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Linkin Park Saved my Life

To anyone who wants to read this…

Today marks 5 years since I discovered Linkin Park and their music.

That may not seem like a big deal but in late 2007, I was very depressed.

I had started self harming and I was, quite frankly, ready to give up.

Then I found this song. A song that really spoke to me,…


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Who was in the pit in Dallas TEXAS on Aug 27th 2012?!?!?

My first linkin park show and the first I ever in a pit!!! AHHHHH it was sooo fun!! xD omgomgOMGGG I lurve LP<3!…


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Indonesia is me with the diversity of cultural and natural ...

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a bit of me...

a bit of me:


I'm struggling with all the stuff in my head. Like my mind is working too much, too fast and it just want more and more info, knowledge. just want more and more and more.. I spend 1h40 mins swimming away just thinking of all the possibilities (good and bad) that could have happen if the lift at work got stuck again... I think I probably imagine the situation of being stuck in the lift with any of the 50 people from my office. I didn't even want to think of…


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Few hours sleep..

body feel tired, but so tired that anything feels slow to your mind. A bit like watching a movie pic by pic.

I most of the time wish the world would go a bit faster. I'm getting lost in that slowness of things to do, the waiting of things to happen and so forth.

Why waiting ? The only thing that ever stopped me doing / saying / feeling something is myself.

Well I know that very well. too well maybe ?

But I also know that I haven't got…


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2012 challenge plan :)

hmm fun year ahead ? yes definitely.. looks like I'll be doing lots of stuff and I've got so many projects / ideas to do, I'll need a schedule to get everything done and keep track of stuff :)

So far:

  • I'm on the waiting list for being part of the audience of 3 tv shows :)
  • I've got my ticket for a 3-days German Rock…

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It is official, I'm "mad"

This is now settled... I'm happy to declared that I'm officially "mad":

" The Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012 Ballot Entry Confirmation

Congratulations, you are now entered into the Ballot. Please note this is NOT a…

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I don't get it... just don't

First entry in here..

I just don't get how people live more or less together on that planet..

They are shocked if anyone is telling them another opinion.. they're judging without even trying to see why the person is having that opinion.

hugs, kisses and physical contact (even completely innocent !) are almost banned or at least criticized.. when, at least for me, it is the only way i can reach out to people and feel a connection...

yet I'm the one being told "I've…


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Hey guys

Yeah I know that the title of the post is as stupid as it can get, but of course what would you expect from someone that just joined  this awesome community?

First of all I`ll introduce myself cause I remember my mom telling me how good raised I`ll look if I`ll do this the first time I meet new people.

My name is Oana, the other two names are not as important as this is. I don`t really like my name but i don`t think that I`m the only one in this situation.I`m 20 years old and…


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Tonight i wanted to write some lines about my feelings, i love to play with words and my mood is not too bad so why not to do my favorite game in the world and play with sentences, it's the moonlight up or maybe my imagination but i will give these words like a kind of free poetry for all the LP fan, crew here :

I found myself fallout tonight like burning in the skies,  no radiance above me, just a little iridescent for the wretches and kings of the world, dying for wisdom, justice…


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Pushing Me Away - Piano (Pigi Galdi)

Pushing Me Away (by Linkin Park) played by Pigi Galdi (Me)


Added by Pigi Galdi on April 29, 2011 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

The first one.

Hello Everyone!

To be honest, I don't like to write blogs, so I totally don't know what I should write here.

I'm form Russia, but now I'm studying International Business in Finland.

I like to meet new friends, especially if we have some common interest, so if you want to know anything about my personality feel free to ask.

Here is a pic of mine ;)…


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Give me a smile,Give me your name girl···LIKE THIS SONG!

How Sweet ! Just cannot believe OUT OF ASHES has such a sweet song!!


Give me a smile

Give me your name girl

Give me a sign to guide my way

And get what I came for, you

Because you don't come easy

Give me your hand

Come walk with me girl

Nothing's that far when your near

So come even closer to me

Something so easy to do

And I fall into the ocean

Inside of your arms

Taking me deeper where all the pain…


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Part of me.

Rubbing. Jostling. Swallowing. Screaming. Cutting. Breathing Dreams about The…


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I need help

I am turning to you the people, and maybe someone will be able to help me?

Ihave been going through a lot lately and it's starting to really bring me down. I am having thoughts of lonelyness, sadness, and that I don't belong. I keep asking for Gods help, but I think I am to blind to see what he wants me to see. I know that letting go of the lady who says she is my mom is hard and my step dad is like my real dad no where to be found. My brothers and sisters don't want anything to do with… Continue

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