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[HD] Linkin Park - New Divide (Jakarta, Indonesia) 21 sept 2011

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[HD] Linkin Park - Numb (Jakarta, Indonesia) 21 sept 2011

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[HD] Linkin Park - Bleed It Out. (Jakarta, Indonesia) 2011

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Great show in Bangkok. Miss the moment !!


I am a kind of person who doesn’t get myself into anything so deep; to prevent my mind from being possessed. I saw the movie Dante’s Peak and there was a scene that a grandmother had to get herself in that damn hot lava just to get a stupid doll her granddaughter dropped during the run-for-your-life. A doll & grandmother ? Trade off ? Oh..please!!! 

Right after that moment I decided not to collect anything so worthy. I stopped collecting movie magnet (in Thailand, at that…


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[HD] Linkin Park - In The End (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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[HD] Linkin Park - shadow of the day (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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[HD] Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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[HD] Linkin Park - Faint (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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[HD] Linkin Park - Empty Spaces & When They Come for Me (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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Reviews of Linkin Park's Jakarta show

I've found two great reviews of the Jakarta show online:

After being stormed by Yellow Card, Panic! At the Disco, and Bad Religion in the Big Wave festival one day earlier, the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, reverberated once again with great music as Linkin Park staged a spectacular show on September 21, 2011. There…

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I got in !!!



Yes - I got in the Meet & Greet for LPU Bangkok. 
Counting down to the day I see my angels.  

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Numb covered by Thai street musicians...with Thai traditional instruments


It's just 2 weeks away to the show in Bangkok!! I'm so excited and I'm sure tons of Thai fans are!! 


To warm and get ready, I have a vdo clip for you guys. This group of local street musician covered Numb with Thai traditional instruments called "Khim" or Chinese cymbalos (which is in Thai version. I think Thailand derived it from China somehow in the past) here in Bangkok.

I used to play Khim as well but not this good. However, I just want to pass this to…


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Seriously, i just LOVE LP. Even this agree too :D




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Concert in Colombia!

Linkin Park Boys .. I congratulate her music I think is best. Keep it up, I wanted to say a suggestion. what if they come to play a concert in Colombia! have many viewers in these parts. and serious and historical super to come by here .. and besides we do not want the world ends in 2012 sni see a concert of you lol ...…


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LPU6 and beyond: or why I love the LPU.

I joined the LPU back in 2007, after years upon years of waiting to do so. I had always wanted to join it; the perks seemed amazing, and I really liked the idea of getting a package in the mail with special things that nobody I knew would get. However, what got me interested in the LPU the most were the people. I had been roaming the LPMB since 2002; lurking at first, and then posting and making friends. I got close with people like Outlawserenade and Octah, who were LPUers and talked about…


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this is simply the truth!

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Linkin Park & Mike Shinoda tags

hello! i was bored and decided to do some tags...these were all done by hand so they are kinda smudgy but I hope you'll like em anyways! =D



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My birthday cake was awesome.

I just spent my birthday last Sunday (July 10, 2011), but this wasn't my cake. My friends surprised me yesterday (7/12/11) with this and everything was awesome. I'm touched.…


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