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Me and Chester, Video Chat

Chester and I just did a video chat. It was pretty fun. You can watch it here. My favorite part was the beginning, where I realized that the button I had already pressed was the one that started the recording...


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Hi Everyone,

My bandmates and I are thrilled to announce our game, “Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion,” will finally be out late this month for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In the game, you’ll battle enemies and solve mysteries in order to stop an evil corporation’s mass-brainwashing campaign. Here’s some other stuff you’ll find:

- an 8 Bit version of each member of Linkin Park

- new 8 Bit versions of some of our most popular songs

- characters and art designed by the… Continue

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Hi, You are awesome

I saw that some people were rubbed the wrong way by comment about forbidding posts whose sole subject matter is limited to "Hi," "You are awesome," or

"When are you coming to ____?" I saw your posts. Allow me to retort :)

First, there was a comment that, by the comment above, I'm taking the fans here for granted. To this, I say: you're missing an important piece...I'm posting here. Which, in my world, puts importance on you, from me.

Secondly, I like peanut butter and… Continue

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Profile pics...and Brad in the Studio

I was going to say that I've been adding a lot of you and too many of you don't have avatars / profile pictures (which is true)...but then I also realized that a lot of you have some pretty weird profile pictures. Some of them kinda scare me. So, I don't know if it's better to have no profile pic, or one that's scary. I guess it's in your hands.

BTW, did you see this video? HAAAA…


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Thanks for requesting me as a friend!

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