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Ha, forgot about my blog...

Well, its been forever since I wrote a blog, whoops!

I guess the newest thing going on is that I booked my trip to Las Vegas yesterday, woohoo! I'll be going July 16th, and staying 4 nights. I am so excited, especially since I've never been to Vegas. I'm going with my best friend that I also work with, so it's a girls weekend. No husbands, no kids...total relaxation. I can't wait!

Hmmmm, what else. Layne turned 2 last weekend. Totally excited and sad at the same…


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In Ohio

Well, I'm in Ohio for the next week helping my parents out. For those that don't know, my Mom had a total shoulder replacement surgery last week. So, I've been helping her around the house, helping my Dad make the meals, doing physical therapy exercises with Mom, and taking care of their dogs. She's feeling much better this week, and we even have plans to go run a few errands tomorrow! Plus, it has been awesome getting to visit with them, as well as the rest of my family (who I haven't seen…


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Happy Again? YES!

So things are going really well right now! My whole no carb plan is working amazingly, and I feel much healthier and more active. It is SO nice to want to go out and do things all the time now. I missed feeling like that. Also, I feel much, much better about my ED, it seems to be in check for now, and that makes me deliriously happy!

And...only 4 more days until WWE Smackdown! Haha, it is going to be so much fun. And I decided to go all out and spring for a hotel so I won't have to…


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Putting my resolutions into effect...

The time has come to quit talking about my resolutions and start doing them! To recap, my main resolution is to get back in shape. I've let this go for far too long. Also, I'm going to have to put forth a massive effort to do this the healthy way, and not give in to my ED tendencies. A few people from work are doing a diet and exercise plan, mainly called the TNT diet. It's basically an Atkins-type low carb, high protein diet. I did this a few years ago and had pretty good success.

I… Continue

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Back to work again. I feel completely behind since I missed two days last week because I had the flu. It's one of those day where I look around my office and don't even know where to begin. So, I began by logging into LP.com! :p

I am super excited about how the site opening went. It seems to be getting mostly positive feedback, and we're planning on making some changes based on member feedback. Mostly to the forum section, which I'm happy about.

Not much new going on in my… Continue

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Random Stuff

So, last weekend before Christmas! I still need to pick up a few gifts, but otherwise I'm just about done. Woohoo! Although I have to say I am insanely jealous of all the snow my sister is getting out there on the East Coast. We have nothing but rain and fog here. Go Seattle! :p

Not much else new today, still getting a feel for the new site, and trying to remember how much more there is around here, I love it!

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New LP.com

I am beyond excited about the new site! I really hope this brings the LP community together, and brings a lot of new traffic to the site. I realized on my way home from work yesterday that I haven't listened to LP in a while, so first thing this morning I popped in Hybrid Theory! What a way to start my day! I was in an awesome mood as soon as I heard the first few notes, lol. Now I'm (im)patiently waiting for my LPU9 package to get here so I can hear the newest LPU CD.

I was also thinking… Continue

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First Post!

Okay, so in the past I haven't been great about keeping up with a blog. But I'm going to stick to it this time!

A little about me...I live outside of Seattle, WA, USA. I am married and have two children, a daughter that is 9 and a son that is 18 months.

I am a huge fan of music in general, and especially Linkin Park. I have been a member of LP.com since 2001 (on the old site), and I'm still a huge fan! I love traveling to see concerts, and meeting people from the site. The… Continue

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