The Sunday Times recently wrote up an article about Linkin Park. See below.

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Comment by Fortino Vazquez Jr. on October 6, 2010 at 9:36pm
People say they sold out and that Linkin Park is only doing this for the money. How in the world does that add up if they aren't selling as many albums as they used? (Some of my friends said emos are buying their albums.) They are not selling out! They are staying to their style and screw all the other bands that tried to mimic Linkin Park! I Love Linkin Park Forever!
Comment by SajiNoKami on October 4, 2010 at 4:52pm
People keep saying LP need to remain the same for them [the fans] to be happy.
You guys realize that is selling out right?
Comment by Manny A.K.A. The Blue Phoenix on October 4, 2010 at 3:47pm
Good read but damn I strained my eyes reading that really small text on my screen. Well a different direction is good and experimenting but isnt rock a certain way always. I mean you can change rock up but what makes rock music rock and pop pop and jazz jazz etc. etc. are certain structures no? So I think what alot of people are confused and taken back by is that the new album crosses the line of being rock. Its makes a new genre so its basically listening to a completely different band and genre of music. To be honest I feel that the band can change it up while still keeping their signature. You cant go so far as to get out of your genre. And I think the new album did that. I like it for what it is but to be honest Im still passionate im still angry im still rebelious and if they would have made their typical album it would have been similar yeah like the previous but mind blowingly amazing. I am 23 now and ive been with them since 01. People listen to rock or to any other genre because they like that structured sound. So people will beg to wonder what the album would have sounded like if they did it old school or in the real rock format. I hope the next one is like the older ones. I dont mind if they change it up but I would definitely like them to stick to the structure of what rock music is more or less. Not just completely make up new sounds. There has to be some consistency.
Comment by N8e on October 2, 2010 at 11:05pm
I don't think linkin Park has a best album per se. I think every album they have put forward is a excellent representation of art (music) that reflects were they are as a band at that point in time. They have certainly matured with each release. Hybrid theory was angrier (scars from their past and present, and youthful resentment @ aspects of the world we live in). ATS shows a growth that fans should understand and feel (if they been 'fans' from the start), they haven't forgotten what the themes they were angry, they've just found new ways of sending their message forward.

I love ATS (like all the others). I like the fact that it bend genres, that one can't say that's rock or alternative. I used to be a big R&B/hip-hop fan, but most of the music and lyrics are too predictable (and just stupid!). But its good to hear something and say "well that's unusual, it sounds.. different, I wasn't expecting that"

thank you LP for ATS.
Comment by Josefa Zúñiga on October 2, 2010 at 10:23pm
I can say only one thing: people lost the ability of accept something different, something that isn't plastic music. Here is my example: the other day I went to a music store and I asked for ATS. The guy looked at me and said: "You're not like the people who like that stuff, you should buy something else, LP is over". I had bad luck, because the security camera was recording me. So, I answered him: "They sold more than 20m CDs, they will come to Chile in a concert with 50,000 people, they have more than 10 years of experience. Yeah, I guess it's over." I listened MTM first, and I was shocked when I listened Meteora. I liked the capacity of changing. Same thing now. ATS was hard to like to me because of the persons who jocked about it, now, I can't stop singing and screaming it.

And Chester is right. How many of us would like them if all the song were like "In the end" or "Papercut"? I prefer the surprise and the energy in "Blackout" and the creative of "Iridiscent". I'm waiting you guys here in Santiago de Chile!!
Comment by Mike Sayama on October 1, 2010 at 12:42am
Way to go Linkin Park, more than what the press thinks, what trully matters is what you guys think. ATS is the best you could have done, I just can´t stop listening to it! LP 4 LIFE!
Comment by SajiNoKami on September 30, 2010 at 10:50pm
ok that first part '...earned a reputation so scary...'
TBH yeah I have listened to their music for 10 years, but never read an article nor watched an interview. Wait scratch that, during an awards show in 2001 an interviewer walked up to Mike [he looked like he did in the video: In the End, the only place I had ever seen them] and told him to say 'hi' to the camera. Mike looks at the camera, gets a big smile, and says 'HI!' I remember thinking: that was not what I expected, he seems like such a happy camper and he raps in such a low tone. Other than that, nothing, but now I am curious, youtube, 10 years of history in a convenient package, her-rah. In the beginning I did hear the rumors about them being constructed, the criticism about their lyrics, and their sound. My reaction: *shrug* whatever, don't care, like them.

I do like the fact they evolved, to me the direct they went was a good one and seemed natural, based on their past work, even all the way back to HT, actually now that I have heard some of the demos, hints of it there too.

They have managed to keep me interested in their music for 10 years, I will be getting the next one.
Comment by Wes O'Donnell on September 30, 2010 at 6:53pm
Bravo, LP... Bravo. I have listened through the entire "Thousand Suns" experience the way the band intended and found that it elicited profound emotions, so... mission accomplished. However, having said that, I prefer to incorportate several of my favorite ATS songs into a compilation playlist that I created that samples what I consider the best 4-5 songs off each album, and in chronological order. I call it "LP: The Best of The Eras". This is the way I prefer to listen to LP, literally "listening" to them evolve as artists over the course of a playlist. When I was younger, some of LPs HT and Meteora work spoke to me very personally and emotionally. As I've matured, so has their music right along with me. Love all you guys, keep doing what you're doing!
Comment by ylon coner on September 29, 2010 at 5:20pm
it is good to expirament with music but the old stuff was the best
Comment by Mark David Parkell on September 29, 2010 at 12:03am
I'll be honest, I liked the older stuff better. I do understand the need to challenge one's self and grow and change. But for me this is direction I don't connect with. I've listened to the new album and over all... well.... I hated it. I dunno I just didn't like it at all. I ended up taking it back to the store. I agree with change but I think it's just too much of a change to me. I can't relate to it, I don't feel any soul in it. But that's just me. I still enjoy the older LP so I'll listen to that. I just can't relate to the new sound. It sounds to much like I was listening to an add for a sci fi movie late at night. it just wasn't very inspiring to me. I found myself dropping off interest in MTM as well but there were one or two songs on it that I still liked. But yeah. This one feels uninspired to me. Good luck with it and I hope things work out for the band but I think I'm gonna go elsewhere now. I'll check out the next album you guys do but I think I'm just growing in a different direction and gravitating to more aggressive music than what is provided on this album. Best of luck.


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