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Is anybody out there?!


Is it only me that think this site is almost dead? I mean, the fall 2010 this site was so alive! I didn't discover Linkin Park before my first concert in October 2010, and I was stuck just listening to them ++... I was so glad it was a chat in here with people who really cared about the same things. Like during the LPU Summit in London, I was sitting here and I was talking about what my best friend did there and what she experienced there.

The chat is gone, and I…


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...Since my first Linkin Park concert. October 30th 2010. The whole weekend was great.

We were four girls that had been prepared the trip for months. (Since July, actually.) We went to Aarhus, Denmark, with a plane - and with a looong day with plane, buses and train, and walking in Aarhus, we came to Herning the day before. Herning is a really small town, and we slept in a cabin little far out of town...

The day after, we slept…


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The concert in Norway + Meet and greet!


I haven't write about my third LP concert yet! So.. Here it is x)


Me and two friends went to Hove festival the day before the concert. The festival camp was open, but not the festival area. We were there pretty late actually.


The next day we woke up, ate some breakfast, I had to shower (I couldn't look like shit when I was going to meet LP!) and then we had to leave. Birgitte and Jannice left before I did (since I showered) and…


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At saturday I saw Linkin Park in Leipzig, Germany. It has been a really good weekend, and I just have to tell everything that happened!


We were leaving my house between 1.30 - 2 pm at Friday. We were going to take an earlier train since we wanted to spend a little time in Oslo before we had to move on again. It takes 45 minutes, but after 15 minutes the train stopped!!! We were stuck in Asker for 1 hour, and we didn't know what we should do.…


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Hello :3


It's May now! I like May. Finally no snow, we can whear summer shoes, less clothes, people gets more happy, and so on. We had actually a very warm April this year, with waaaarm weather! Now it's very rainy outside, too bad since May 17th is Norway's national day! Then we have a lots of "bands" in the streets that plays marches (u know, bands with trumpets, drums, clarinets, saxophones and so on?). My friend likes to call "Hands held high" as our "May 17th song",…


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Hey! :)

Hey :)


So.. I haven't write since January. I haven't write about the big news!!

I am going to see Linkin Park TWICE in June!!!

January 18th we we're told that LP is coming to Norway June 28th. Just a couple of days before, me and some friends were talking about beeing volunteers at that festival. I was really pumped about it... And it seemed to be BETTER :D

We wouldn't risk work that evening, so we aren't going to be…


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I thought I had wrote a blog post before, but it seems it didn't happen or something? :p

Anyway, I AM SO EXCITED!!!


As I wrote in the last post, this festival called Hove that was going to tell us a headliner January 18th, have done it. They had these hints before: "American group, lots of fans, who haven't been mentioned much here, not been to Norway before, including both drums, bass and guitar in the lineup."

I was hoping for…


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Hi ;D

I'm sooo excited!!!

Here in Norway, we have a yearly festival going on in June-July, the first week in the summer vacation. It's called Hove. I've never been there before, but this year I'm going to be a voluntary there. It meens that I'm working for 2 days if I want 2 days off. A good deal!


They have already told us some of the performers, including All Time Low (I listened to them yesterday, and I liked it).

They are going to tell us a headliner…


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Hi! ;D

I just wanted to blog a little. I don't know why, but I like to blog in English ;) I've become a little better to write in English lately, and I think I can thank for that. I'm sorry if I do some mistakes, but I don't speak English at all in my daily life ;) (I wish I did)


It's almost 2 months since the LP concert I went to in Denmark. It's a little wierd, cause the time has gone so fast, but so slowly too. I'm soooo interested in LP now, and I…


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ATS European Tour; Herning, Denmark. October 30th!


I've written some blog posts about the concert I went to, but in every posts I've written to much of the unneccessary details.

Friday: Up all night (too excited), train - bus - flight from Moss, Norway - arrival Aarhus, Denmark - bus - Aarhus city for dinner - train (found Chester in a news paper, for the role in Saw) - bus (/maxi taxi) - found the cottage in Herning - talked, laughed, were excited - got to bed.

Saturday: Woke up at 11 am - got…


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Hi! As I have wrote in the last blogs, me and my three best friends were in Denmark October 29th-31st. It was a trip I'm going to remember for the rest of my life! Birgitte was with me the night bef…


As I have wrote in the last blogs, me and my three best friends were in Denmark October 29th-31st. It was a trip I'm going to remember for the rest of my life!

Birgitte was with me the night before we left, and we were so hyper! Haha! :) I couldn't pack my bag before 5 am cause I was so hyper x) (And I hate to pack.)

We left the house at 7 am, and at the train station we met Jannice and Marlene. Off to go:D

We came to the airport at 10, and we…


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Just 3 days!! :)


We are leaving Norway this friday! I'm sooo excited! :)

I am not sure yet about all the buses in Denmark, and in Norway too, but I will find out that tonight I think. (Have to work today cause I can't do it tomorrow and of course not in the weekend.) I hope that my friends is accepting my plan xD It's going to be fine I think.

Birgitte was on the concert in Paris this monday! :) Poor her, she had stood in a line since 11 am, but 12-1…


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Hey! :)

Today, it's 24 days left until the concert I'm going at! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I have never been as big fan as now, actually. My best friend Birgitte teached me how to become a fan of LP, she have tried 3 years. I have listened to some of the songs, but now I have really heard them, and not just the quiet ones, but also the songs with a little noise. And I love it!! Now I can share 95 % of the happiness that Birgitte are feeling everytime she are at a concert. I am really happy about…


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