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wow tour dates

it's been so long since ive been online. just today the only words that come out from my mouth is 'i hate my mom' (behind her back of course) and now that i know theyll be touring this year,i cant stop smiling. lp has made my day once again. i mean wow,tour dates? i dont live in germany but that means the new album is finally coming out. finally! and perhaps theyll tour to italy too. omg so excited right now. and totally cant stop smiling XD

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a control freak mom

first,she made me move here in italy with her.leaving all my friends behind and i really miss them. i really felt so alone. now that i have friends, she's making me change school coz she thinks i wont get a job with my school. thinking about it,well yes maybe she's right about the school. parts of me are thinking that i dont want that school anymore. but im already in 2nd yr,this autumn i'll be in 3rd,which is the year i'll get the qualification. it's such a waste if i start all over again to… Continue

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happy valentine's day everyone!

sadly i dont have a date today lol and since it's valentine's day,what's the best way to feel better today? duh listen to Valentine's Day over and over again hahha

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lp are the sweetest

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dream about lp

it was my 1st time to dream abt them,and it was horrible coz i ended up crying haha..

the dream was like im in the mall,sitting and waiting for something,then i turned around and i saw mike and robert.i went to them then asked for their autographs,i kept saying ''oh my god'',and my bro even heard me talking in my sleep,he said i kept saying those words and that's really embarrassing,it's a good thing he just heard oh my god,coz in my dream i was saying lots of things,anyway back to the… Continue

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