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Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" One year anniversary!

It has been a whole year since the debut of Linkin Park's fourth studio album "A Thousand Suns" and to my opinion its their biggest success. Different thematic elements enfored into each song, carrying borderline breaking structures that really wow the audience! with an opening of "The Requiem" a deeply heart beating song of Mike Shinoda's voice being a helpless terrified young girl praying for gods help while rolling into the danger of "The Radiance" with the fear the Manhattan Project brought… Continue

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Mike Shinoda, your a beast, thats why you live on the west instead of the east, you said the pill that your on is a tough one to swallow, id rather try it than stay hollow, you know how to rep a beat, and give it heat, and construct the sheet, so that no words repeat, every rhyme you spit, every word they fit, until its legit, and you never quit, you give inspiration a true name, a name of fame, and i wanna play your game, you look further into thought, and go above and beyond into sought, you… Continue

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A Thousand Suns

Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, and David 'Phoenix' Farrell. What the six of you have created and mastered, cant even be worded as a masterpiece, because its beyond that, not even 'mind blowing' can describe the 'glory, misery, love, fear, risk taking, and honor' that molds each song into what they are and the messages they send. Linkin Park isnt just a name, yet i believe its more of a way of life, its as if you are leaders of young soldiers that wish to… Continue

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I'm guessing that Linkin Park's new message has something to do with a new logo!

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8 Bit Rebellion

Linkin Park's 8 Bit rebellion is on it's way for all the fans in the US

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My 8 Bit Rebellion art, i know its not too good

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My real name

When i first made this profile i made my name LP Sh1n0dA MSDC i am going to change it to my real name which is Chris Banisch, i made another profile with this name but i just want people to ignore that one, because this is the real one, Thanks everyone!

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Who is buying an "iDevice" just for Linkin Park's 8 Bit Rebellion game? I know i am!

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I know that i missed the deadline for the LP part of my life videos, though i never its never too late to show Linkin Park how they are part of my life, i will be posting a video when i can, i just did a painting on my wall of you guys, and hope to feature it in the video, thank you!

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