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plz come to orlando florida or daytona beach florida  i have to see linkin park in concert  you have so many fans that would love to see you here live linkin-park-wallpaper-7.jpg

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Is anybody out there?!


Is it only me that think this site is almost dead? I mean, the fall 2010 this site was so alive! I didn't discover Linkin Park before my first concert in October 2010, and I was stuck just listening to them ++... I was so glad it was a chat in here with people who really cared about the same things. Like during the LPU Summit in London, I was sitting here and I was talking about what my best friend did there and what she experienced there.

The chat is gone, and I…


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Linking Park Coming To Odessa

Linking Park is coming to Odessa, Ukraine and is to play alongside other great bands, such as Garbage, as part of the Port Rock Festival (Odessa has one of the largest ports in Ukraine, hence the name).  Although tickets aren't on sale yet (and they will not be until March 30), the news created quite a buzz in Ukraine already and people from different cities are already looking for tickets to Odessa to be able to attend the concert.  The news of Linkin Park coming to Odessa is spreading…


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About Iridescent

I was thinking about the Linkin Park's concert yesterday and if we stop to think, I realized the difference between the show of 2004 and last year. Quality of visual/media resources changed to better than before (just a simple cenary) and hundreds of leds play together the guys. It's so freaking fantastic to see live.

And the music videos won new things, new cameras, and it's still good, but not like before. I see …


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Review of ATS Concert at Staples Center

Recently, I was privileged to attend my first Linkin Park concert at the Staples Center in LA.  I've been a LP fan for a long time, but it wasn't till I moved out to the west coast that I really got into the fan scene and joined LPU.  Now I wish I'd gotten on board sooner!


Read my review of the concert here.

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ATHENS (25-06-2008)

Yes, I've been in their first show in Greece too. I didn't have the chance to go to the second one, in 2009. But I'll sure be going to their third one in this country.!

LP 4 L!F3

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Where are the nexts shows that linkin park will do?

Hey can someone tell me where and when will be the next concerts of linkin park?

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lp concerst in 2010

when and where will be this years first LP concert?

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