For me, the night started at an LPU Meet and Greet. I met the band, and I got their promo photos for A Thousand Suns signed and had a quick talk to the band. Some people call them Gods. But they are just awesome people. The members of the LPU who were lucky enough to get a Meet and Greet pass were noticeably excited for the opportunity to meet one of their favourite bands. After a group photo with the band we all went to the doors for the concert. I arrived at the end of the support act then found my through the crowd to my friends and little sister. Then, we waited...

Linkin Park captured the audiences attention from the beginning. The Requiem echoed through the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and the cheering fans calmed... for about 10 seconds. The smoke and lights caused more excitement from the crowd as we waited for the band to appear. And when they did...

Wretches and Kings had us jumping and screaming as the mood was set. Linkin Park never let the energy drop. From old classics such as Papercut or Numb to new hits like When They Come For Me or The Catalyst, the crowd absorbed everything the band gave us. Even the more soulful songs like Iridescent and Breaking The Habit had an effect on us. I recently moved to Victoria and left a lot of family and friends here in Brisbane. Shadow Of The Day is a song we share for this simple verse:

In cards and flowers on your window...
Your friends all plead for you to to stay...
Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple...
Sometimes goodbye's the only way...

My little sister was at the concert with me. I looked over to her during this song and I had a tear in my eye. I knew that I would soon be leaving her in Brisbane again and the song hit me hard - this is the best I have ever heard Chester sing Shadow Of The Day.

The Messenger was a nice breakdown in the encore and it featured a special birthday song from Chester to Brad - it was amazing how well Chester made "Happy Birthday" fit into The Messenger.

As Mike asked us if we wanted to hear one more song, we waited for the riff of Bleed It Out. The addition of A Place For My Head was even better live than on YouTube. I remember having a sore throat from screaming, tired legs from jumping and being drenched in sweat... I took my hat off, held it tightly and thought why not... And I wasn't the only one... We jumped and moshed while we screamed "GO AWAY!" with Chester before finishing the choruses of Bleed It Out. The energy from the final song resonated through the crowd.

But it wasn't all about the energy. It was the excitement. We had fun. We had a night that would not soon be forgotten. The crowd were talking to each other before the show, during the encore, after the show - even in between songs. We were interested in each others previous Linkin Park experiences. We were encouraging each other when we were hearing our favourite songs.

For some, the A Thousand Suns World Tour is over. For others, it's only just begun. I still have one more show to attend in Melbourne on December 13th. And I can't wait.

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Comment by Lode Jersiebe on December 4, 2010 at 2:58am
They keep getting better and better.
Comment by Rach Hasluck on December 4, 2010 at 1:10am
Sounds like you definitely had a great time! I cant wait to see LP Tuesday night!! Thanks for sharing :)
Comment by B_Rox2LP_90 on December 4, 2010 at 12:24am
Very awesome and heartfelt blog post, Roddy! I'm hoping and praying that I can get the money to pay for tickets, and get an M&G pass, to see LP in Kansas City on January 29th! So I too can share a story as great as yours! :)
Comment by Ally Wilson on December 4, 2010 at 12:23am
that sounds awesome but a question was it hard to find your friends and sister afterwards because i have to find my friends in there and not to sure how
Comment by INGRID! on December 3, 2010 at 9:48pm
Reading this awesome entry has my blood pumping again from last night. I was fortunate to be only 10 rows back from the stage and I thoroughly enjoyed every breathe taking second of their performance. The energy was amazing and the boys delivered on a promise of a fantastic show. I also enjoyed the circular Mexican wave we all had going before the show. Very fun.

I was at the meet and greet too! I again was lucky enough to be the girl directly in front of Mike and had Chester sitting right next to me. I'll never, ever forget that moment.

I'll be attending the Sydney Summit and concert which I'm super pumped for! Going to be amazing nights all round and I can not wait to see them again.

Thanks for sharing, I feel like I living it again all over!
Comment by b j williams on December 3, 2010 at 7:29pm
Hi Daniel I was there last night as well it was my 2nd time seeing LP live but first time at the entertainment centre and the energy was amazing! LP forever!!!
Comment by Ken Bui on December 3, 2010 at 7:01pm
Wow, thanks man, getting me hyped, Dec 13th, SAME HERE!!! It's gonna be my first, just turned 18. Thanks for the insight, soo pumped ( : ( :
Comment by Gur on December 3, 2010 at 6:32pm
I started to cry when they played "Shadow of the day" too. It just remind me of the first time I really listened to LP, in april 2008, at a one-day class trip. I sat next to one of my best friends (she has been a fan since 2003 I think) and we shared her iPod, and listened to some songs from Minutes to Midnight. This is 2 1/2 years ago, and we have experienced so much these years. I had a rough time in junior high, and we met the first year of high school, so she means alot to me. It was just incredible to be at the concert (in Denmark, October 30th), and share the happiness with her, which she had talked about for 3 years.

Even if I became a real fan of LP this October(!) (I hadn't listened to Hybrid Theory and Meteora before, even if I had the cds o.O), "Shadow of the day" means a lot to me.
Comment by lyne perrin on December 3, 2010 at 5:13pm
thank you for sharing this with us ! I felt the same in Paris and now I can't wait to see them again..I'm so sad I can't see them everyday, I need them ! Have a good time in Melbourne !!

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