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My Inspiration ♥

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~ ♥

Always live remembering the past and the people who took to himself, not is the past that matters, because nobody knows or will know that had happened.

Don't worry about people from your past, there is a reason we are not in your present and you'll not reach your future.

Don't cling to anyone, you can get hurt.

Don't rely on anyone completely in this world, because even their shadow leaves you when you're in the dark.

Give it your best, cry, lie, cry, love, kisses, smiles ... Be… Continue

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Sometimes ...

Sometimes when everything is wrong, I remember those beautiful moments and help me to continue ...

We always remember the worst of things, while we  don't see how beautiful it happened. Never stop trying for fear of losing ... Better to lose fighting to lose without a fight :)

Never give up, never stop fighting ... It is always better to lose knowing you gave all of you :D…


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Life is amazingly disastrous ... A box full of surprises, disappointments, joys, pains, falls, unforgettable moments ... Life is simply amazing ... Always wanting to live something new, wanting more every time, never satisfied and we are not able to see that we have it all ... While some people suffer from hunger, are on the verge of death ... We live bitching and do not realize that what we have is more than enough ... love never fills us, we always win the ambition ... When we live…


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I love Chester Bennington ♥ Linkin Park is the Best Band ... 

I love Chester Bennington ♥ Linkin Park is the Best Band ...  Continue

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