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Fan Art Challenge: Customize Honda Civic Tour Posters

For the next fan art challenge on Linkin Park Fan Corner, customize one or more of the Honda Civic Tour Posters! You can find the official ones here. Just add your own design to it, or you can just design a completely new poster.…


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Remix one song of Linkin Park’s latest album LIVING THINGS, no matter which one, and send the link via E-Mail to Next month I will put up a poll on Linkin Park Fancorner, so people can vote for their favorite remix. The winner gets eternal fame and the opportunity to get more Linkin Park remixes published here, in case he/she feels like…


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How to report a user for Spam?

Hey guys,

there is a spam profile on the site, flooding the blog comments with spam. Does anyone have an idea how to report it? Is it just me, or is this site really complicated? XD

The profile I'm talking about can be found here

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WORLDWIDE Listening Party on Twitter! Join us!!!

In case you haven't heard about this yet, I've been organizing a Twitter Listening Party and every LP fan can join in, no matter from which country you are. All you need is a Twitter account! We might even get someone from the crew joining us, wich would be great (Pooch said, he'd try to make it)! My Twitter is @adiek84!

You can find…


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Who's going to Skive, Nova Rock, Rock Port Festival & other LP shows in the US/Canada?

Hey guys, you might've read on my blog or in the LPU forum that I'm looking for LP fans who want to review a concert for my blog. I'm really happy that I got such a great response, so that a lot of shows are covered. Still, there are still some shows that are free.

So if you're going to one of the following shows and you want to publish your article about it on my blog, please contact me.…


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Finally joined the LPU

Hey guys, I've finally joined the LPU. Please add me there, too. My name is adiek84, so nothing changed XD

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Join the “Power The World” Twitter Flash Mob!

One of the aims of the new “Power the World” campaign is to raise awareness. You might have noticed that I’ve started a series of articles all dealing with this issue during my blog's…


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“Power the World”-Week Issue #1: A Light in India

When we hear the word innovation, we often think of new technologies or silver bullet solutions — like hydrogen fuel cells or a cure for cancer. To be sure, breakthroughs are vital: antibiotics and vaccines, for example, transformed global health. But as we’ve argued in Fixes, some of the greatest advances come…

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Special “Power the World”-Week to Raise Awareness

When Linkin Park and the UN announced their “Power the World” programme, I was really surprised about how little I know about this issue. That over a billion people have absolutely no access to electricity really shocked me and I’ve read many tweets from other people experiencing the same.

This immediately raised the question what I can do to raise…


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Full Press Conference of Linkin Park’s Secret Show for Japan

Artisan News posted the video of the full press conference for the Secret Show for Japan with Linkin Park & B'z! Check it out…

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Fan Review: A Golden Ticket To Rock Allegiance With Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D. & more

Review of the Rock Allegiance Tour, September 21, 2011 in Colorado Springs by Nichole Portales

I traveled to Colorado Springs, Co for the Rock Allegiance Tour which is an hour away, so we had to leave at 2:00pm in order to make VIP check in at 3:15. The person that checked us in was right on time. I went to go pull out my id and he didn’t… Continue

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Art Show: Dylan Egon – Home of the Brave at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Dylan Egon’s work is so great! You have to check out his first solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York), running since September 10, through October 8, 2011. Here’s some more…


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Reviews of Linkin Park's Jakarta show

I've found two great reviews of the Jakarta show online:

After being stormed by Yellow Card, Panic! At the Disco, and Bad Religion in the Big Wave festival one day earlier, the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, reverberated once again with great music as Linkin Park staged a spectacular show on September 21, 2011. There…

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Art Show: Sink or Swim – A Benefit For Shakrs & The Ocean

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Author of California Death Penalty Says “It is time to undo it”


Don Heller: A California Republican against death penalty

By Don Heller, Columnist

I have been a Republican for many years. I wrote the ballot initiative that reinstated the death penalty in California in 1978. I believe those who commit willful and intentional murder should be locked up and severely punished in the…


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John Landis Explores Evolution of Monsters in the Movies


John Landis has been a horror movie luminary ever since he directed An American Werewolf in London in 1981. In the decades since then, he’s seen monsters evolve from elaborate works of costume and make-up magic to elaborate works of CGI.

In his new book Monsters in the Movies, out Monday,…


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Incredible Work: How to make a Daft Punk Helmet


This is so awesome!!! This dude made a Daft Punk helmet and it looks so incredible! I wanna have one, but I’m not really talented with this stuff. If you want to rebuild this piece of awesomeness, here’s a video…


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Prime and Estria: Na’au Pono Interview


Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are decked out in skin tight spandex suits while others have the uncanny ability to hit home runs. Along the spectrum, there are also those that defy social injustice by sitting at the front of buses and those that do forbidden art in the face of an oppressive government. In my…


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SABER Takes to the Skies to Protest Mural Moratorium ~ Downtown LA


In an unprecedented show of aerial force, LA Artist SABER bombarded Downtown Los Angeles today with skywriting jets to protest the city’s mural moratorium. SABER is no stranger to big statements; in 1997 the artist executed the world’s largest graffiti piece on the concrete bank of the LA river. His latest target is City Hall and the…


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Interview with Jensen Karp of Gallery 1988

I just found this great interview with Jensen Karp, founder of Gallery 1988, Los Angeles. You should really check out their homepage, cause they always have really great art shows there.



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