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.........................what the hell.....................are you waiting for.........................................linkin park...............................

  1. ..................we some teenagers open a band.......named linkin park teengirls.........we have sung all we are making some music videos of our own................not as good as lp....but still we are trying to do that..........wish we could get.......all the members...of linkin our teen made music videos..............we love to do something....unique.............…

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HI! Can any1 help me? I solve the 8th puzzle..And now i have to wait the new one..But i haven't solved the previous one.. How can I play the previous puzzles? please help? 

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LP 4ever

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First Post :)

I made this account many months ago and i kept forgetting to go on here! I remember when I first started to fall in love with Linkin Park (around late 6th grade), I would go on every single day to see what was going on. I would research EVERYTHING about them. When they formed, who were former members, their older music, just everything. I was obsessed and i still am! Just not as severe as when i first knew who they were xD

As of now, I'm still in love with them as much as i…


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Moscow Flyaway Contest - Send Me Your Questions!!!!

What's up, my fellow LP fans? :) So, I just found out that I will be the red carpet correspondent for the premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in Moscow!  First off, I want to thank each and every one of you who showed your support and left positive feedback about my video.  I am extremely grateful for all your kind words, you all are the best!!!!


Now, we have some business to attend you all know from watching my entry, I am not interested in making this…


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As a huge fan of linkin park my dream is to see them live. unfortunatly last year i could not make it to the tour. can anyone let me know if linkin park will be playing in the UK again.


if you guys are looking at this please come to the UK again on a tour and i know 1000s of people would love to see you in Wales (Cardiff) i know that you are playing a few festivals but i want to see linkin park alone with other LP fans.


PLEASE guys come visit us…


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Great Review for Linkin Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Proud of My favorite Band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu, 24 Feb 2011 10:02:28

During the final song of Linkin Park 's triumphant sold out show at The Staples Center last night, Mike Shinoda turned back time.

Smiling at the packed crowd midway through… Continue

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My first LP concert!

There was a lot of stress the day of--I had tests to study for, we got lost in LA and were afraid we were going to be late--but once I got there, everything just disappeared and I was the luckiest (and happiest) girl in the world! The opening act was The Prodigy, though I didn't really like them (they said "F***" too much for my tastes) they made me truly appreciate how much I love Linkin Park. Which, the show by the way, was freaking amazing! Excellent levels on the bass, where The Prodigy…


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i love linkin park forever

Added by mukh.zainal amir .m on January 31, 2011 at 9:40pm — No Comments

first concert ever and its an lp one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am excited linkinpark is coming to chicago at the united center and its only a few days away. i have never been to any kind of concert and only few stadium events so this makes me happy. I have known linkin park since one of the toughest times in my life. My brain surgery.I was nine and it was terrible. linkin park helped me through then i came out a new person. That was whin i was 9. so go linkin park.    

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Dreams and Reflections

I dreamed that I got to the store where Mike Shinoda was selling tea. I bought him a couple of packages, though I was in presyncope. Shinoda is the same! I had never seen alive! When he left change for my bill, then here came Chester, came to watch Mike tea. He gave me a smile from ear to ear and nodded. I, too, nodded and held out his hand.He shook my fingers, my left hand, my creative hand. and gave him a folder with my pictures, I would have been nice if he liked it. I stood and watched… Continue

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Explosion of brain

When watching a concert, I happened to irreparable-born inspiration. I am very emotional person, I was hard to watch that show. songs .. hurts too much .. they cut the soul. I could not watch the entire concert. but I managed to grab the tail and draw inspiration from this. I ask, Chester, do not torment yourself.…


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Today, I painted all day! I wanted to make a gift to all members of the group Linkin Park. Yes, today I drew all six guys. I warn, I tried very hard. I did a little worried. So, finish all the pictures I have come holiday. I hope that enjoy not only the boys from Linkin Park, but simply lovers of art. at the end of the post can see a video of how to create paintings. no photoshop, only manual work. I'm so tired today, already 10 pm, will soon go to sleep. I hope even in a dream I would not… Continue

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1st day on linkin

yahoo!!!i did it!!!! it's cool! always wanted to do it ... but very slow with this))) omg omg omg!!!!

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Dutch linking park.

go to

and listen to my song, its like the old linking park in dutch language.

i made that beat with a midi keyboard & pro tools LE 8 more songs are coming like this one

i want to become the dutch old linking park, go and check out my song on my myspace page...…


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Came to say goodbye

What do you say? everything is already in the past, though familiar, the memories, too, sometimes disturbing, but it is possible to forget? After all, it happens once in a lifetime, not on what does not seem to be and you're still the same, not changed, even, the same laugh smile, sweet voice is the same as talking about a good as it used to, too, can you earlier on another looked into his eyes. Perhaps I, too, are not changed with the rest of the people merged, remember how you allocated me to… Continue

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Linkin Park concert in Brazil...

Despite the fact that we had to face extreme cold and heat, all the tiredness, the
dust and the hours waiting (and getting dirty) in a farm (it was a farm, because
– well, it was supposed to be the Brazilian Woodstock), it was worth it. Only
those who were there are able to explain and understand what the whole…

Added by Bruno on October 14, 2010 at 7:30pm — 69 Comments

meet & greet in Argentina!

What can i say about the experience? It was more than i could Ever

imagine, it was really worth the 8 years of waiting . The crew was

really kind and treat us really well, and the band.... OMG! They were So

sweet , i couldn't believe it when i first saw them, They sign my MTM

cd, and i gave my argentinian glag to chester and he was really kind he

even took a picture with it :) an after all the signing They all took a

picture with…

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Some of of LP items haven't come :(

When I heard about the Linkin Park bundle and so I decided to pre-order all the items in the big bundle.

Recently I received part of the items but not some of the others, the deluxe box set. I don't know why...

Can anyone help me please...I really want it. I got my skate-deck, t-shirt and cd/dvd but i didn't get my box set and I was supposed to get it at the same time. I don't know whats going on, does anyone have any information they can give…

Added by Samantha Wan on October 5, 2010 at 7:34am — 1 Comment

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