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Phoenix just replied one of my tweets :D

I just can't believe that but it happened. Really happened. I was tweeting about LP as usual and suddenly phoenix replied! I tweeted a photo of him and there were his words but they weren't in english ( 'cause I didn't expect him to even see that) he said ''that's awesome.''  and asked for translation. I was shocked! I didn't even know what to say. I was frozen. Then I realized that he was waiting for an answer. I answered then I and  all other…


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Save the children from violence

@phoenixlp share this VDO on his twitter and after I watch all of 30 min, I want to do some thing for those children.

Please go to KONY2012 or invisible children page on facebook and…


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Question And Answer Phoenix on Twitter

Some time ago the Phoenix answered questions from the fans through Twittenya . Here are the details:

5… Continue

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linkin park at hessentag 2011 in oberursel/germany

 ooooh my gooood it was greaaaat!!!!

after a night without any sleep we went to oberursel by car. it's circa 200 km away from cologne. the weather seemed to be nice, but every minute we arrived closer to oberursel the weather turned into a grey cloud. the open air area was a ugly smelling field in a village. we arrived at 9 am. the location sucked, but whatever, we were there for LP, so they have could played in a toilett and…


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Linkin Logs 3

Linkin Logs 3

Joe: I think I've hit a growth spurt!

Chester: Oh My God really? So you're getting taller??


Chester: NOOO!!!!!!!!!



Mike: My dear boy, THAT is what a real man looks like.


Rob: Hey, Brad, do you… Continue

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Why Linkin Park should come to Ireland.

I have adored the band since they have started there what music is to me Chester Bennington is my absolute number one idol always has always will be, the guys in the band are amazing in there own ways , so talented ! it's been so long since they have been to ireland :( It's my dream  to just see them live , it would comepletely make my life, they have such a huge fan base here in Ireland, I am trying my best to save to try see them like in the UK sadly I dont think thats going to happen i'm…


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Linkin Logs 1

This was just for fun. IF the guys ever saw this I hope they wouldn't take anything into offense. I made some stuff up. Sue me.



Mike: I think sometimes it's not enough for me to rap. I should

talk to the band about me doing dangerous stunts onstage. Right now,

I've thought of a couple of things such as jumping through fire,

sneezing orange jello, and wildly jumping into the…


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M&G Linkin Park, 1st November 2010, Zurich

As you read in my last blog, i had the chance to meet Linkin Park =D! Firstly Hugo and some other guys talked with us, told us some rules and so on. The band which playied before Linkin Park, passed the room (Futurehead)... but okay, i wasn't interessted xD... Someone took a photo from 2 friends, me and Hugo.. (damn.. who made this photo?!)

Then... Hugo said: Let's go! We get into another floor, then we had to wait bevore a room... the first one (i was the…


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