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LPU 11 is HERE :D

Just wanted to share with you my excitement about LPU Eleven. I'm so happy we got the community and the message boards back! LPU is now THE site to be. So many new features, new package with amazing stuff and a new cd with demos from Hybrid Theory to A Thousand Suns. I think we couldn't have asked for something more. LPU is simply awesome :D I'm now trying to find all my friends from the previous LPU years so if you still are on the LPU, don't hesitate to add me! And I strongly recommend to…


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LPU Years In Review - LPUX

LPUX marked a brand new era for the Underground. A lot of changes, many new stuff to look forward to and a whole new design.


To tell the truth I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to renew my membership to LPUX. The price was way too high comparing to the previous years and, at first, it basically only had all the online privileges (chats, m&g passes, etc) but no package and no site at all. Nevertheless, I decided to renew and whatever happened, happened. 




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LPU Years In Review - LPU9 (My favorite year)

The LPU9 means a lot to me. It was the year that the most amazing things happened but let's take it from the beginning. 


The package was great, the t-shirt design was pretty dope with the headphones and all and the cd was awesome. Being able to get your hands on demos like those was simply wonderful. What made the LPU9 my favorite year though was the fact that we, the Greek LPUers, managed to finally meet! 


It all started around April 1st when Linkin Park's…


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LPU Years In Review - LPU8

I had been a Linkin Park fan since the release of Meteora but finally managed to joined the LPU around the end of LPU7. Joining the LPU meant something to me; I felt like I was closer to the band (in a way) and closer to the most hardcore fans. Plus all the opportunities the LPU offered were amazing. Just thinking about meeting the band one day made me super excited. 


When my LPU8 package arrived I was pretty ... surprised to listen to the cd. Those super weird and funny…


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Authenticity Is The Key

I decided to do this little post because Mike Shinoda's latest blog post grabbed my attention. I don't know if you guys read it but long story short, he was invited with Rob and some other folks to talk on a PTTOW conference. Among a lot of things, Mike talked about the situation we're all facing today. 


What caught my attention the most though,…


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10 Years Hybrid Theory

The day has finally come. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. Time flies so fast!…


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LP live in Athens 21.07.09 ---> One year after

Today it's the 1 year anniversary of LP's second concert here in Greece. There are so many memories from that day. It was without a doubt the second awesomest day of my life (with the first being June 25th 2008). Since it's the anniversary today, I figured to share with you guys everything that happened that day. It goes like this:…


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Get Busy Committee :D

I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard GBC. Some of you may love them and some may not even like them. The reason I'm doing this blog post is to first thank Mike for introducing them to me, because if he wasn't blogging about them so much I wouldn't know them and to thank the members of GBC themselves because from the first moment, they showed their love for the fans and made sure to keep them updated about everything and give them great shout outs.

So I'm really proud to be…

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31/3/2010...Video Chat with Mike & Chester, and Fiore LPU chat gone wrong! xD

As many of you know, yesterday it was scheduled for Mark Fiore, the LP videographer, to do his very first LPU chat. Things went smoothly at the begging but two of the…


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June 25th 2008 - A DAY TO REMEMBER

So yeah, I know this is kinda old but almost 2 years ago the unexpectable happened! Linkin Park announced their very first concert here in Greece! At first I couldn't believe it. A dream was about to come true. Nevertheless, after going to their concert and finally seeing them live after so many years of waiting, I wrote this: an article describing what was happening that day, the feelings, the energy...pretty much everything.

It was the 25th of June, the day I was… Continue

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New Artwork

As you know, I'm really into drawing and painting and since I haven't added anything lately I thought I'd post these new drawings :)

Mike from "Live In Texas"

Mike (FM times)

MS Remix

Now I'm working on some digital and mixed media projects. Currently doing some of Mike's art...I hope I'll finish them soon… Continue

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