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Just me again!

Wow, it's been a while again! My dauther is already 3 months. I just haven't had the time to check this site. If it had an app version like fb then I would be able to be here more.
Well I don't have that much to say anyway. I'm glad that next year I wil be able to go to an LP concert again. (even if I have to drive a few miles!) ;-)
Monday I have to start working again, so maby then I have more to say again.
See you all!
Greetings Anke

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Just me again.

Dispite the fact that I wasn't able to go to any concerts of Linkin Park this year. I did get to see some shows (Itunes festival and Russia) and that was great guys. Linkin Park do make an affort for there fans. That keeps supricing me. So in my opinion I didn't have to miss my faverite band at all. Thanks you guys.

My brother said something that did make me mad about LP. He said that he didn't like there new CD it was lame or something like that. I said well that's your opinion. But…


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Oops it's been a while again.

Wow it's been a while that I posted something new! But to be honest I check this site out a lot but don't leave a comment. So it's about time again right!

Well sinds my last post a lot has happened. I got pregnant (I got sick a lot, not funny I couldn't even celabrate old and new caus I was to sick) 8 weeks left to go now. And it's going to be a girl. I've been listening to Linkin Park a lot cause she needs to learn about good music in a early stage. LOL. She's doing great and is…


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ATS europe tour


Well I had a great time at the concert in Koln on okt 27 in Germany. I had a meet and greet for the first time. I wasn't that nervous about it but when I saw them I went like: Oh shit. So I didn't comunicate that much haha.

I am so glad I got a change to meet the guys. It was really so asume.

We weren't aloud to make individuel pictere with the guys,but one was able to, first I was angry but no am just jealous.

I also met some great people…


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