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emmm.. well, how do i start this.

let just begin when my dad promised my lil brother that he'll take us to a tourism object called owabong. its a waterpark in the middle java. well, actually my dad promised it in october, when my bro had his birthday. but my dad have just got the oppurtunity to fullfill his promise today. (hell yeah, im really tired n i've just remember that tomorrow i had a math exam.. o.O)

well, m not going to talk about math, m goin to talk about how fun…


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i dont know d suitable tittle for this 1..

swingin vertically from the corner of an age without history
vehicles from the fifth century mixed with the violent rhytm from the sound of the sun
creep to the limit of a vertical cliff
flip and fold your feet till you cant feel it
flick your stick till u got no chance to flick and beat the clock's ticks
make it freak and you can't come back to get a cheek…

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Thanks guys..

well, I just wanna say thanks to you who have make my life better. the nice advicer... and all of them who had commented on my blog post....
I also wanna say happy birhtday to you whoever you who celebrate their b'day this day.

I'm in ma school now, using the computers's school for posting this blog, XD...

apa gunanya jika sudah membayar mahal tapi tidak kugunakan fasilitasnya...

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I'm just a selfish girl who want to change herself into a better girl. and live in her better world. i know it's not easy, i've tried many time to be a better person. I've told myself many time, not to give up. but I can't take this anymore. I think I'm tired. I don't want to give up. but I'm too tired.

should I take a rest for a moment?? But i'm not sure I can get myself up again.

i'm just a selfish girl. I just want someone sit beside me when I'm lonely. but I swear I wont… Continue

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don't think I've lost my mind


well, everyone here must have been in a really bad situation, which makes them feel like everyone is ignoring them. I feel that almost everyday. what would u do in that condition?? kickin their ass??

that would be very nice.

I've thought like that many time when i got mad..

but then I realized something. i realized that I'm ignoring myself too. so I started to more care for my Ass self. and then everything went better and… Continue

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am I really don;t belong to this world or what??
its seems that all I do is always wrong. am I destined to be the loser. I feel like Im the only one breathing in this world.
uh, maybe no. I feel like im the only one here not breathing

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Just something came out from my mind

I'm all alone and I'll "Leave Out All The rest", when I'm "Faint", I "Breaking the Habit", then I "wake", and realizing that I'm "Bleed It Out", but "In The End", I don't get "A Place For My Head", i've lost "my December", and I "hit the floor" so hard. "what I've done" makes you "crawling" in your path. My heart is too "numb" to feel "the little things give you away". Life become boring as "Nobody's Listening" to my voice. i wanna "Given Up" but I remember that you still alone in "valentine's… Continue

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happy... many good things happen this day. I have my friend back, I have my lovely N70 back safely, which means, I can listen to Linkin Park song while I studying, and do some homework. many homework I have to do. I always wondering, are the teachers around this world addicted to these words, "submit your paper next week. don't be late!!" or, "do this page!!". they doesn't sound good in my ears.

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