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Music is my life.

Music is important to me. Music is one of those things thatis pretty an everyday activity; just listening to music. My favorite bands are Linkin Park, Dead By Sunrise, and Fort Minor. Sometimes musichelps me focus, and other times, it helps me to just think. I listen to mymusic just about everyday. Music is my way of living with Linkin Park or Dead By Sunrise. Anyone here knows how that is;…


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My Novel - "Bleed it Out" - (tell me what you think)

Vampires... You thought myth? You thought old urban legends? Stories to scare children? I am a vampire. The outbreak is no fiction. The infection has broken out all over the world. Base camps have formed by surviving humans in large cities around the world. There is no where to hide. You can run. You will be outrun. You can hide, but you will just be found. There is no escaping the infection. Very few nomadic groups of men attempt to fight they're way to the locked down camps. I'm Blake.…


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2011 - A Thousand Suns World Tour

Boston, (YES!), I hope I can go or i'll be soooo mad! the tickets are flyin fast. i need those tickets. I MUST GO!!!!!!! Cocert would be a great experience. I would "die to go". They're my absolute favorite band ever. The 2011 A Thousand Suns World Tour is driving fans crazy everywhere; THERE ARE REASONS WHY. They can easily be defined as an amazing band. I guarantee they are just fun to see live. Working on my album collection. So far I have A Thousand Suns, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight and… Continue

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Linkin Park

Linkin Park is an absolutely amazing band. They have the best lyrics and the best some songs. I think that 8-Bit Rebellion is a fantastic and addicting iPhone/iPod app game. The Official Linkin Park app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android is also great and helpful to use. I am a HUGE Linkin Park fan. I LOVE their music. I must listen to the band at least 2 hours each day. They are amazing! I'll listen to them any time, any day, any where.

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