want to try to win 100$ so I can start saving up to buy a new camera. The site is pretty awesome. If there is anyone here that is interested in photography the website is: and you should submit you picture if you think you have…


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Linkin Park and Swagbucks! Free LP merch! :)

love swagbucks and Linkin Park and know they are together.   You search and earn points so you can redeem cool LP merch and also raisemoney for charity.  I have already gotten a Linkin Park guitar pick and also a Minutes to Midnight shirt. If you click the banner below it will take you to music for relief swagbucks.

Search & Win

The also have a Chester Bennington search site,…


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every time i listen to linkin park! they are absolutely AMAZING, i will NEVER ever forget them in my life, the shivers i get from chester's beautiful voice it unforgettable, and the amazing rapping skills of Mike make me memorize all the lyrics of majority of their songs :) god bless them and their talents! <3…


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The generation of Chester Bennington

this is a real tatto of chester bennington.. he is Sean Bennington

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Summary of LPU chat with Chester bennington 1 august,2011

Chester just took part in his first video chat with LPU members, and stayed for around 50 minutes, thanks Chester! We have a summary of what he talked about below and screencaps are in the gallery.

  • They take a juicer on tour, they juice oranges, apples, ginger, peanut butter, not banana’s
  • Next record: will sound different, but its too early to tell what it will…

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linkin park at hessentag 2011 in oberursel/germany

 ooooh my gooood it was greaaaat!!!!

after a night without any sleep we went to oberursel by car. it's circa 200 km away from cologne. the weather seemed to be nice, but every minute we arrived closer to oberursel the weather turned into a grey cloud. the open air area was a ugly smelling field in a village. we arrived at 9 am. the location sucked, but whatever, we were there for LP, so they have could played in a toilett and…


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Linkin Logs 3

Linkin Logs 3

Joe: I think I've hit a growth spurt!

Chester: Oh My God really? So you're getting taller??


Chester: NOOO!!!!!!!!!



Mike: My dear boy, THAT is what a real man looks like.


Rob: Hey, Brad, do you… Continue

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Why Linkin Park should come to Ireland.

I have adored the band since they have started there what music is to me Chester Bennington is my absolute number one idol always has always will be, the guys in the band are amazing in there own ways , so talented ! it's been so long since they have been to ireland :( It's my dream  to just see them live , it would comepletely make my life, they have such a huge fan base here in Ireland, I am trying my best to save to try see them like in the UK sadly I dont think thats going to happen i'm…


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Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington performing at Sonisphere Festival in Finland

Background information

Birth name Chester Charles Bennington

Born March 20, 1976 (1976-03-20) (age 35)

Origin Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Genres Alternative rock, Nu metal, Alternative metal, Hard rock, Rap rock, Rap metal, Synth rock, Post-grunge

Occupations Singer-songwriter, Actor, Musician…


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2011 Sendai Earthquake And Tsunami, THE MESSENGER

check this video out its one of my greatest projects i've ever made for anything.

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Linkin Logs 2


Interviewer: So, Mike, what's next for you?

Mike: *belch* That about sums it up

Interviewer: Is that alcohol on your breath?

Mike: You ask too many questions.


Rob: It's hard being the youngest in the band.

Brad: Yeah, we always pick on him for fun.

Joe: We got a new nickname for him, Rob the slob.


Brad: Yeah, when?



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Linkin Logs 1

This was just for fun. IF the guys ever saw this I hope they wouldn't take anything into offense. I made some stuff up. Sue me.



Mike: I think sometimes it's not enough for me to rap. I should

talk to the band about me doing dangerous stunts onstage. Right now,

I've thought of a couple of things such as jumping through fire,

sneezing orange jello, and wildly jumping into the…


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"THANK YOU VIDEO" from Linkin Park Fans to Linkin Park

It's a new Fan made video:)


hope you guys like it;)

I don't own this video, but I'm in there^^

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Beauty and the new work

When I rode the city at night with headphones playing the last album LP. a fairy tale. perspiring through the car windows flashing lights were like a spark, horizontal, black sky and the red horizon. fiction, I never noticed such beauty around.a when we drove through the woods along the highway, I learned that black is just black and deep branches was seen in the black sky. When I arrived home, my mail came a lot of letters. Again I write that love me, my work as I am talented.…


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M&G Linkin Park, 1st November 2010, Zurich

As you read in my last blog, i had the chance to meet Linkin Park =D! Firstly Hugo and some other guys talked with us, told us some rules and so on. The band which playied before Linkin Park, passed the room (Futurehead)... but okay, i wasn't interessted xD... Someone took a photo from 2 friends, me and Hugo.. (damn.. who made this photo?!)

Then... Hugo said: Let's go! We get into another floor, then we had to wait bevore a room... the first one (i was the…


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Linkin Park live in Cologne @ Lanxess Arena


It was amazing! It was the first time for me since 7 years to see the guys live and it really was unbeliveable. They just kicked asses.

After waiting for more than 9 hours the openinc act "futureheads" started the show but I rlly have to tell you that they suck. They just DONT fit in there!

But then it was time, the intro began. The show was made so good, the whole lights and effects were gorgeous! Then the light went on..there they…

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It Gets Better

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Well i believe thats africa is not so meager that linkin park can come over and just make us happy here.Imagine having millions of people that appreciate you here in nigeria but i dont think nigeria is on your agenda list!

There are lots of fans dying to meet you and just touch you especially chester and mike,joe bourdon and the rest!…


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31/3/2010...Video Chat with Mike & Chester, and Fiore LPU chat gone wrong! xD

As many of you know, yesterday it was scheduled for Mark Fiore, the LP videographer, to do his very first LPU chat. Things went smoothly at the begging but two of the…


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Hot Ve'cel Lady

Ve'cel is great!! Isn't it? :p
If I was a woman, I looked like this. :d

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