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Linkin Park and UN Secretary partner up in “Sustainable Energry for All Initiative”

Today the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced his plan to enact a new “Sustainable Energy for All Initiative” at the UN Headquarters. The proposal naturally included the two-time Grammy-winning rock band Linkin Park. (Yes, that’s right. Linkin Park)

A cynical eye might dismiss the group’s philanthropy as another jump onto the celebrities save haiti bandwagon. However, the band’s foundation, Music for Relief, has had its hand in a vast array of humanitarian efforts…


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Mike Shinoda to Appear at Billboard Film and TV Music Conference

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park will join Peter Himmelman, "Drive" composer Cliff Martinez and Take 6 co-founder Mervyn Warren in discussing their experiences writing for film at the Billboard Hollywood Reporter Film and TV Conference being held Oct. 24 and 25 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. Curt Smith of Tears for Fears and singer-songwriter J. Ralph will also contribute to the panel "Out of the Band and Onto the Screen."

Working with Joe Trapanese, Shinoda has made his scoring…


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Top 10 all time favorite music festivals

One of the great things about music is that special events and festivals are specifally made to present fans and ordinary people with the chance to see great live performances of music ranging from new and lengendary artists to grammy selling and new upcoming bands. Ever since the major music concerts and festivals that sprouted up many years ago, concerts and major events all over the world that are dedicated to providing great music have arisen from places like germany, india, australia…


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Top 10 all time favorite music artists

Like favorite bands and genres we all like, most fans of music also have a prefered group of artists like eminem, bob dylan, katy perry etc, that they also enjoy listening too. I think it would be great for this community if we shared our list of music artists that we like the most, so that your fellow LP fans can get to know your musical tastes a little better. As an example, heres my top 10 all time favorite music artists list:

1: Elvis Presely

2: Eminem

3: Rob…


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Mike Shinoda gets on Facebook

Linkin Park rapper lets fans ‘subscribe’ to his updates


Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington have always shared spokesmen duties for alternative rap-rock outfit Linkin Park, but now, Shinoda is taking the front line, at least when it involves Facebook interaction with fans. The rapper has jumped on the “Facebook Subscriber” caravan — which allows users to get public updates from people on Facebook who are not your friends, such as musicians, artists and other public figures —…


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A Thousand Suns over Jakarta’s night sky

After being stormed by Yellow Card, Panic! At the Disco, and Bad Religion in the Big Wave festival one day earlier, the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, reverberated once again with great music as Linkin Park staged a spectacular show on September 21, 2011. There may not have been many stars or moonlight that night, but the 6-men band from California truly lightened up Jakarta’s cloudy sky as they brought nothing but a superb performance under the theme "A Thousand Suns" World…


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Linkin Park Ready to Rock Jakarta

Grammy Award-winning band Linkin Park is set to rock Jakarta on Wednesday, much to the excitement of thousands of Indonesian fans. 

The show will be the band’s first performance in Asia in support of its new album, “A Thousand Suns,” lead guitarist Brad Delson told the Jakarta Globe in a telephone interview. 

“I’m very excited to come to Jakarta,” Delson said. “This is our first Asian tour for ‘ A Thousand Suns ,’ and we’re really excited to play the new music to our fans all… Continue

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Top 10 all time favorite bands

The members of Linkin park are all very diverse when it comes to music and when it comes to bands they like which includes U2, early nine inch nails, Led zepplin and Hed PE. Whats great is that many if not almost all LP fans share that diversity including myself in what types of music and bands they like. So if you have a top 10 list of your favorite bands please feel free to share it here so the rest of the LP community may know your music interests a little bit better. As an example,…


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DeLuna Fest lands Linkin Park

 For months, DeLuna Fest organizers have been promising a top-name headliner for the Pensacola Beach music festival.

 Tuesday, they delivered.

The Five Flags Tourism Group announced Linkin Park, one of the world's biggest rock acts, will headline the Oct. 13-16 music festival.

Reaction was immediate — and positive.

"It's a home run," said Joel Sampson, program director for local rock radio station TK101. "I couldn't…


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Linkin parks cover of "Rolling in the deep"

Back when chester and mike first did the cover of the song during the LPU summit in hamburg, it was only a matter of  time when fans and non fans alike thought what it was in thier own opinions like great, good, average or even not good at all. The cover grew in popularity after it was performed during the itunes festival and was put on youtube to let any and all viewers watch it. From what ive seen and heard, it for sure seems to be one of the most popular covers of "Rolling in the deep"…


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Linkin Park Planning Album for Early Next Year

"A Thousand Suns" was released in September of last year, but the band is already working on a follow-up. "We’re in the studio and we’re well on our way to making our next record," frontman Chester Bennington tells Rolling Stone. "I can tell you that we have a lot of good music, a lot of quality songs." The album is once again being produced by Rick Rubin.

In fact, the band is so far along that Bennington says he'd be "shocked" if it doesn’t come out next year – even…


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Linkin Park rock Sonisphere Italy to the core (Well written review)

Linkin Park’s presence had been felt backstage all day, as their very, very large bodyguards patrolled the dressing rooms, press and catering areas, keeping a constant eye on everything and everyone.

Intimidating as they seemed, I happened to be sat opposite them at lunch and we got talking. They turned out to be great guys and a few hours later one of them patted me on the back and called me ‘bro’ as we passed each other in a corridor… I felt like I had been accepted into the…


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Linkin parks performance in red square

Not too long ago as most LP fans should know already, Linkin park performed their new single Iridescent along with several other songs live in red square in moscow in support of the world premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Thousands of fans went to the show and the video for the performance is already out for fans and non-fans alike to view. So one question remains, for the people who saw it or have seen the video, what do you think of their performance? And what song in your opinion… Continue

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Linkin park song that most relates to you

Out of all of Linkin parks songs, which one do you think most relates to you and your experiences in life? Can be from any of the albums including the Hybrid theory EP and the underground albums. If you do have a particular song then feel free to talk about it and explain why it most relates to you.

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Linkin parks next album to be polarizing.

Linkin …


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Music video for Iridescent

When I first saw the video for Iridescent on june 3rd, I couldnt belive my eyes and just thought how creative, unique and ground breaking it actaully is. Of course those are just my thoughts but I would like to know what other fellow LP fans thought of it when they first saw the video so if you do feel the same or something different feel free to comment about it.

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Which song should be the next single?

Personally I think (when they come for me) should be the next single because it is a perfect combo of mikes rapping, chesters amazing vocals and the electronic beats that linkin park is now doing. If anybody esle agrees with me or just has something to say about the topic feel free to comment.

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