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Hi,fans!As you know Linkin Park pass Sleigh Bell very easy. Now it is time for the second round. New Linkin Park challenger is REM:

They will put voting pool soon.When MTV do that please vote!Thanks again!…


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Hey guys! you want the show (Festival) Rock in Rio in Argentina?…


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Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington performing at Sonisphere Festival in Finland

Background information

Birth name Chester Charles Bennington

Born March 20, 1976 (1976-03-20) (age 35)

Origin Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Genres Alternative rock, Nu metal, Alternative metal, Hard rock, Rap rock, Rap metal, Synth rock, Post-grunge

Occupations Singer-songwriter, Actor, Musician…


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2011 Sendai Earthquake And Tsunami, THE MESSENGER

check this video out its one of my greatest projects i've ever made for anything.

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Houston show- March 3rd, 2011.

Wow that was amazing!

Screaming my head off, jumping up and down (well there are no other directions, ha-), and sometimes closing my eyes and just listening to the music; this was my first concert and it was with Linkin Park, my, actually, first and favoritest-est-est-est band ever. They inroduced me to the wild and loud callobrated world of rock/hip hop. Never letting me down with their music: rhytyms, beats, lyrics (oh the lyrics) and all the other good stuff. There isn't a son- I…


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The Catalyst | Piano Cover

I am a true fan of Linkin Park. They might as well be my most favorite band ever! All the people here are cool, and I want to share my musical efforts on one of their awesome songs. LP 4EVER

VERY GOOD SOUND QUALITY!!! The whole song was played by ear.

Song: The Catalyst

Artist: Linkin Park

Album: A Thousand Suns (2010)



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Last night on FB about Linkin Park cancellation

Last night on FB people were spazing out because of the cancellation in washington dc. First off I can understand people sadness and frustration. But there was no call for name calling at Chester. He's a human being who sings a lot, interviews, and probably run on little sleep. Course his body going shut down and say hey we need a break dude. He is not some show monkey that can perform at drop of a hat. I mean yeesh people can be selfish and un compassionet toward another human being. I'm…


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Linkin Logs 1

This was just for fun. IF the guys ever saw this I hope they wouldn't take anything into offense. I made some stuff up. Sue me.



Mike: I think sometimes it's not enough for me to rap. I should

talk to the band about me doing dangerous stunts onstage. Right now,

I've thought of a couple of things such as jumping through fire,

sneezing orange jello, and wildly jumping into the…


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Linkin Park | 1.29.11

The kings of alterna-electro-rap-rock are back on the road in America. Of course it’s a hell of a lot easier to be the kings when you carve the immense glacial canyon of a soundscape behind you that Linkin Park have. On their newest release, A Thousand Suns, the Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington-led group seems to be…

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My linkin park experience

For my 13th birthday i got linkin park tickets for their live show in manchester on the 4th november 2010, i had to wake up at 5am on a thursday and miss 2 days from school. I endured an 8 hour coach ride from Plymouth to manchester. But all the having to wait until road services to go to the toilet and not having any ipod battery left was well worth the concert by linkin park. Every song they played blew me away, the concert's atmosphere was pure awesomenes. The best song you they played…


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The Brazilian people need your help! In two weeks the flood have killed more 600 people in southeastern Brazil.

People who are still alive lost everything: house, clothes and unfortunately some relatives. The Brazilian people are mobilizing over the Internet informing local and phones for donations of food and clothing. If you want help please click here and check the list of…


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"THANK YOU VIDEO" from Linkin Park Fans to Linkin Park

It's a new Fan made video:)


hope you guys like it;)

I don't own this video, but I'm in there^^

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Linkin park should have Remade a X-mas song :)

in my opinion Linkin park should have made a x-mas song it would have been bangin its all i would be playing for the rest of the season  ahah 


heres my question 


what song would it be?

what album would it be related too?


how happy would you be ! 

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Download the official 2011 North American Tour digital EP, for free

We are excited to have three great bands come out with us on the upcoming North American TourThe Prodigy, Pendulum and Does it Offend You, Yeah?. To help you get to know them, we put together a free digital EP containing a high quality MP3 from each band, as well as two live LP tracks from our recent show in Tel Aviv. We…


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Dreams and Reflections

I dreamed that I got to the store where Mike Shinoda was selling tea. I bought him a couple of packages, though I was in presyncope. Shinoda is the same! I had never seen alive! When he left change for my bill, then here came Chester, came to watch Mike tea. He gave me a smile from ear to ear and nodded. I, too, nodded and held out his hand.He shook my fingers, my left hand, my creative hand. and gave him a folder with my pictures, I would have been nice if he liked it. I stood and watched… Continue

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Linkin Park live in Stuttgart - 22.10.2010

Linkin Park live in Stuttgart…


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Today, I painted all day! I wanted to make a gift to all members of the group Linkin Park. Yes, today I drew all six guys. I warn, I tried very hard. I did a little worried. So, finish all the pictures I have come holiday. I hope that enjoy not only the boys from Linkin Park, but simply lovers of art. at the end of the post can see a video of how to create paintings. no photoshop, only manual work. I'm so tired today, already 10 pm, will soon go to sleep. I hope even in a dream I would not… Continue

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Crawling live nov 2010 : a guy out the crowd plays guitar with the band !!!

A guy from the crowd gets picked to play along side them @ the LG Arena on guitar, its an awesomee performance, the audio is High Quality Digital, enjoy ;]

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We’re very excited to launch the Linkin Park station on A.P.E. Radio. This is our first radio station where you can tune in and hear some of our favorite music—songs that we grew up on, and new music we think is exciting. We’re also going to premiere rare and exclusive LP music, and take calls from some of our favorite fans… and you get to hear us pretend to be DJs. It’s going to be a slice of the world through the eyes and ears of Linkin Park.

Go to… Continue

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Linkin Park 2011 North America tour

I can't explain how excited I am to be seeing Linkin Park in the beginning of Feb. They have been like the backbone to all the hard times I had to endure through out my life. In addition their music has helped me get through four of college being the only one beside my uncle to graduate with a four year degree.

I don't care if people think I'm some nut who loves Linkin Park, it's my choice.…


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