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What LP means to me

Nowadays there is only one "discussion" - if you want to call it that - going on in the world of LP.

It is "change back" vs. "no, change is good" and "don't tell them how they should sound" vs. "don't tell me what I should like to listen to"

I don't really want to choose any side of those. During the past years I have got to know a lot about my musical taste. I have always been a rock/metal guy thanks to my dad listening to the big names and insider tips of the…


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Dead Things

Living Things is the first album I will not buy.

I am more of a rhythm and groove guy which I don't feel on this album. Songs like By Myself, With You, Forgotten, One Step Closer, Don't Stay, Hit the Floor have a tangible vibe and groove in my opinion. The new album still has a few parts that tend to groove but it's mostly just a verse through many songs. It all sounds very linear, 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-...-ish, and way too harmonic for my taste. I like dissonance and other stuff that was…


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Burn it Down and new album

So 2 days until Burn it Down is released. And lots of more info.

This new album caught my attention again after I wasn't really into the pre-release info and hype of M2M and ATS, not knowing what they would sound like.

After reading LP are going to put their styles together for this album for the first time I was pretty excited.

I love the experimental stuff on ATS and their return to electronics. And I loved the groovey sound of pre-HT, HT and Meteora which was built on…


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Hamburg, June 21st

One word: amazing!

This concert was simply stunning; I will start writing about the things I mentioned as "bad" last year.

Last time I felt Mike was a little quiet - but didn't exactly say it was bad - which changed again. It was nice interaction and his stage action seemed more alive.


Now, for the most important point, the sound:

In my blog post about the 2010 show I mentioned the sound wasn't perfect (in my opinion). It was a nice idea to make…


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2 days left


On tuesday it's LP again, in Hamburg, music city! LP for the 5th time.

I will probably write another "review" like I did last year (check older blog posts) and maybe even compare the concerts in terms of what I felt was great/bad last time.


So, everybody who'll be attending as well: see ya there!


I'd love to hear old songs again, by the way. My girlfriend will be with me again and she needs to experience those live. Give me some With You, By…


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ATS 2011?

I've been waiting for the next shows to be announced for Germany but I didn't think it'd happen this quick.

Bought tickets right away.

I'm curious what might have changed since the last show and what's waiting for me. Maybe some of my points in my last blog post were acknowledged (I guess that wouldn't happen :D) - I will write another post about the show just like last time.

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ATS 2010 - Hamburg

Hamburg, known as "the music city", October 29th - I'm heading to the arena to see LP for the fourth time in my life.
First things first: it seemed like less people were going as early as possible. I was expecting more people already waiting at the entrance when I arrived around 2 hours before the set time. Also, I noticed there were more grown-ups around the age of LP's members. I guess those fans have sticked around for the last 10 years. I liked the fact that there were less screaming…

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