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The Requiem

The requiem is the first song on A Thousand Suns. The track starts off with a piano and shortly after you can hear a feminine voice – but this is no one else then Mike Shinoda singing. The song text of “The Requiem” is very deep, very true – but that’s nothing new for Linkin Park.

The Radiance

“The Requiem” floats right into the second song, which is basically just a speech of Robert Oppenheimer with some nice music. Deep and true words which end into “Burning in the Skies”

Burning in the Sky’s

This song starts with a nice and mellow piano line, which is followed by bass and a singing Mike Shinoda. His voice fits the song perfectly. As the Chorus kicks in we can hear singer Chester Bennington for the first time. The Verses are a little calmer, while the chorus sounds a little bolder, as the guitar, drums and bass sets in together.
The change between both singers is floating and just perfect.
In the bridge the guitars are a little more upcoming, coupled with the piano again and gets pushed by the great drum playing of Rob.
The songs ends with some mellow drums, piano and electronic sounds as well as Mike’s voice.

Empty spaces

“Empty Spaces” is basically just the sound of war, guns, cannons and men screaming.

When they come for me

“When they come for me” start with a big instrumental intro which makes you bang your head along with the music and you already expect some typical Linkin Park rapping of Mike Shinoda, which he delivers about a minute into the song.
The beats are heavy, but not too heavy. The lyrics are very deep and seems like they’re writing right out of their hearts, seeing that a lot of people criticized them for changing their style and not making the same music as they did 10 years ago – “Try to catch up, motherfucker”
This song is definitely a head banger, mixing the old Linkin Park style with some fresh new elements. After like 3 Minutes Mike’s rapping floats right into Chester’s clean and clear vocals before the songs ends, as it begun, with a great instrumental outro.

Robot Boy

“Robot Boy” is the first ballad like song on “A Thousand Suns”.
It starts again with a slow piano sound just to float right into some smooth bass drums and nice back up vocals by which I believe is Mike, before it starts of with Chester’s verse.
The verse goes with some clearer drumming, which underlines Chester’s voice perfectly. If you listen closer you can hear that the band layered their vocalists voice with some lyrics of Mike as well. Both of them fit perfectly.

After like three minutes comes a BIG musical bridge with some nice Chester harmonies, followed by a singing Mike Shinoda and Chester singing in the back.
The way they layered both, Mike and Chester’s voice sounds just perfect and you have to listen closely to even recognize it.

Jornada del nuerto

In “Jornade del Nuerto” Mike is singing Japanese lyrics, which means “Lift me up, let me go”
His calm and mellow voice is mixed with some strong music, the whole song feel kind of swaying and going, as if it’s moving on.

Waiting for the End

“Waiting for the End”, start with a guitar solo before the piano sets in again.
Mike’s rapping starts this song before Chester’s clear and angelic voice sets in. During the verse the drums and backing up Chester’s lyrics, before Mike joins in with some harmonies during the chorus.
The second verse goes with both vocalists singing together; again Chester’s voice is just kind of layered by Mike before it floated right into another rap part. Those parts make you bang your head and the song ends with a nice mixture of singing/rapping underlined with guitar, bass and drums as well as an awesome outro by both singers.


“Blackout” starts with a nice floating instrumental intro and ends in some heavy bass drums and Chester’s “kind of” rapping, which is more fast singing then rapping. This song is the only one, which contains Chester truly screaming. The scream parts are underlines with piano and a really electronic sounding bridge parts.
The electronic parts float into silence just to come back with Mike’s amazing velvet voice, as well as drums + piano which seems to carry him on and on. But then suddenly the vocalist changes and we’re listening to Chester again… another perfect change between the two of them. They seem to harmonize perfectly on this record.

Wretches and Kings

This song starts with the speech of Mario Savio and goes over into some heavy electronic beats, guitar, bass and drums before Mike joins in rapping. This one is once again a head banger and it keeps you moving….
Chester’s vocals are very powerful, again a nice change between both, Mike and Chester.
The song ends with the speech again, backed up some great electronic beats, which float right into a nice outro.

Wisdom Justice and Love

This song starts with a speech of Martin Luther King and a piano; just to let it all sway away and end in some electronic voices.


“Iridescent” is the seconds ballade of the records, it stars once again with piano and the voice of Mike Shinoda, which give you the chills. Mike became a good singer since his first try at Minutes to Midnight, three years ago. He got better and better and now he leaves us all breath- and speechless. He has such a nice and claming voice – angelic.
Mike’s parts float right into another verse with Chester’s clean and angelic like voice – they both sing together along with the bass drum, which leads trough, the whole song.
The guitar as well as the piano in this song feels almost moving and both singers give their best to touch their audience – a total success. The lyrics are deep and very touching.

After the seconds verse follows a solo by brad along with some drumming by Rob and ALL band members singing harmonies. The sounds builds up higher and higher – all of them singing, “Let it go” – this is moving and something we never heard before.

Chester ends the song with another chorus and you can HEAR why I, personally, like it a lot more when he sings instead of just screaming his guts out. He’s an awesome singer.


This is basically just Mike singing the chorus of “Burning in the Sky’s”. It starts off with electronic a voice but gets more clear as the song goes on and in the end you can hear Mike’s natural voice singing.

The Catalyst

“The Catalyst” is the first single of the album and represents pretty well how the new style LP comes out with ATS.
During the song Mike and Chester switch with singing/rapping, the guitar keeps the song moving as well as the bass does. This song again features a lot of electronic stuff, as well as the piano, which you can find in EVERY song on the record by now. Both singers harmonize once more perfectly. “The Catalyst” is a great song and the best choice to be the first single.

The Messenger

“The Messenger” is the tearjerker of the album… another ballade.
It’s basically just Chester singing along an acoustic guitar and the piano (after the fist verse). The song is nothing more than pure and touching, a song from deep within which reminds us of what really matters…. What we always should have in mind.
It’s also, again, another prove of what a great singer Chester Bennington is. Breathtaking!!

All in all the album is really like a journey. Songs are leading right into each other. The instruments are played perfectly, as well as the switching between Chester’s soft rock voice and Mike’s new discovered singing voice/or rapping. It’s amazing. Also the piano is a BIG part of this record, as well as the “new” electronic things. After Minutes to Midnight we missed Joe a lot, but he’s back NOW!! A great record – and I love it. I love that the guys are brave enough to create and album like this one!

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