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Mike On Sirius XM Octane

Mike will be a guest DJ on Sirius XM Octane (Channel 37). Tune in to hear him play tracks from his personal playlist. It premieres tomorrow at 5pm ET.

All Airtimes are below:

Friday 4/11 @ 5pm ET (Premiere)

Saturday 4/12 @ 12pm ET

Sunday 4/13 @ 10pm ET

Monday 4/14 @ at 3pm ET

Wednesday 4/16 at 9am ET

**Also Available On Demand**…


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love u all LP

Im fan of all of u, esspecially shinoda..... I m die hard fan of u

Added by sudhir jagdale on June 29, 2013 at 11:36pm — 54 Comments


This is a Fan made Music Video for Powerless

Added by Pauly Iannuzzi on January 10, 2013 at 11:47pm — 2 Comments

Photography contest...

Hi there everyone! I hope all is doing well.

I entered a photography contest the other day. And I have been going around and trying to get people to vote for it. I need some votes. I want to try to win 100$ so I can start saving up to buy a new camera. The site is pretty awesome. If there is anyone here that is interested in photography the website is: and you should submit you picture if you think you have…


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Anyone here like photography?

I know I do. It's an awesome way to capture the beauty of the earth and it's people. I love taking pictures of nature, mostly of clouds. Clouds are so wonderful and fun to look at. I also love to take pictures of my puppies and of people. It's a great way to capture a memory of something that happened. A good or not-so-good memory (One that you might laugh about later on in life) maybe even a dorky moment. But if you love photography and just love…


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Mike talks about LP's new album 2012


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The Raid On Event Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival



The Raid film, or by title Indonesia Invasion Death…


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Linkin Park & Mike Shinoda tags

hello! i was bored and decided to do some tags...these were all done by hand so they are kinda smudgy but I hope you'll like em anyways! =D



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some fans were a liitle upset by mike only calling his 'superfans' in one of his blog posts... my opinion :,)

Today I wanted to talk about something I saw on Mike Shinoda’s blog today.  Some  fans got upset because he had posted this thing meant for only ‘Superfans’, and I admittedly was a little confused as well as them.

I commented mentioning that I had indeed been a huge fan of Linkin Park since they first came about back in 2000(Or sometime around then) and I was only seven! ‘In The End is  still, to this day, one of my all time favorite songs!  If i’m going to be honest, every song that…


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2011 Sendai Earthquake And Tsunami, THE MESSENGER

check this video out its one of my greatest projects i've ever made for anything.

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Mike Shinoda Birthday Video 2011 - Fanpics

Hey my lovely lp freaks:)


As some of you know, I made a Video for Mikes Birthday this year...:)

I already uploaded it on facebook and youtube,and I also wanted to upload it here, but the video is too I just can post the link here :)




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Linkin Park | 1.29.11

The kings of alterna-electro-rap-rock are back on the road in America. Of course it’s a hell of a lot easier to be the kings when you carve the immense glacial canyon of a soundscape behind you that Linkin Park have. On their newest release, A Thousand Suns, the Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington-led group seems to be…

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"THANK YOU VIDEO" from Linkin Park Fans to Linkin Park

It's a new Fan made video:)


hope you guys like it;)

I don't own this video, but I'm in there^^

Added by Melina Meyer on January 4, 2011 at 10:23am — 1 Comment

I feel for you --- Linkin Park

I feel for you is incomparable, it is felt that music runs through my veins and to listen to immerse myself in a world apart ... Full of my thoughts which turn in my letters or novels ... You inspire me every day tokeep going and to think differently and act differently ... Thanks for small drop and be part of my life .. I can never find a band as great as yours ... Honestly you changed my life for good and filled me with joy ... THANKS A LOT xOxO
Soff ♥

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M&G Linkin Park, 1st November 2010, Zurich

As you read in my last blog, i had the chance to meet Linkin Park =D! Firstly Hugo and some other guys talked with us, told us some rules and so on. The band which playied before Linkin Park, passed the room (Futurehead)... but okay, i wasn't interessted xD... Someone took a photo from 2 friends, me and Hugo.. (damn.. who made this photo?!)

Then... Hugo said: Let's go! We get into another floor, then we had to wait bevore a room... the first one (i was the…


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There back in action

It's a really good news for all Linkin Park fans ,as we fans are happy to anounce the new album 8-Bit Rebillion and i personaly think that everyone is dieying to get to hear it .The new album will be comming out very soon and everyone is getting desperate every minute and we fans wish LP best of luck for there new album !

Added by mahi gulati on June 26, 2010 at 7:00pm — No Comments

SO! Here I Am

Alright Already! So I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to find a way to contact Mike. Yes, I will not stop until I do. You see, my parent met Linkin Park awhile back at one of their concerts, and my Step-Dad is the one who set up their stage, or helped at least. My mom who was their got them all to sign a t-shirt for me back home. I still have it to this day. Mike is my overall favorite person in real life and I know everybody… Continue

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This Dream MUST Come True! ^_^

Heya LP fans! :D

Last Sunday, I had an awesome dream about LP and would like to share it with you below. Its written in chat language, and I have no immediate plans of translating it to English (unless LP members ask me to ;D).


i ws @ an LP concert in Boston & suddenly Chaz asks "who wants 2 rap

instead of Mike?" & i put my hand up & scream "PICK ME!!!"…

Added by JanV on April 15, 2010 at 6:14am — 4 Comments

Lode plays 'Open Up Your Mind' Live at the Piano!

Some people asked me to make another video of me playing the piano, I try to explain that in my video but my 'Talking' English is really crap! Anyway, I give it a try! This song I play is written by my self! You can hear more music that I wrote by myself at

The working title for this song is 'Open Up Your Mind'. Maybe I will…

Added by Lode Jersiebe on April 7, 2010 at 12:00pm — 12 Comments

31/3/2010...Video Chat with Mike & Chester, and Fiore LPU chat gone wrong! xD

As many of you know, yesterday it was scheduled for Mark Fiore, the LP videographer, to do his very first LPU chat. Things went smoothly at the begging but two of the…


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