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Which Meteora song are you?

1. When the finals [eg. most important exams] are over, what do you do?

  • I run around, jumping with joy, shouting 'yea! yea! yea!'
  • I run down the stairs, taking three or more steps at a time, banging on the wall after the flight of stairs.
  • I go around wacking people, saying 'it's the end! kill me before I do it to you!', and run off.
  • I start scolding the person-in-charge, telling him/her that the thing was too difficult.
  • I sit at the corner and…

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Which Hybrid Theory song are you?

1. So you're not in a very good mood, aren't we all? So what's your story? (or what would you most likely be in a bad mood for?)

  • There's somebody who just won't just LEAVE ME ALONE!
  • Somebody is trying to bring me down.They're trying to take my reputation and my dignity.
  • Everything that I thought was true, it was all just bloody LIES!
  • Somebody very special to me has gone, without knowing how I feel!
  • People always forget that I exist, even my…

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