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Sorry if I seemed to have disappeared...

I've been back into writing again! Writing stories, and writing with others--roleplay by text. So, to all the friends I've made and so forth, check my main blog. In the profile are my Instant Messenger contacts and email.

Thought I'd post this just in case you guys still wanted to stay in touch with me.

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Mike Shinoda was the inspiration behind this poem!

Man of Creative Fire

He chases down the nightly terrors

Forcing them out at will

All that energy inside

It cannot be contained for long

Through music, art, or written works

He transforms the ugliness into something



Breath taking

His style is unlike any other

Taking in what's available

For challenges stimulate him

Creating, growing, evolving

Not too drastically, but flowing… Continue

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MIKE SHINODA was just on the Chatroom minutes ago. XD Wow

I was there, and when he was on I was very wary. It wasn't until after he left when I remembered user Ralph Vargas told him to reply to his post on Mike's blog. RV was the pen name on his blog.

I checked and just saw Mike's comment back to him a minute later after he left.

I can recall my first wary response to him in the chat. Me: ...Not the real Mike Shinoda, right?

Mike's reply: That's for you to decide.

XD And I hath decided.

He… Continue

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Can you just imagine... <--On the really amusing Movie Theater list, I can imagine Phi or Joe who may be provoked to do some of these things.

How about you? XD

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LP Silly Name Generator

*roffles* I remember this!! It's on the same site the Amphibiman story's on.

My silly name there is Fluffy Liverbottom.

Mike's is Fluffy Gerbilface.

Chester's is Dinky Buffalowelbow.

Joe's is Wacky Lizardelbow.

Phi's got 2 first silly names! Gobsmacked Corsetbutt as Phoenix Farrell, and Stinky Corsetbutt as Dave… Continue

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Old Silly LP Story Stuffs This is where the I had discovered the amusing tale of Mista Joe Hahn as a mutant superhero, part man, part frog called Amphibiman. There's also The Linkins, in which is a LP take on the Simpsons, but it's not as good as Amphibiman.

Later on after I first discovered the story (YEARS ago), I got inspired to write the Amphibiman theme song. If anyone asks nicely, I will post… Continue

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My "Linkin Park extra" Playlist List on my Windows Media Player

(first 6 are from the Hybrid Theory EP)

1. Carousel

2. Technique

3. Step Up

4. And One

5. High Voltage

6. Part of Me

(This next batch is mixed up in no order)

7. Place For My Head (Esaul) [PFMH demo]

8. By Myself (demo)

9. Cyclefly featuring Chester Bennington - Karma Killer

10. Chester Bennington - System [from Queen of the Damned soundtrack]

11. It's Goin' Down (promo track)

12. My December (The original version)

13. Points… Continue

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Blue and Pixely...

Liking the new look, LP... Very nice.

Hopefully the photo/fanart uploading will work here, instead of having to go to photobucket and linking to it.

Anyway, for those reading up on my blog for the first time; this is just mainly someplace for Linkin Park related stuff. Everything else I post at my LiveJournal.

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