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My Album (10 tracks + 2 bonus) released.

Hey guys,


Some people may remember me talking years back here on LPN chat that my album was going to be finished one day..

Well that day has come. You can listen the music online on our bandcamp page! http://walkinghorizon.bandcamp.com




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Free Downloads (Papa Roach, Linkin Park & Sweatson Klank remixes)

We give our remixes away for free! Free Downloads!

Get them here => www.soundcloud.com/walking-horizon

In return it would be awesome you help us win a contest. Go vote…

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Lost In The Echo Remix by Lode Jersiebe (Walking Horizon)

Lode is working on a music project called 'Walking Horizon'.

He and his bandmates expect the Debuut CD will come out around September 2013.

Having a break in the recording studio to work on this 'Lost In The Echo - Remix' felt the right thing to do.

You guys can start voting 12th October!



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Hey everyone

I did support act for a belgium band called 'Vienna'.

Check out their first single right here: http://youtu.be/9G564HM4m18

I must say they're really awesome!

Backing Vocalist 'Sven Herssens' is really great at singing...

I've got some mails from him hearing him singing Linkin Park songs...

Who knows there is coming a collab between us two. ;)

Keep in touch.…


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Lode Jersiebe ft. Jennifer Dekker - What I've Done (cover)

The first time this amazing girl came to my home and did a song with me. Go give her some credits in the comments. Let's hope we can grow into this. To follow my music, go to myspace:… Continue

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The Rising Sun ft. Fabio Flowzalez

Rapper from Alken, Belgium is just doing some freestyle in dutch at one of my beats. Maybe we will make music together in future. Right now, he's trying to write some lyrics at this beat. What you guys think of the beat? Right now you guys can't judge his raps.. It's just some random stuff, he was just checking out the beat. (If the beat ever comes online you will hear it in the best quality! Anyway, I just wanted to give a small preview.) Anyway, this beat is something like a Elektro Rock Hip… Continue

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The Rising Sun - Open Up Your Mind (Demo)

You guys maybe already saw my live piano video of "Open Up Your Mind"! Because a lot of people liked it, I made a demo track include those parts. Maybe you don't recognize because I putted a lot of other lines on it. On this song I tried to put Drum And Base, Rock, Elektro, Pop music in one line. To bad the upload on youtube destroyed the quality of the drum beat a little. :( I feel a little bad, but still... I couldn't give the Linkin Park fans another oppertunity to hear the song. Enjoy and… Continue

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Pendulum - Watercolour

Pendulum, you might know them because they were the opening for Projekt Revolution in U.K. in 2008. That's the Projekt Revolution where Linkin Park did the performing for the Road To Revolution DVD. They released their first single for their new album and I think it sounds perfect!!… Continue

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Bsoren - Live performing!

My friend 'Soren' had a Live Performing at Raster Live. It was Awesome!… Continue

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Bsoren - Aischa Beatbox Cover

Some of you saw the 'Monster Energy Beatbox Effect' video at one of my blogpost! That was a fun video. In this video he really wants to show his beatbox and singing skills. He's just doing some video tests. I heard him perform and these beatbox videos are nothing against his live Beatbox performings!… Continue

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Lode plays 'Open Up Your Mind' Live at the Piano!

Some people asked me to make another video of me playing the piano, I try to explain that in my video but my 'Talking' English is really crap! Anyway, I give it a try! This song I play is written by my self! You can hear more music that I wrote by myself at www.myspace.com/lodejersiebe

The working title for this song is 'Open Up Your Mind'. Maybe I will…

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Jaimie H. - Upcoming Artist!

Jaimie is a friend that I've met on the internet. I know him thanks to 'Jolien' who is being featured on another blogpost! => http://linkinpark.com/profiles/blogs/my-friend-jolien-does-a-panic

Since I have heard his music I was thinking that the radio should put his music in hitcharts and he needed a label... I don't know if it's possible to make succes in music industry without label here in Belgium.… Continue

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My friend 'Jolien' does a 'Panic At The Disco' acoustic cover.

A friend of mine who can sing very well did a 'Panic At The Disco' acoustic cover, her name is Jolien and I think she sings great! I love her voice! She just has to learn more about singing and keep practice. Maybe I should ask her to do a 'Linkin Park' cover. Anyway, For giving her some promotion, I want to share this with everyone on the LP Network! The guy who plays guitar is called Glenn, I don't know… Continue

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Hot Ve'cel Lady

Ve'cel is great!! Isn't it? :p
If I was a woman, I looked like this. :d

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How Linkin Park is a part of my life.

I made this video for a contest that's going on. There is a short version and a long version. The short version is because the video needed to be between 0:30 and 3:00. The last video was my first Meet And Greet with Linkin Park in metz on 17/01/2008. Because a lot of people are telling me the vids are interesting, I'm putting them in a blog.

EDIT: I've won the contest!!

Short Version

Long Version…


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