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Brand New Divide?

I just read that Transformers three had already started filming, and I was instantly finding myself hoping that LP would be asked to do the theme song again. What would you think?

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I just heard "Blackbirds" for the first time, and I honestly must say, that I felt like the first time I heard LP...

Speechless. I couldn't even formulate a thought to describe it. I could feel the temperature in the room drop, my heart beat faster, and I could feel pain in my left wrist as sadness struck me. I must say, You guys blew me away again.

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My new Goal in life...

I, right now, on the website for my favorite band, declare that my new goal in life is to play at least one song with Linkin Park. I don't care what one, but I wanna someday meet them, and then jam at least once with them. and when that day comes, I'll get pictures, and recordings, and videoes, and the whole world will know that I've achieved my goal. Wish me luck.

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Playing G-fiddle

When I got my own guitar, I thought it would take me like forever just to learn ONE song. Except it's only taking me a few days to learn four at a time! Come on!

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Pretty snazzy...

This is a pretty ritzy site... I like the new LP site... Makes me wanna go out and play with the band... i think we have a gig this friday...

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