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What's it like, being transgendered?

I don't know why I'm putting this here of all places. Maybe it's just because everywhere else is sick of me talking about it, complaining about it.

Maybe it's because here no one ones me, so no one will bother to even look. I dunno. I just need to get these thoughts out.

I wonder every day why I wasn't simply born in a normal boy's body, why it had to be me that had to be like this. It's absolutely horrible and I just wish it would end.

Imagine waking up with the… Continue

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Coming out

(Cause I'm lazy just count this for the LPU too)

I'm transgendered.

Somehow my friends knew about this before I did, or at least had their suspicions. Lol. Even strangers from school

have started asking about me cause of my recent posts on FB and stuff I

did throughout the year and all that.

I'm not surprised. It'll take some getting used to but I'm getting the hang of it. I'm nervous

about passing in public and I don't speak a lot while I'm out… Continue

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My Linkin Park Blog

Technicolor: Type A

Follow it, please? Or at least tell your friends about it that like Linkin Park?

There's already a different fuckyeahlinkinpark blog on tumblr, yeah, but it's basically never updated, so I thought I'd make my own!

So yeah, follow it! :D

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National Marriage Boycott

In honor of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, I'm raising awareness of a national (as in US, if you're not in the US, this doesn't pertain to you) movement called the National Marriage Boycott.

Visit National Marriage Boycott

Now is the moment in American history when same-sex couples have the opportunity to achieve equal rights under the law. However,… Continue

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Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a good one, religious or not! :D

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Follow me on tumblr?

One of my friends practically forced me to get one, so now I've got one and a rant/whine about things in there, and post random stuff that I find and think I should share with people. I've only got one follower so far, and I'm following two people.

I'll let pretty much anyone follow me. I'm pretty much an open book. (:

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My Linkin Park Story

I just want to share the story of how I really started to love Linkin Park because I do love them more than any other band, and my story needs to be told. :D

Well, I was in about fifth grade when I'd heard of them. I was deep into rap/hip-hop back then. The first song I heard of LP was Numb/Encore on the radio! I fell in love. As I was only ten, I wasn't exactly how to go about using the internet to my advantage to get me more of this "Linkin Park," so whenever I was in the car with… Continue

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