Soooo it's 2010 and there's a Black Eyed Peas concert in May,Whitney Houston,Pink, most importantly Ne-Yo....And I wanna go!!!
How ever since my housemate left me without paying the bills I'm gonna be fairly broke for a while..And my laptop broke so gotta get a new one...had to walk down to the freakkin internet cafe in the rain and now I'm wet.It's a cruel world....
"Screw the bills!!" a voice in the back of my head is shouting.You know when you go to see LP or your favourite band ever and suddenly everything in the world is ok again and you can take on anything?For me concerts are all about motivation and inspiration!I'm a dancer!And I wanna go see Ne-Yo and watch his back up dancers and be inspired!

So if anyone has tips for robbing banks or mugging people they'd be appreciated!

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Comment by Katie Semler on February 17, 2010 at 7:32am
my friend bought me a ticket...she said it was an "educational investment" because I'm a dancer and I needed to watch and study his back up dancers! :) :)
And now my boyfriend wants to take me to Rage......I dunno...they sound scary.....Any tips?

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