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I need an opinion

Yesterday I had lunch with my friends. They were razzing on me for not going with them to a concert last winter because I decided it was too cold. Then got on my case that I was willing to go out in the cold to see Linkin Park proceeding by saying all linkin park fans are asshole.

 Does that mean I'm asshole for liking Linkin Park, should I be offended?

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Last night on FB about Linkin Park cancellation

Last night on FB people were spazing out because of the cancellation in washington dc. First off I can understand people sadness and frustration. But there was no call for name calling at Chester. He's a human being who sings a lot, interviews, and probably run on little sleep. Course his body going shut down and say hey we need a break dude. He is not some show monkey that can perform at drop of a hat. I mean yeesh people can be selfish and un compassionet toward another human being. I'm…


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Boston Review of Linkin Park Thousand Sun tour

Despite being a cold snowy day in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Linkin Park came through and brought down the house at the TD Garden North, Boston MA. The show started around 7pm with the first band Does it Offend you Yeah, a electronic band from England. Their style of music was a mix between rock and a lot of electronic. After they finished their set next was Pendulum, which this was a this last day on the Linkin Park Tour. I would describle Pendulum…


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Only 4 more week till I see Linkin Park

I can't wait for February first is it here yet. Because it has 4 years since I saw Linkin Park live at the projekt revolution tour. Here's another kicker this is the first time I opited to be on the floor usually I'm on the sideline sitting in the crowd but I wanted to be close to the band as possible. Though I have met them during LP underground 2.0, they were the nicest people I have ever met. Chester who gave my friends and I a hug. Because of the ordeal we all had to go through just to…


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Maybe getting mad at Ticketmaster wasn't the best way to go

I know the Linkin Park show I am attending is in February but I noticed the past week my ticket didn't show up in the mail and I got a little er. Because I paid 86.30 for my ticket and it haven't showed up in the mail. So yesterday I went a little nuts and yelled at the customer service. Because they had no solution on solving the problem than suggesting if the ticket didn't show up in a week to use will call. My dad even chimed in saying I should of paid the 2.50, and printed it off my…


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Linkin Park 2011 North America tour

I can't explain how excited I am to be seeing Linkin Park in the beginning of Feb. They have been like the backbone to all the hard times I had to endure through out my life. In addition their music has helped me get through four of college being the only one beside my uncle to graduate with a four year degree.

I don't care if people think I'm some nut who loves Linkin Park, it's my choice.…


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What is everyone favorite song off the Thousand Suns album

After listening to Thousand Suns numerous times my favorite song growing on is waiting for the end. I think because of the beats and the message behind it. Trying to move on leaving the past behind. Beside Waiting for the end my other favorite songs include the Wretches and Kings, Catalyst, Fallout, The eerie Requiem, and The Thousand extended verision.

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Vote for LP EMA

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I think people need to give a thousand sun a chance

Couple week ago,
I purchased the LP new album entitled Thousand Suns . I have been listening to this album everyday on my way to work. Some of the song's that has caught my attention beside Catalyst. Are the following Wretches and Kings, Burning in the Skies. When they come for me, Waiting for the end, and Thousand Sun full experience.
What I love about the Thousand Sun full experience is the eerie female voice in the beginning and then with Mike rap. I love…

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Linkin Park Tattoos

It has almost over 6 years since I gotten my Lp tattoo of the hybrid theory solider. Yes a lot of people think I am a nut but their is a reason why. A year after meeting the band in 2003, I wanted to get this tattoo because it represented a lot of the stuff I was going through. I remember the day like it was yesterday I was hunched over as the tattoo artist was doing the needle work.…


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My thoughts on Linkin Park

I know
their has been people posting on Face Book about their feeling about the band new album. Stating they don't like the direction the band is going in or they miss the old Linkin Park. Well in my opinion I welcome the change and growth of Linkin Park. Because if a band continue to do the same thing over and over again. It become stale and the fan's would get easily bored.

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