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I love working, I like to make money so I can spoil my little cousins rotten. But seriously!? I've been working full time, all day and most of the night time! Ugh! Lol. 40 hr work weeks are NOT fun at all o_o.

I wish I could train my dog to go in for me ...*sniffles*

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Plans, Fish 'n' Goalz

WOO! My weekend in Dallas was the SHIT!! *dance break* the only two things I didn't enjoy was not being able to check my email, and drunk calling/texting people. Apparently I had called and or texted my friends, asking them about my missing vodka (goose all the way baby) and pizza... but other than that, Dallas was DELICIOUSLY awesome!

SOOOOO, i'm making goals and plans for this year (i wait a month in after new years before doing so lol) and doing this has got me all sorts of… Continue

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Dallas Madness



i'm heading out to Dallas tomorrow to go and visit some family for the weekend. my aunt, uncle and two cousins (now three since my older cousin has a baby now) live in Dallas and I haven't seen them in a good while, so it's bound to get CRAZY!

my aunt: small, short and full of life :-D she's like a chihuahua that'll turn into a pit real quick (ROFLMAO)

my uncle: the best cook EVER!! i love his cooking XD she's… Continue

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Shogun Happiness

i haven't slept for the last couple of days, so this morning while the family was out I decided to try and nap. yeah, that didn't work out. my bro called for no reason...he NEVER calls me! my aunt texted me for what seemed like forever. oh and my best bud Lacey called me. i was on the verge of snapping hardcore down her throat about how i just wanted to sleep, but she mentioned food and animals.

Lacey: "Danni! Get up and put on your pants! I'm taking you to look at puppies and I'm… Continue

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motivated laziness

there is SO much i want to do this very moment: walmart attack....watch a movie or two, grab some food, wrestle the dog in the livingroom, attack my little cousins, annoy my friends and thanks to some random chick on the chat room, i NOW want frozen yogurt.

but im SO lazy! uuuugh! im all sorts of excited and pumped...but my body is like, "yeah...that's a no, im gonna sit here..." gah!

the most i'm doing is talking to some guy on the chat room here about his glass eye that… Continue

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